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Evviva la Torre di Pisa, che pende che pende e che mai viene giù’ Such words were the lyrics of an old folk song... Yet it was precisely the Leaning Tower of Pisa that made this Tuscan city famous worldwide. Are you wondering what to see in Pisa? The tower of Pisa is just one of the numerous attractions and honestly they all deserve to be visited!

This page includes a list of the best tours in Pisa – departing from Florence and from other important cities in Tuscany – that will teach you about the most famous landmarks. As mentioned above, one of the major attractions is undoubtedly the Leaning Tower of Pisa, surrounded by the blanket of green grass in Miracoli square, included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1987. We suggest that you go up to the top of the tower to enjoy a breath-taking view and to take pictures from every angle...oh, not to forget the classic photo of holding the tower up!
The other monuments in Piazza dei Miracoli are also among Pisa tourist attractions: San Giovanni baptistery, the majestic Santa Maria Assunta cathedral and Camposanto Monumentale.


If you have any spare time, we recommend visiting the charming historic centre, where towers, houses and palaces in medieval style - formerly houses of nobles and artisan workshops – still preserve intact ancient decorations and splendid frescoes.

The palaces overlooking the Arno river are definitely among the most majestic buildings in Pisa, and preserve the memory of a glorious past: first of all Palazzo Reale, former residence of the Medici and other noble families, which houses Galileo Galilei’s ancient telescope along with the studies of his planet discoveries. Secondly, Palazzo Rosso, also known as Palazzo Agostini, home of the ‘Caffé dell'Ussero' and later of the 'Cinema Lumière'.
When visiting Pisa in one day you cannot forget to go for a stroll in the romantic atmosphere of the Arno river, spectacular all day long but particularly at sunset.

The historic centre of Pisa is known to be a harmonious mix of history, charm and culture... However, the city hosts a number of major events part of the ‘Pisan June’ (Giugno Pisano) that you should include in your excursion in Pisa. These events honour the patron saint, San Ranieri. The 'Luminara' is the first celebration; it includes the impressive lighting of thousands of candles from the building tops and on the surface of the River Arno... this show always leaves spectators speechless!

The San Ranieri regatta is also greatly appreciated, as is the Gioco del Ponte: if you want to learn more about these events, read our section dedicated to the major events in Tuscany and to Pisa tours!

If you are wondering in Pisa what to see, tours in Pisa is the option for you!

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Tours in Pisa