Scary Florence: private guided tour among ghosts, mysteries and thriller stories

Duration: 2 hours 

Location: Florence


Why choose this experience?

1 To discover the darker and less well-known side of Florence, linked to unresolved mysteries and ghosts that seem to infest many palaces in the city
2 To let a guide take you around following an ‘alternative’ and fascinating itinerary that will cross the most important and significant places in Florence
3 To have a fun and educational experience with your whole family, involving both children and young teenagers

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all year, except for January 1st, May 1st and December 25th

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Florence, Piazza San Giovanni (in front of the Paradise Door of the Baptistery)

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7.00 pm

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2 hours
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Please note: this is a private tour and the price refers to a guided tour of about 2 hours for groups of 2 to 10 people. For groups larger, please contact us.

Florence is a wonderful city we all know, especially for the priceless value of its artistic and architectural heritage. The splendid Tuscan city also has an obscure and hidden side, which, precisely because it is less known, is rather intriguing. A mysterious Florence might be the one that attracts children and young teenagers the most... it is well known that when you start talking about skeletons, ghosts and mummies, they immediately perk up their ears! Wait and see, this Florence ghost tour will succeed in keeping you with baited breath and leaving you gobsmacked, and you too will have fun hearing stories that mix legends, mysteries and a pinch of truth. Among other things, if you decide to go on this tour in the winter months, it will be even more engaging because it will take place in the twilight, if not even with the complicity of darkness. Besides, ghosts in Florence are like all other ghosts, they materialize especially at night! Keep your eyes open...

Where can you go to hunt for ghosts and discover the mysteries of Florence? The ghosts and mysteries tour itinerary will cross the most beautiful areas of Florence, which, in the evening light or at sunset, are even more charming. It will start from the beautiful Piazza del Duomo and from the story of the ‘rifrullo del diavolo’, a breeze that hovers over the area and seems to have demonic origins: apparently the devil chased after a priest and wanted to steal his soul. As his last wish, the priest asked to say a prayer in Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, and the devil agreed. The priest seized the opportunity to escape from a back door, and the devil, angry because he hadn’t come out of the church yet, started to get restless and began to huff and puff... such is the source of that strange breeze that blows in the area around Via dello Studio in Florence!

Still in those parts, and particularly in Via del Campanile, Florence has another thrilling story to tell: the one of the woman who lived twice, namely Ginevra degli Amieri. In love with a certain Antonio Rondinelli, she was forced into a marriage of interests with Francesco Agolanti. The more romantic people attributed the cause of her premature death to her profound sorrow, the more realistic people to the plague. After the funeral she was exposed in the Church of Santa Reparata but... a great turn of events took place: she was not dead! In those days the diagnosis was all in the hands of a doctor... who had obviously got the wrong end of the stick. Ginevra, in fact, rose in the night and went to her husband, who believed she was a ghost and shooed her away. She also tried to go to her family, who unfortunately treated her in the same way. At last the beloved Antonio welcomed her with open arms, so... they lived happily ever after.

The tour continues in Via del Proconsolo and Via del Corso to then then arrive in the wonderful Piazza della Signoria, with its own ‘noir’ stories all to tell. The most famous story is the one of Baldaccio d'Anghiari, a courageous leader from Arezzo, who went down in history for his deeds on the battlefield, but also for the deeds of his spectrum. It seems that his ghost, careless of political changes, always parks himself at Palazzo Vecchio. Baldaccio d’Anghiari was barbarously killed by an enemy who was convinced he had suffered an injustice in the war: he was thrown out of the window and he was beheaded in Piazza della Signoria. Since then and until justice is done, Baldaccio d’Anghiari’s ghost wanders restlessly around Palazzo Vecchio.

But could you imagine that there were so many ghosts and mysteries in Florence? Did you know, for example, about the fascinating story of Girolamo Segato? Perhaps you do, because important television broadcasts have been made on him: passionate about Egyptology, he is known for 'petrification', a special mummification system that he used on corpses in order to conserve the characteristics of the tissues. The scholar, who basically created mummies, was inevitably surrounded by a veil of mystery of mystery and fear; he never revealed to anyone the secrets of his technique that he actually took to the tomb as recalled on his tombstone in Chiesa di Santa Croce: ‘qui giace disfatto Girolamo Segato, che vedrebbesi intero pietrificato, se l'arte sua non periva con lui. Fu gloria insolita dell'umana sapienza, esempio d'infelicità non insolito’.

Ghosts, inexplicable atmospheric phenomena and mummies... Florence mysteries and ghosts abound, but we will not reveal anything else. We at do not want to spoil your enjoyment, and want to leave you with the excitement of discovering them by yourselves: entrust yourself to one of our expert guides in search of the haunted palaces of Florence, the places where the most gruesome events took place and where all the secrets are hidden behind the walls of the ancient Florence haunted palaces. Do not wait for Halloween to go ghost hunting, but take advantage of this Florence ghost tour to do it all year round! You will spend fun time with your family: at last a tour where children and teenagers will not get bored will learn many interesting and unusual aspects of the Tuscan capital. The only warning we give you is the night after the tour... you might have trouble sleeping as you attempt to shoo away all the ghosts beneath your bed! Is it a joke? Who knows! Find out yourself by taking part in our Florence ghost walk... you will become excellent ghostbusters!

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