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Buontalenti and the invention of the ice-cream maker

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Buontalenti and the invention of the ice-cream maker

Bernardo Buontalenti is one of the most interesting figures of the Renaissance in Florence: an eclectic person, he was an architect, painter and also a cooking expert. It is said that the versatile architect as well as creating marvelous buildings, villas and gardens was also a ‘master’ in organizing events such as receptions and banquets. Like a modern party-planner, he took care of the decorations like torches and garlands, set up amazing fireworks displays and created incredible contraptions that during the banquets literally left the guests speechless. In addition to this, he also wandered around the kitchens, lending a helping hand especially to confectioners.

He became famous also for his iced desserts, a fact that adds his name, alongside those of Florentine Ruggeri (Caterina de Medici’s chef) and Palermo-hailed Procopio Coltelli, to the list of the possible inventors of ice cream. Even if we are not sure that it was Buontalenti who invented ice cream, he certainly was the person who invented the ice-cream maker, this being a contraption thanks to which he made his delicious sorbets. It was an ingenious machine consisting of a sealed box with a cavity that served as an insulator. Inside stood a cylinder which contained the cold ingredients that were solidified thanks to the action of a few spatulas. What were these ingredients? Snow, salt, lemons, sugar, egg white and milk.

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