Your Own Siena: private guided tour of Siena

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Location: Siena


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1 Discover your favourite side of Siena thanks to a journey tailor-made for you.
2 Have the chance to freely choose the date, time and duration of your personalized tour
3 Be accompanied in this experience by our highly trained guides, a team of 'insiders' who are waiting to make you fall in love with Siena

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starting from 1 hour
  • Private guided tour of Siena
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Full description

If you want to visit the city of Palio, the most comfortable and exclusive way is to book our private guided tour 'Your Own Siena'. You will choose the itinerary, decide which places to visit in Siena, Italy and give priority to the aspects and places that interest you most. Furthermore, you will always be the ones to decide the duration and time at which to go on your Siena private tour. It is quite literally a 'tailor-made' experience, which perfectly fits your needs, your interests and feeds your curiosity! Visiting Siena in a day alone is not easy but we’ll make it as pleasant and comfortable as possible.



What will truly make the difference in your personalized route will be the presence of our highly trained Siena guide who will accompany you in the discovery of the wonders of this beautiful city. Our team is made up exclusively of licensed Siena tour guides with many years of experience behind them. You will be accompanied by real 'insiders': locals who will share all their passion for the city of Palio. During your Siena guided tour, they will not only show you monuments and views but also spark your curiosity with interesting stories about history, art and traditions, told through captivating anecdotes and curiosities.



'Your own Siena' is a tour designed just for those who want to build their own tailor-made experience which matches your own interests, your own curiosities or perhaps to deepen your already-existing knowledge on this wonderful city. If it's your first time in Siena you can take advantage of it to choose one of the ‘classic' itineraries. You will be so sure that you won’t skip any of the top things to see in Siena! If, instead, you have already visited the city and have already had the chance to admire its masterpieces you could seize this as a chance to discover some lesser known but equally fascinating corners or to explore some more unusual itineraries. You could also decide to follow a particular artistic path, go on a guided tour of a Siena museum or follow the traces of a famous person! What to add: choose the Siena you want to visit, we'll take care of the rest!



Are you planning a holiday in Tuscany and Siena is one of your top goals? Are you wondering what to seen in Siena, Italy, in one day? To give you some ideas to build your 'Your Own Siena' tour, we will briefly share some options on how to discover the city and its many treasures with our guide.


  • The historic center of Siena
    One of the characteristics of this beautiful Tuscan city is that it has kept its ancient charm intact. A charm that literally explodes in the magic of Piazza del Campo: its characteristic shell shape, the imposing Palazzo Pubblico dominated by Torre del Mangia and the beauty of the buildings that surround it will leave you truly breathless. Once you’ve caught breath again, there is nothing better than listening to an expert guide tell you the story behind these wonderful buildings. Thanks to the Siena private tour, you will not only stop in Piazza del Campo, but also can continue, for example, along Via di Città, a street flanked by marvelous palaces and by Loggia della Mercanzia, and reach the Duomo, another jewel of Siena. But since this will be your tailor-made Siena guided tour, you can also choose to arrive up to the Basilica of San Domenico, where the relic of Santa Caterina is guarded. This wonderful city is a treasure chest full of precious places, and our private tour in Siena is the only way to make sure you can discover and appreciate all the best of Siena.
  • Siena and the Palio

Siena is the Palio and the Palio is Siena. They are an unbreakable duo. The ancient horse race is not just a popular event for tourists to enjoy. On the contrary, the essence of the city, its history, its traditions and its roots all lie in the palio. So, among the suggested itineraries in Siena, we couldn’t fail to offer one that would unravel the secrets and the history of this fascinating horse race. With our expert guide you will go on a fascinating journey to discover the Palio places in Siena. In Piazza del Campo your guide will explain how the race takes place, then you can visit one of the districts. These are the beating heart of the event, the places where you can feel and experience the palio all year round. The guide will show you the fountain where children are baptized, the museum of the district, where the Palio prizes are kept, the oratory and many other truly unmissable places.


  • Siena museums guided tours
    Like every ancient city, Siena also had its famous and important artists who took turns to decorate and embellish it with their works. Your sightseeing in Siena, Italy can also wind through some of the city's fantastic museums. Perfect for art lovers but also to face the coldest winter days. Even for your Siena, Italy museums tour, you will be the one to choose which museums to visit. What are the alternatives? The Civic Museum in Siena, for example, housed in the Palazzo Pubblico, has ten rooms which offer a complete vision of the evolution of Sienese art. The Pinacoteca of Siena is another small treasure hidden in the center of Siena: it will give you the opportunity to learn more about the most fascinating aspects of medieval art in Siena. And what about the Museum of the Dome in Siena? Our guide will accompany you to discover this wonderful jewel and will tell you the story of its construction and its decoration.

  • Siena: mysteries and legends
    Siena’s itineraries proposals are endless, and we have decided to conclude this review with a real gem. Why not discover Siena with a professional guide to discover the mysteries and legends hidden among the buildings, streets and squares of this picturesque city? Intriguing, isn’t it? Thanks to our guide discover the history behind the name of Torre del Mangia or why there is a cross on the staircase leading to the Baptistery behind the Cathedral. Interested? Our guides will satisfy these curiosities and tell you many others!


What do you think, have we given you some good suggestions? If you have more then we will be happy to accommodate your desires. Just fill in the appropriate form and we will reach out to you as soon as possible. We will organize your personalized tour with a guide: you will visit Siena in an original, unique and special way!

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