Treasure Hunt in Florence: discover the city with plenty of fun

Duration: 2 hours 

Location: Florence


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1 To admire the main points of interest in Florence along the itinerary of the tour
2 To discover interesting facts about Florence in an engaging way and learn about its buildings, monuments, history and traditions
3 To spend a few relaxing hours in the company of your children, friends, or your travel companions

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all year, except for December 25th, January 1st and May 1st

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Florence, Piazza Duomo (in front of the central gate of the Duomo)

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10.00 am
every day

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2 hours
  • Guided tour of Florence
  • Maps and hints to follow the tour itinerary
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Please note: this is a private tour and the price refers to a guided tour of about 2 hours for groups of 4 to 10 people. For groups larger, please contact us.

Are you looking for an unusual, more entertaining and interactive way to visit Florence? This is the right option for you! Our treasure hunt in Florence will offer you the chance to spend a few relaxing hours filled with fun, excitement and surprises. Finding yourself in the city centre and among the most important squares of Florence in search of clues will be a fantastic experience. The tour itinerary will wind through the most famous spots of the wonderful centre of the ‘lily town’: Piazza Duomo in Florence, Signoria Square, Ponte Vecchio, Piazza Pitti, Santa Trinita Bridge, Via Tornabuoni and Piazza Santa Maria Novella. If you are also looking for Florence activities for children, our scavenger hunt for kids is the best you can find. As it is well known, games combined with a healthy dose of competition are the perfect way to spark the interest of even the liveliest children. But this rule also applies to older ones: our treasure hunt for kids and teenagers will create an escape from the confines of their world of social networks and video games. For once, instead of the usual mobile apps, they will try to use a paper map of Florence, Italy, created especially for this occasion. There are actually no age limits... our adult scavenger hunt is a perfect opportunity to relax, to unlock your thoughts, to challenge yourselves or even spend precious time with your travel friends or family. The engaging nature of this activity is also used in team building sessions with the aim of developing collaboration and team spirit amongst staff. What do you think? Have you started picturing an enjoyable afternoon of wholehearted fun in Florence? Solving the scavenger hunt clues will lead you on an inspiring itinerary to discover the secrets and interesting facts of the most beautiful squares, streets and bridges in Florence.

  • Piazza Duomo in Florence. The itinerary of the treasure hunt for children, teenagers and adults starts from the wonderful Piazza del Duomo, a true treasure trove of buildings and works of art. Just think of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Del Fiore. Did you know that it is the third largest church in Europe? It is only surpassed by St. Peter in Rome and St. Paul’s in London. Records aside, its grandeur will not go unnoticed. You will be equally enchanted by the beauty of the Brunelleschi Dome that, together with Giotto's Bell Tower, soars upwards over the three aisles of the Basilica. In front of the Duomo there is also the magnificent hexagonal Baptistery dedicated to St. John the Baptist, adorned with precious doors, returned to their ancient splendour after the damage caused by the floods of 1966.
  • Signoria Square. It is the city’s pulsing heart where, like Piazza del Duomo, there are important buildings and works of art. Among the activities for kids in Florence, a scavenger hunt can definitely find in this square one of the most inspiring settings: ancient palaces, statues and fountains. First of all, the 14th century Palazzo Vecchio, currently housing Florence’s Town Hall, and Loggia dei Lanzi, so named because in 1527 the Lanzichenecchi set camp here. It is a true of open-air museum that contains many sculptures dating back to the Medici period. In front of the entrance of Palazzo Vecchio stands the majestic David by Michelangelo, a replicate of the original kept at the Academy Museum. The square also houses the statue of Neptune that the Florentines affectionately call the 'Biancone'. The square is surrounded by important buildings such as the Tribunale della Mercanzia, Palazzo Uguccioni and the Palace of Assicurazioni Generali.
  • Ponte Vecchio. It is the oldest bridge in Florence, spared by the Germans and unscathed during the 1966 flood. It is perhaps one of the most famous symbols of Florence, and it will be fun to walk over it while trying to unravel the mystery surrounding the treasure hunt questions. Nowadays it is a jewellers hotspot but in the past it was the centre of the trade of... well, we cannot tell you all the secrets now, otherwise we’d spoil all the fun of your treasure hunt in Florence, Italy!
  • Piazza Pitti. It is located near Ponte Vecchio in the picturesque Oltrarno district. It is dominated by the imposing structure of Palazzo Pitti, designed by Filippo Brunelleschi at the feet of the Boboli hill, where the historic Italian-style garden is located.
  • Bridge of Santa Trinita. First of all, pay attention to the pronunciation, Florentines shift the accent from the 'a' at the end to the second 'i'. It is one of the finest bridges in Florence. Experts have long debated over who designed the project, possibly to be attributed to Ammannati or Michelangelo himself. With regards to the financial support for the construction, there is no doubt, we should thank the Frescobaldi family. With your kids in Florence you will have fun admiring the statues of this bridge: each one is inspired by one of the four seasons.
  • Via Tornabuoni. You will not take long to realize that this is surely the street of the most luxurious shopping. Just look at the shops that follow one after another: Gucci, Ferragamo, Cavalli, Pucci and jewellers Damiani, Bulgari, Buccellati and Tiffany. But your fun in Florence today will not be brought about by shopping as the wonderful Via Tornabuoni will be the backdrop to the funniest ever treasure hunt clues for kids.
  • Piazza Santa Maria Novella. In this beautiful Florence’s square you will end the exciting treasure hunt in Florence. Before the final clues, however, take the opportunity to admire the beautiful Renaissance facade of the Church of Santa Maria Novella... you never know, a crucial clue might be hiding right in between the flower beds that add a touch of green to the whole square. Good luck!

So, are you ready to be kids in Florence again and play with the treasure hunt questions and answers amongst the buildings and the monuments of this unforgettable city? Be honest: I bet you cannot wait to set off on this scavenger hunt in Florence with your family or with your friends. All you have to do is book this entertaining tour, definitely a highly sought after activity for children in Florence but equally one of the most exciting Florence activities for families... all it takes is the desire to have fun and challenge oneself!

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