Private tour of Pienza, 'ideal city'

Duration: approx. 2 hours 

Location: Pienza


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1 Visit Pienza, the charming Tuscan town born from the Renaissance dream of Pope Pius II, with the exclusive convenience that only a private tour can offer you
2 Be accompanied by our guides to discover the wonderful buildings of Pienza and its breath-taking views of Val D'Orcia
3 Combine the tour experience with a tasting of delicious cheeses and local wines

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approx. 2 hours
  • Guided tour of Pienza
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Upon request and payment, additional services are available to be arranged in advance: transport to Pienza, cheese and wine tasting, entrance to museums and attractions.

Comfortable shoes are recommended. Please inform us of any diet allergies or intolerances.

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Full description

During your stay in Tuscany you cannot miss the opportunity to visit Pienza, a charming village in the heart of Val D'Orcia. Because of its position, in addition to the beauty of its buildings and the charm of its narrow streets, it will reward you with sweeping views of the rolling Tuscan hills dotted with cypresses, olive trees and vineyards. The best way to enjoy a pleasant walk in this wonderful place is definitely to be accompanied by our guides.

Moreover, Pienza’s elegant Renaissance buildings tell a story that is really worth listening to. It is a fascinating story, which tells of a dream come true: the dream of Pope Pius II, born Enea Piccolomini, who wanted to transform his native village - Corsigliano - into an 'ideal city', which was supposed to embody the principles and the philosophy of the classical age and the great Italian Renaissance. The key character behind the renovations, which lasted from 1458 to 1462, was Bernardo Rossellino, known as 'Rossellino', who worked under the guidance of the great humanist Leon Battista Alberti. The result was a proportionate and harmonious ensemble that we are sure will captivate you with all its charm during your private tour in Pienza. And it could not be otherwise for a place described, no less than by Giovanni Pascoli, as 'A city born from a thought of love and a dream of beauty'.

The engaging guides will not accompany you on a straightforward private tour. Instead, you will enjoy a true journey through beauty, harmony and elegance. This fascinating itinerary will include Piazza Pio II, the beating heart of the town, with its hexagonal shape and the characteristic herringbone flooring. It is flanked by some of the most beautiful and impressive buildings in Pienza such as the Cathedral, called Cattedrale dell'Assunta and Palazzo Piccolomini. The Cathedral, which was designed to exert a great visual impact on the square, offers a delicate balance of Gothic and Renaissance forms and houses works of important artists of the period. The other big 'star' of the square is certainly Palazzo Piccolomini, built by 'Rossellino' and inspired by Palazzo Rucellai in Florence, the work of the master Leon Battista Alberti. It features a splendid loggia and also a wonderful roof garden from which you can bask in a truly unmatched view of the Val D'Orcia. The view will take in hills, rows of cypress trees, farmhouses and vineyards as far as the peaks of Monte Amiata. In front of Palazzo Piccolomini is another sumptuous building, Palazzo Borgia, so named because it was donated by the Pope of Pienza to his collaborator Rodrigo Borgia, who would become, in turn, Pope, with the name of Alexander VI. However, the beauties of Pienza are not only enclosed in its marvellous square: in your exclusive tour you will also stroll along Corso Rossellino, the most important street of the town, where there are also the Gothic Church of San Francesco and Palazzo Ammannati.

But this fantastic and elegant hamlet is not just art, architecture and history. It is also the home of the delicious 'cacio di Pienza': you will gather that from the number of cheese wheels that you will see in the picturesque little shops that overlook the characteristic cobbled streets. And just to reiterate the concept, September is when the highly anticipated Fiera del Cacio takes place in conjunction with an engaging folklore event: the 'Palio del Cacio Fuso', when players from the town’s district shove and roll pecorino wheels around a wooden pole positioned in the middle of the main square. But let's get back to the cheese ... why is it so special? It is probably the most famous pecorino cheese in Tuscany and this again is linked to an interesting story worth being discovered. Legends tells of a land where sheep have been bred since Roman times when most probably cheese was already produced. It also tells of the many Sardinian shepherds who moved here in the 50s, when these areas were not a ‘VIP’ destination as they are now, but just countryside devoted mainly to animal farming and agriculture. And it is precisely the herbs of the Val D'Orcia’s meadows, grazed by sheep raised in the area, in particular absinthe, barbaric and spearmint, that give this cheese its unmistakable taste. Cacio di Pienza is a hard paste cheese made from pasteurized sheep's milk, rennet, salt and lactic ferments, but its particularity, in addition to the production area, lies in the aging that takes place in oak barrels and which must last at least 90 days. Yes, you heard it right ... the cheese ages in casks just like wine and it is also this that gives it a very special taste! Do you know that it comes in many different varieties? You can find it with different levels of ageing, flavored to the most diverse tastes, spicy or hot... a real treat regardless! Are you feeling mouth-watering? We have the solution for this too! You can continue our exclusive private tour with a succulent tasting of the famous Pecorino di Pienza which will obviously be accompanied by excellent wine to wash it all down! 

Seen then that Pienza is very close to Montepulciano and Montalcino you can really be sure that around here a glass of good wine will always be within reach!

What do you think, have we got you fired up? Are you dying to delight your eyes and, why not, your palate too with our exceptional exclusive tour in Pienza? If you require it, on request we can also arrange transport from Siena or other locations with the most suitable vehicles and the highest comfort. Do not waste time then! Book this wonderful experience in the Tuscan dream town. Discover, thanks to our expert guides, interesting and engaging facts and anecdotes on Pienza. You will bring back with you memories of Tuscany brimming with charm and ancient traditions… and maybe even a beautiful round of Cacio di Pienza!

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