Firenze Rocks

All-night long concerts and great international artists in the arena near the centre of Florence

Since 2017, Florence is no longer just the ‘Cradle of the Renaissance’, but also the 'home' of rock concerts in Italy! A recent addition, the Firenze Rocks Festival has already entered the ‘to do’ list of Italian rockers! Unsurprisingly so, since right from its first edition this fantastic event has unveiled amazing names in its line-up!

The Visarno Arena in Florence, the huge green area in Parco delle Cascine, has seen the performances of international artists such as Aerosmith, Radiohead, Eddie Veder, System of a Down, Placebo and Jamiroquai. Not bad, is it? To get an even clearer idea of the reach of this great Florence rock festival, just take a look at the exorbitant numbers the first edition reached: in June 2017, 212,000 viewers took part in the various rock concerts in Florence, including as many as 23,000 visitors from abroad. In fact, the Tuscan capital is quickly gaining a reputation for hosting one of the most important Rock Festivals in Europe, able to stand comparison with other rock festivals in Europe such as the Glastonbury Festival in Great Britain, Primavera Sound in Spain, Lollapalooza in France and Roskilde in Denmark. The Firenze Rock Festival really has what it takes in order to light up the Florentine nights of June: dazzling concerts which let you listen to several performances in the same evening, giving you chance to let yourself go, sing out loud and dance in the unique atmosphere that only great outdoor locations can offer. Are you ready to experience Rock in Florence like never before? Well then, read on to find out all the tips and information you need to live this unique experience in Tuscany!

Firenze Rocks


ORGANIZATION AND HISTORY. The 'highlight' of Live Music in Florence was born with the idea of equating the rock concerts offered by Florence with the offer of cities such as Milan, Verona, Bologna and Rome. What promises to become one of the most important Rock Concerts in Italy had its first edition in 2017, an edition that received considerable success in terms of public attendance. The large green area near the center of Florence and the choice of top-notch artists of the international scene are among the ingredients that make the Tuscany rock festival a truly exceptional event. Names of the likes of Aerosmith, the American heavy metal group known to the general public and not only by fans of the genre, were enough to immediately take the Rock Festival of Florence to the forefront of the national live scene. Jamiroquai, the worldwide symbol band of Acid Jazz, also gave a highly successful performance. Not to forget the alternative rock of the System of a Down. And the 2018 edition is here to meet expectations, with some truly top names to show off: Guns n’ Roses, Foo Fighters, Ozzy Osborne and Iron Maiden. Real Rock icons!

The organizers of Rock Festival in Firenze include the City of Florence, Live Nation and Le Nozze di Figaro, a well-known company which organizes shows and events. The presence in the organizational team of Live Nation for Firenze Rocks is a guarantee, being the largest company in the world specialized in organizing live events and also in ticketing. The agency Le Nozze di Figaro, which has launched names such as Aldo Giovanni and Giacomo, Teo Teocoli, Gioele Dix and Dario Vergassola, has been operating since the ‘80s in the field of organizing events, evenings and concerts. They were among the first to believe in the organization of major events at the Visarno Arena in Firenze. One example is the 1999 Ligabue Concert or the following year’s Sting Concert.


WHEN IS IT ON. The Firenze Rocks Festival usually takes place in Florence in June. Given the importance and the public appeal of the concerts, the dates are communicated well in advance and are spread as early as November and December. For all the news on Florence rocks we recommend taking a look at the official website to make sure you don’t miss anything! As can be expected, these Florence concert tickets are snapped up in no time, so if you are thinking of going wild at some of the concerts in Florence in Italy you should roll your sleeves up! Start now by booking one of our hotels in Florence, we are sure that our offers will include something to suit your needs.


WHERE WILL IT TAKE PLACE. All concerts take place at the Visarno Arena located in Parco delle Cascine in Florence, the green lung of Florence. It is a perfect location to host major events-just imagine that the Florence Visarno Arena is second only to the Arena di Verona for the number of seats: as many as 7.100. But the Rock Florence concerts are definitely not a sitting-down kind of event, so the capacity for the standing viewers reaches 11,000. The Visarno Arena in the Cascine Park is just over two kilometers outside the Santa Maria Novella Train Station (the most important one in Florence), so it can be easily reached by all means of public transport. If you are arriving by car, you might get lucky enough to find a parking space in the surrounding area, otherwise take advantage of the Tranvia parking lots or the ones in the Oltrarno area. Ippodromo del Visarno is located near the city center, so before the much-awaited Cascine concert you can seize the chance to visit the wonderful city cradle of the Renaissance. Just one tip here: take a look at our tours in Florence to find many interesting suggestions on how to kill time before the concert. These range from the most classic tours to the more enticing ones, perfect for you rockers!


So, dear rockers of all ages and all places, ready to live your moment of glory? Get your torn jeans and bandanas on, in Florence the Visarno Arena will become your paradise. You can go wild for hours on end, living off the adrenaline-filled tunes of your favorite bands. Can you already feel the thrill of the Firenze rock concert? The experience is preceded by its own little ritual: groups of friends waiting on the grass fills the atmosphere of cheerfulness, of the type that you only find at great concerts. Then the roar of the beginning, racing heartbeats, crazy crowds singing songs at the top of their voices, sharing the experience with the people around you. If your rock soul needs a good injection of all this.... Florence is just the place for you.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff