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There is no doubt that the Palio di Siena needs no introduction: it is the most famous horse race outside of Italy, a joust of mediaeval origins which every year draws thousands of spectators from all over the world and represents an enduring staple in the life of Siena's inhabitants. If you want to live the Palio experience to the full, learn about its history and hear all its secrets, just rely on toscanainside.com! In this section you will find many proposals: tours and Palio tickets, evening meals in the contrade and guided visits.

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A great event famous all over the world, a horse race that can excite young and old: this is the Palio di Siena. Tickets, tours, evening meals and other products linked to this great event are sold out every year, as they allow spectators to watch the race but also relish the electrifying atmosphere that takes over the seventeen contrade of the city on the days of the race.

The great importance that the event has gained over the years, especially with tourists, has prompted us to create an entire section of our portal dedicated to the events of the Palio di Siena 2017: tickets to follow the race from various standpoints, evening meals in the contrade, guided tours of the Palio di Siena, during which accomplished local guides will fill you in on all the details of this great event and much more!

By accessing the pages of our products you will be able to know all the relevant information, choose the one most suited to your requirements and send us a booking request: we will reply as soon as possible after checking availability.

Given the high demand for the tickets of the Palio di Siena and tours, we encourage you to act quickly... get ready to live endless emotions!

As you can imagine, the most magical moment is the running of the race itself, but let us not forget that this is more than a simple horse race. Watching the Palio di Siena is definitely a very interesting experience but ... are you not intrigued by the idea of learning about the origins and amusing anecdotes linked to this event? Or visit the Palio places, the Contrade and maybe dine with the eccentric inhabitants of the contrade as they celebrate? Below you will find a brief summary of the products we chose for you.



A unique way to get to know the Palio in all its facets, guided by one of our local guides who have always cultivated the passion for art, culture and traditions of their city. You will visit Piazza del Campo - where every year the race takes place - and the Contrade, the beating heart of Siena: each one has its own symbol, its history, but above all ... a rival contrada!

  • 'Beyond the Palio: guided visit to discover the sites and history of the Palio di Siena'. As people often say ‘you don’t know Siena if you don’t know the Palio'! So, what's better than a guided visit to the Palio places to discover the origins and traditions of this incredible race? With our 'Palio di Siena tour' you will visit Piazza del Campo - the location of the race - and one of the 17 contrade of the city where you will discover places of great charm usually closed to the public.
  • 'Live the Palio on the days of the race: Piazza del Campo del Campo and Corteo Storico'. On 2nd July and 16th August don’t get caught unprepared! Thanks to our knowledgeable guides, you will experience the electrifying atmosphere of the Palio di Siena: the guided tour will begin in Piazza del Campo and then continue to one of the Contrade where you will witness the blessing of the horse, one of the most anticipated moments before the race. Finally, you will visit Piazza del Duomo, where the pageants of the Corteo Storico gather together.



An all-encompassing experience of the Palio is now possible! toscanainside.com offers you the opportunity to get to know and appreciate this great event: more than just a horse race or a mere tourist event, but a centuries-long tradition that every Siena inhabitant keeps in their heart. The offer includes a guided tour to get to know this spectacular event, but above all, the opportunity to follow the race from a location of your choosing. Availability is for both days when the race takes place, 2nd July and 16th August. So if you do not know where to buy tickets for the Palio di Siena, do not worry ... we will help you, offering this and much more!

  • 'Experience the Palio - Basic'. This proposal includes a guided tour of Palio's locations and a reserved place on the grandstand located at San Martino’s corner, the section of the race where the heat is turned up and the riders run the greatest risk. Palpitations assured!
  • 'Experience the Palio - First choice'. In addition to a guided tour of the Palio di Siena, during which you will discover the history and several interesting facts on this event, you will have the opportunity to watch the race from the grandstands or terraces in the Palio Fonte Gaia area, the splendid fountain in Piazza del Campo. From here you will get a closer look at the start and end of the horse race and enjoy the rincorsa, that is the moment when the horses begin to speed up.
  • 'Experience the Palio - Vip'. Thanks to this package, the Palio di Siena will leave an indelible mark in your heart! You will be the guests of the city and its inhabitants during their celebrations thanks to our guided tour before the race, after which the emotion and the adrenaline will become palpable... you will be close to the Palio di Siena mossa, the starting and the arrival point which makes the race really unique!
  • 'Experience the Palio - Luxury'. If you want to live the Palio to the fullest, this is your choice! Not only will you take part in our unforgettable tour 'Live the Palio on the days of the race – Piazza del Campo and Corteo Storico', but you will watch the race from an enviable location: the balcony of a luxury apartment overlooking Piazza del Campo. A unique experience that will allow you to admire from above the Corteo Storico and all the main moments of the race... in the best possible comfort!

Would you like to know how the Palio works, but you cannot attend the race? Don't worry! toscanainside.com has thought about you, giving you the possibility to attend the General Trial, the day before the race. From the window of one of the private palaces directly overlooking Piazza del Campo, you can see how jockeys and horses prepare themeselves for the most awaited challenge of the year: the Palio di Siena!

If you would like to visit Siena and to learn about the Palio, choose toscanainside.com! Stay tuned on our unmissable suggestions... you're going to see a great show!

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Special Palio di Siena