Siena guided tour: from Piazza del Campo to the Dome

Duration: approx. 1 hour 

Location: Siena


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1 Discover with a guide the most beautiful and important places in the ‘city of the Palio’
2 Hear stories of history and tradition, as well as many anecdotes and curiosities on Siena, its buildings and its events
3 Venture on a pleasant walk along the main street of Siena, which connects Piazza del Campo with the Duomo

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all year

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Siena Infopoint - Piazza del Campo 69

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11.00 am - 1.00 pm - 3.00 pm - 6.00 pm

Languages available

Italian: at 3.00 pm
English: at 11.00 am, 1.00 pm and 6.00 pm
Spanish: at 11.00 am and 6.00 pm


Full: €15,00

Children up to 5 years old: free 
Children 6 to 12 years: €7.50

approx. 1 hour
  • Siena guided tour
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Full description

Siena is a truly impressive city where wonderful churches, historic buildings, enchanting views and a square unique in its kind will leave you truly breathless. Are you wondering what to see in Siena, Italy to avoid the risk of skipping one of these beauties and above all not to risk wasting time? To visit Siena, the walking tour is certainly one of the best options: an hour-long pleasant walk from the incredible Piazza del Campo, passing along the main street of the city and reaching the majestic Duomo. Accompanied by our local guide you can admire the most important tourist attractions whilst listening to interesting stories about the history and traditions of this fantastic city. Because in the end Siena, to visit, is always beautiful, even simply by walking around with noses pointed up. But what makes the difference is having someone who knows her inside out that can tell you tantalizing anecdotes and curiosities. Only then can you say that not only have you seen Siena, but you have understood its deepest essence. Visiting Siena on foot will be an unmissable experience with an end that no longer surprises us, but that will make you fall madly in love with it.

The starting point of our walking tour in Siena will be the stunning Piazza del Campo, the beating heart of the city, both in the past and today. As you know for sure, on July 2nd and August 16th one of the oldest horse races in the world takes place: Il Palio di Siena. Excluding these two days, during which Piazza del Campo in Siena is packed to its full capacity, for the rest of the year tourists from all over the world come to enjoy it in peace: they sit at the tables of cafes and restaurants or even directly

on the pavement. There are also those who lie down to better contemplate Torre del Mangia! Partly for the characteristic shell shape, partly for the impressive shape of Palazzo Pubblico, but also for the elegant palaces that overlook it, Piazza del Campo alone would be worth a visit to Siena! Do you know where its name comes from? It’s simple:

there used to be a field in its place! It was during the municipal age, particularly during the so-called 'Governo dei Nove' (1287-1355), that the area began to take on its present appearance. Did you notice that it is divided by white stripes into nine wedges? This isn’t casual: it refers to the nine rulers of the time. The traditional tiling, made with special "knife" bricks, took no less than two years to complete! In the majesty and harmony of the place stands the bulk of Palazzo Pubblico di Siena, a splendid example of Gothic architecture. This is dominated by the 88 meter-high Torre del Mangia, one of the undisputed top things to see in Siena! Admiring the harmonious beauty of Piazza del Campo, one immediately realizes that nothing is there by chance. An edict was even issued to ensure that all the buildings facing it were united by the same stylistic coherence. Still in the square you will also stop to admire another of Siena’s points of interest: Fonte Gaia. The one you will see is a copy, because the original one is kept in the nearby Loggia di Palazzo Pubblico to protect it from weather damage. This splendid marble work was completed by Jacopo della Quercia in 1419 in a place where water had flown for centuries thanks to the construction of 25 kilometers of tunnels! When the water started to flow from the beautiful marble source, it was celebrated so much it was given the name ‘Fonte Gaia’, that is, the ‘happy spring’!

But Piazza del Campo is certainly not the only thing to see in Siena, so our walking tour will continue along the main street. Via di città a Siena, along with Via dei Banchi di Sopra e di Sotto, it is one of its main arteries.  You will walk past its wonderful buildings while your guide tells you the story of the most important families of Siena. You will definitely hear some interesting anecdotes about the long feud between the Salimbeni family and the Tolomei family. Think about it: it went on for so long that it started to exasperate even the Sienese. Among the Siena places to visit, this elegant street offers some truly unmissable 'gems'. Continuing along Via di Città, you’ll spot Loggia della Mercanzia of Siena, composed of three arches supported by pillars and capitals next to which there are some statues by the sculptor Vecchietta and by Antonio Federighi. The monument is undoubtedly some of the most tangible evidence of the mercantile power of Siena during the Middle Ages. Next, the fourteenth-century Palazzo Chigi, in Siena, one of the most beautiful ancient patrician houses. It stands proudly with its massive stone tower and the elegant three-light windows of the facade.

Among the places to see in Siena, Italy, we cannot forget the Duomo with its characteristic alternation of black and white marble. This is where you will end your journey around the city of the Palio. In Siena the cathedral, dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta, was built in the mid-12th century. In addition to the spectacular marble façade, the wealth of the Siena duomo is also apparent in what’s inside, such as the floor full of symbols, the frescoes by Tinturicchio and even some statues by Michelangelo. At the time there was also rumours of wanting to build a new cathedral that surpassed the size and beauty of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence. Unfortunately, economic fortunes were not that big, so the ever so ambitious project remained the ‘facciatone’ in Siena, that is, the facacde... still unfinished. On the back of the Cathedral, after a steep staircase, you can also access the Baptistery of Siena which is certainly worth admiring.

We are sure that our interesting and pleasant walking tour is about to be put in to your schedule of what to do in Siena. So get organizing and waste no time: book now this unmissable activity that you can complete, at your choice, both in the morning and in the late afternoon! Choose the time that will make your visit of Siena pleasant on foot even on sunny summer days. It can’t get any better than that!

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