Private Guided visit to discover the secrets of Florence

Duration: 2 hours aprox. 

Location: Florence


Why choose this experience?

1 To experience accompanied by one of our knowledgeable guides the most important places in the city such as Piazza del Duomo, Piazza della Signoria and Piazza Santa Maria Novella
2 To discover hidden details and secrets concealed beneath the city's most important tourist destinations
3 To grasp the true essence of Florence listening to the secret and mysterious stories and observing interesting details

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all year, except for January 1st, May 1st and December 25th

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Florence, Piazza Santa Maria Novella (Cathedral’s entrance)

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10.00 am

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2 hours aprox.
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Full description

I know that when reading the name of this tour you will be asking yourself: what secrets could Florence ever have? Eulogised by poets, depicted by painters, the setting of novels and movies and immortalized in millions of photos... what is there still be to discover? Well actually, in secret Florence there is still much to find out! These are small details that only our expert guides can help you notice during the secret Florence tour. Small things that tell great stories of everyday life, anecdotes about the most important families and artists who left their mark in the splendid 'Renaissance Pearl'. Get ready to listen to succulent gossip about the various historical ages and intricate stories that are worthy of the most engaging fiction creations. It will not be the usual tour of monuments and works of art in Florence, but you can still enjoy an itinerary that will cross the most important sights of the city: beautiful Piazza Santa Maria Novella, Piazza del Duomo with the splendid Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, Piazza della Signoria overlooked by Palazzo Vecchio and Loggia dei Lanzi, and finally the wonderful Piazza Santa Croce. Compared to what tourists usually see, thanks to this tour you will be able to grasp many more aspects of Florence's art and architecture: your gaze will be guided to a more careful observation of the secrets of Florence hidden behind the facades of palaces, cobblestone streets, or perhaps even one of the main squares. 

I know, you're right... there's nothing worse than telling someone you know a secret and then not revealing it! So... listen up and read on... if our guides find out that we've already revealed something, we're finished! Since we are in Tuscany and wine here is a sacred thing, we will begin by revealing what the Florence ‘Wine Tabernacles’ are: these are small openings found in many noble palaces of the city. Some of these are decorated with more or less embellished stone arches that make them look like niches that usually contain sacred images. The cavities we are talking about, however, did not serve to pray but rather to sell wine. One of the best known is located in via del Sole in Florence and is part of the so-called 'buchette del vino', Florence ‘wine doors’ directly linked to the cellars of noble palaces from which families bought wine of their own production without asking the landlord. They usually paid for it, but some slightly more generous families sometimes left a pitcher of wine and food for the most needy. 

As for important families we will reveal another secret to you: the one about Bartolini Salimbeni Palace. The building is located between Via Tornabuoni and Ponte di Santa Trinita and belonged to one of the most important families in the trading sector, famous for their skills and for their craftiness. It was built in late Renaissance by Baccio D'Agnolo and, if you look carefully at the facade, you will see the motto ‘per non dormire’ (to not fall asleep) and you'll notice a ring that encloses three poppies. Here the story gets complicated: one version says that the motto stems from the family’s hard-working ethic: they did not waste time sleeping... but there is also a second version that is basically the secret of Pulcinella. It seems that in order to defeat some business rivals, the night before the day when negotiations for a large amount of wool were to take place, some members of the Bartolini Salimbeni family doped their rivals with opium. So it was that the following morning they did not wake up and the Salimbenis had a clear field in buying the wool! What do you think? Which version do you like most to explain the motto and the poppies (‘papaveri’) on Palazzo Bartolini Salimbeni?

In Florence secrets - as you will see by following the guides - are everywhere and are often under the eyes of everyone, though most people simply do not notice them! One of these is hidden right in Piazza della Signoria. It concerns Perseo di Cellini, the beautiful bronze statue that lies next to others under Loggia dei Lanzi. What’s special about it? It hides the self-portrait of the artist who created it. Look closely... to find the artist’s portrait on Benvenuto Cellini Perseo, you have to look at the back of its head. Right there you will see the beard and facial expression of the ingenious artist. Brilliant!

That’s enough! We will not tell you anything else! If you really want to find out everything about the secret places in Florence you must absolutely take part in our tour: this is the only way to discover the most intriguing stories about the fantastic Tuscan capital. By taking our Secret Florence guided tour you will remain gobsmacked, just like children who hear an incredible tale. The only difference is that you can touch with your own hands and see with your eyes the details and hidden spots in Florence that fed many stories. Wait and see... Florence will be truly unforgettable. But do not tell anyone... we've already told you, but it's a secret!

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