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Florence Airport transfers: on you can book online fast and secure Peretola airport transportation (shuttle bus or taxi) to and from Florence city centre. After entering the required data, you can check the cost of the taxi in Florence and book online ... hours before the service – simply choose the solution that best suits your needs and proceed with payment by credit card.

You can choose between shared links - Florence Airport transfers and return – or private, and rest assured you can entrust a service with a long experience in tourism, which can arrange direct timely transfers from Florence airport to the city centre! Whether you choose the cheapest bus transfer from Florence airport to the historical centre or an exclusive taxi transfer from Florence airport, the quality and efficiency do not change!


Shared Transfers

  • Departure times from Florence Airport to Hotel in Florence city center until 31st October: 10.00am – 11.30am – 12.45pm – 1.30pm – 3.00pm – 4.30pm– 5.00pm – 6.30pm - 7.30pm – 8.30pm - 9.30pm – 11.00pm; from 1st November: 10.00am – 11.30am – 1.00pm – 2.30pm - 4.00pm– 5.30pm - 7.00pm – 8.00pm - 10.00pm. Pick up at Florence airport: the driver will wait for you in the arrivals hall showing a signboard stating 'Albatravel Shared Transfer'; delays are tolerated up to 20 minutes after the booked time. No refunds in case of NO SHOW.
  • Departure times from Hotel in Florence city center to Florence Airport until 31st October: 5.00am – 6.00am - 8.00am – 9.00am - 10.00am – 11.00am - 12.00pm – 2.00pm – 3.00pm – 4.00pm - 5.00pm; from 1st November: 8.00am – 9.00am - 10.00am – 10.45am - 12.15pm – 1.45pm – 3.15pm – 4.45pm. Pick up at your hotel in Florence city center: the driver will meet you at the reception of your hotel, where you are asked to arrive at least 5 minutes before the time indicated on the voucher; delays are tolerated up to 10 minutes after the booked time.No refunds in case of NO SHOW.

The journey time may vary from 20 to 40 minutes depending on the number of stops booked and confirmed by other passengers; 1 bag per person included. In case of extra bags client will have to pay for them during transfer.

Private Transfers

  • From airports or Santa Maria Novella train station: maximum 1 hour waiting time from the landing of the flight or arrival time of the train. No refunds in case of NO SHOW.
  • To airports or Santa Maria Novella train station: maximum 15 minutes waiting time from the arrival time of the driver. No refunds in case of NO SHOW.
  • 1 bag per person included. In case of extra bags client will have to pay for them during transfer.


If you arrive at the airport in Florence, you can take advantage of the frequent Florence airport transfers to get to your hotel in the historic centre in less than 45 minutes! Our shuttle bus and taxi from/to Florence airport - historical centre are ideal for tourists who want to organize their stay before departure and travel without any stress: all Florence airport transfers to and from the city centre present on can be booked online easily and fast! At the end of your holiday, you can reach the airport from your hotel, by frequent transfers from Florence airport!

Located less than 10 km from the historical centre of Florence, Florence Airport - named after the famous Tuscan navigator Amerigo Vespucci, but better known as Peretola because it is located in the suburb of Peretola - has both national and international flights operated by major European companies. Smaller than Pisa airport for both air traffic and size, Florence airport is still a good base for arrival and departure for a weekend or a stay of a few days in Florence: the short duration of the Florence airport shuttle service for example will allow you to have more free time to devote to visit the beautiful Tuscan town!

Shared transfers

The Florence airport shuttle bus can accommodate up to a maximum of 8 passengers. Our Florence airport shuttle service is available with daily departures at fixed times, from 5am to 11pm depending on the route selected (times of shuttle from Florence airport to Florence operates from 10am to 11pm; Florence to airport shuttle operates from 5.00 to 5pm). Please note that these are shared shuttles and so the time varies - on average from 20 to 40 minutes - depending on the number of stops confirmed by other passengers who have booked the same Florence Airport shuttle service; the cost includes one bag per person, the cost of any extra luggage must be paid at the time of the transfer.

The driver of the transfer from Florence airport to the city centre will welcome customers, in the arrivals hall, holding an 'Albatravel Shared Transfer' sign. After the time indicated on the voucher, there is a maximum tolerance of 20 minutes. Therefore, at the time of booking, it is good to make sure you have a sufficient period of time (for example, take into account the time required for landing, or waiting for the withdrawal of luggage) to reach the arrival hall within the timeframe specified. After 20 minutes of waiting, the driver will leave the arrivals hall and the cost of the connections from Airport Florence to the centre not used will be charged in full: you cannot request a refund or make the transfer on one of the shuttles at a later time. If your flight is late, you can call the emergency number shown on the voucher (strictly no later than two hours before its scheduled time as stated in the booking) to change the departure time of the Florence airport transfer.

For the Florence airport shuttle service from Florence city centre to Peretola Airport: our driver will meet you directly in the hotel lobby. The shuttle bus Florence airport has a tolerance of up to 20 minutes of the booking time (which varies based on the number of stops booked by other passengers), however, it is good to show up at the meeting point at least 5 minutes before the time indicated on the voucher. Changes or cancellations must be notified no later than 24 hours before the transfer. When making a reservation for the Florence airport transportation to the Florence Peretola airport please take into account the travel time normally required to reach the airport and the timing provided for the check-in and boarding. We cannot be held responsible for any delays and the consequent missed flight.

Private Transfers

To reach the centre of Florence in the quickest possible time, a taxi from Florence airport to your hotel in Historic Town is the best solution: the shuttle from and to Florence airport centre is cheaper than private transfers but, being a shared service with other people, it takes longer because it makes many stops for the other reservations!

Safe and efficient, a taxi in Florence from the airport to the city centre – the cost can be verified online after entering all the data requested in the form - will take you from the airport to the beautiful historic centre of Florence, or vice versa, in a short time and with all the convenience of a exclusive private transfer. Taxis from Peretola Airport or the historical centre provide greater tolerance for delays and can be booked 24 hours a day (for taxis between the hours of 8pm to 8am there will be a small charge) until ... hours before departure!

Florence Airport transport to the city centre: private links or easily shared, by booking online in just a few clicks! Enjoy your holiday without worries and organize your transfers from Florence airport to your hotel online at!