Romantic Florence: a private tour to discover sweet, troubled and spicy love stories!

Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes aprox. 

Location: Florence


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1 To get passionate about the fascinating stories of the most famous Florence couples in love, thanks to the anecdotes of our professional tour guides
2 To share a special moment with your sweet love keeping in your mind this unique and unforgettable experience
3 To discover Florence in a different light, thanks to an itinerary which will guide you through places about the most beautiful love stories in Tuscany

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all year, except for December 25th, January 1st and May 1st 

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Florence, Piazza Pitti (in front of the main entry of Palazzo Pitti)

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5.00 pm

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2 hours and 30 minutes aprox.
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Please note: this is a private tour and the price refers to a guided tour of 2 and a half hours for groups of 2 to 10 people. For groups larger, please contact us.

Florence is romantic by definition: strolling along its streets, sitting at coffee tables and wandering hand in hand across the squares inevitably conveys a sense of dreamy tenderness. But if you've decided to spend a romantic weekend in Florence to create special moments - perhaps for Valentine's Day, for an anniversary, for your honeymoon or simply to surprise the one who makes your heart beat - this romantic private tour is just right for you! Accompanied by our local guide, you will embark on a fantastic journey to discover the most famous Florence love stories. It will not follow the usual itinerary that simply takes you to the most romantic places in Florence... people from all around the world have kissed on Ponte Vecchio and there would certainly be no need for a guide! What we are proposing instead is to visit Florence with 'pink' lenses, tinted by the stories of the most romantic, turbulent and spicy love stories that developed here: walking with our guide you feel like the protagonists of many different Florence love stories. You will also see the places where the various events of the intriguing stories you will hear took place. With this tour couples who are in Florence for a romantic holiday can add the classic 'cherry on the cake' to their romantic stay in Italy.

Who are the famous Florence lovers? If you are lovers of Italian literature, you have definitely heard the famous verses: Tanto gentile e tanto onesta pare la donna mia’do you know who wrote them and who they were dedicated to? By none less than the great poet Dante Alighieri, who wrote them in honour of his Beatrice.
Speaking of poets and jumping back in time (to the 1800s to be precise), one cannot help remembering the English poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning who fled to Tuscany with her young husband who she married secretly, since her family did not agree with the marriage. Casa Guidi in Florence in Piazza San Felice became the residence of the Brownings, who perfectly fit into then large English community in Florence. 

In the minds of those from the other side of the Channel, Italy has always embodied the idea of a place where love and passion reign unchallenged. E.M. Forster also shared this idea, and he set part of his novel in Florence - a novel which would then be reinterpreted by James Ivory in the famous movie 'A Room with a View’. It is precisely in Florence, walking along the river Arno, that the spark of love between young Lucy and George caught fire.

The version of Florence Romeo and Juliet is slightly more unusual. Just like the protagonists of Shakespeare's tragedy, the two young people belonged to rival families and were forced to cultivate their relationship secretly. But did Ippolito Buondelmonti and Dianora de’ Bardi have a happier ending than Romeo and Juliet? Our guide will tell you during the tour as you reach one of the most characteristic places in Florence: Piazza Santo Spirito. And what about the love stories between the members of the most important family in Florence, the Medici? The juicy story between Bianca Cappelli and Francesco I was on everyone's lips at the time. The usual pattern: both were married but literally consumed by passion. How did it end? Naturally with a secret-filled ending, with mysteries all to discover!

A quieter and definitely less spicy story is the one that involves another member of the Medici family. This is the one between Cosimo I and Elena di Toledo: one of the few stories of true love of their time, a rarity! Their story is also the one of the residences in which they lived: the most sumptuous is Palazzo Pitti, Florence.

How many hearts have beaten and continue to beat along the streets and palaces of romantic Florence! It's no accident that so many famous people like David Bowie and Kim Kardashian chose this wonderful city for their weddings. The Florence romantic places are so many, so you too can experience your Florentine fairytale. Among other things, apart from the theme, the itinerary crosses some of the most beautiful spots in Florence: Piazza Pitti, Piazza San Felice, Piazza Santo Spirito, Ponte Vecchio, Piazza della Signoria, Piazza Duomo. All you have to do is set off for Florence for a romantic weekend or why not, even for your Florence honeymoon with a love tour that will make it even more special. Have fun... and do not coo too much, otherwise you will get distracted and the guide will grumble!


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