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The mysterious road of Filattiera in Garfagnana

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The mysterious road of Filattiera in Garfagnana

The Garfagnana area in Tuscany boasts a first place for mysteries, legends and inexplicable events: goblins, bridges built by the devil, alien sightings and castles haunted by ghosts are commonplace. So if you're easily frightened... better to head to quieter areas! If these 'X-Files' stories attract you, let us tell you about another mystery.

This time it is a road that looks like it goes uphill, but in reality, it mysteriously seems to go downhill. All clear? No? Well let me try and be clearer. So in the meantime I'll explain where it is so you can go and see for yourself: it connects Caprio to Filattiera and you can reach it from Pontremoli along Strada Statale della Cisa. It is a straight stretch about 200 meters long and 5 meters wide that looks like it goes uphill. According to some tests, if you leave a car with the engine off it will move forward by itself. Furthermore, if you pour water about 30 meters away from the end of the uphill road, you can see it rise upwards. Strange, don’t you think? Among other things it seems that in the afternoon these strange phenomena don’t appear as often.

What’s the explanation of all this? According to some surveys made by a surveyor from Florence who used all the tools he could (telescope, magnetometer, Geiger counter, magnetic compass) since the road has only an average slope of 1% it is only an optical effect. Other more imaginative, and certainly more intriguing hypotheses mention magnetic and gravitational phenomena. It’s up to you to choose a side! If unsolved mysteries intrigue you, then let us give you another valuable insider tip. Why not explore the 'noir' side of the Tuscan capital with our tour 'Scary Florence'? Will you have the guts?

By Insidecom Editorial Staff

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