Effetto Venezia Festival in Livorno

Music, theatre and lots of fun in the biggest summer party!

Effetto Venezia is carefreeness. The kind of carelessness that allows  you to be a child again, improves your mood an brightens up your summer evenings ... The serenity that makes you laugh with friends until two in the morning and, in this case, to also discover the many treasures of Livorno.

Effetto Venezia Livorno is the most interesting event of culture and art in Tuscany thanks to its rich and varied program. Effetto Venezia Festival, in fact, offers theatre performances, concerts, opera, ballet, classical music, cabaret, readings, exhibitions and initiatives of all kinds and is suitable for every generation! Any attraction you choose to see will allow you the possibility to spend an unforgettable evening thanks to the numerous performances of Effetto Venezia.
Livorno is proud to present an annual program full of activities, enriched by the presence of craft stalls and local specialties, to be enjoyed during the event! Another experience not to be missed is to visit the Medici canals of Livorno with a boat trip.
Effetto Venezia allows you to even experience the atmosphere of the city of gondolas!

Effetto Venezia is an event that takes place during the summer, between July and August, in the ancient district of Livorno called New Venice. Effetto Venezia has existed since 1986 and was launched during a particular historical and political context when the city was trying to restore life and value in this old neighbourhood. 

Effetto Venezia

The initial goal of this popular event was to rediscover one of the most affected areas by the numerous bombings of World War II. The degradation of this area led Livorno to forget the beauty of its buildings and its striking setting.
The first editions of Effetto Venezia were focused on monuments and buildings of the district to raise awareness of the 18th-century palaces and churches of major historical and artistic value.

Over the years, the desire to develop the Livorno Festival became bigger even by the same people of the Livorno. Since 1994 Effetto Venezia there has been a new target, pledging to make the district of Nuova Venezia the most beautiful part of the city. So, has the target been achieved? You can find out for yourself, if you decide to take part in the Festival of Livorno!

The calendar of Effetto Venezia began with different innovative events to try and give a boost to the local tradition towards more modern choices of entertainment. Another important turning point in the history of the Livorno festival came with the enhancement of the Medici Canals, which have become the symbol of Effetto Venezia and Livorno.

In parallel to the efforts of cultural revitalization of the neighbourhood, during recent years the municipal administration of the Livorno Festival has carried out an important recovery operation of many of the architectural and commercial areas, which are now used as locations for the events. The purpose is twofold for Effetto Venizia: festival and urban revitalization! The shows are scattered along the streets, between private houses and public buildings, along the more remote views and the narrow side streets.
The entertainment never runs out when you arrive in Livorno!

From a dramatic standpoint, the atmosphere is striking, with lights and themed decorations to further enhance the district and events. Effetto Venezia is aiming at the effect created from one place: surprise, awe and wonder are the first emotions to awaken the soul of the spectator. This 'effect' is being pursued especially for the inaugural performance of each edition. The inauguration of Effetto Venezia Livorno of 1996 with the performance 'The Devils' by the street theatre company Els Comediants has remained as an important part of its history.
The theatre plays an important role in all the editions of Effetto Venezia representing a strong link with the ancient tradition, which is reminiscent of the folks festivals inhabited by wanderers, storytellers and symbolic figures as a moment of social entertainment and escapism from daily life.

The aggregation and socialization of the spectators are another important aspect of the Livorno festival Effetto Venezia: during the performance the artists interact freely with their audience to encourage them to meet and to be open to the community and the places that surround it. Do not forget that until the 19th century Livorno was a cosmopolitan city for all purposes: different ethnic groups and their cultures have forged tracks and places that still speak to us.
The Livorno cuisine is a prime example of this mixture of different traditions and ancient knowledge. The sea has led to Livorno religious minorities and a population who sought a new home to live in freedom; many poets and writers have stopped to admire this place of exchange inhabited by Turks, Jews, Alemanni, Armenians. The district of Nuova Venezia contains numerous testimonies of the intense past of Livorno, which can partly be revived thanks to the events and shows during Effetto Venezia!

At Effetto Venezia you can listen to leading artists and representatives of ethnic music, jazz and blues musicians from various Eastern and Western cultures. Let yourself be carried away by the sensations and the sense of freedom that reigns along the crowded streets! It is almost thirty years that this festival has offered visitors ten days of thoughts and ideas from everywhere: every edition is related to a theme that is developed through the flavours of the food stands, games, dances and the emotions of the people who come and admire this amazing festival in Livorno!

THE DISTRICT OF NEW VENICE. Effetto Venezia in Livorno is also an opportunity to explore the city and discover the artistic beauty of its historic district. The Prato author Curzio Malaparte, describes the colours and suggestions of the Livorno district better than anyone else in the work Maledetti Toscani (Cursed Tuscans) 'very high houses, with façades of yellow plaster, where pink and green are mixed, shining in the sun with shades of gold and Verdigris, like water channels of oil slicks. The blinds are the colour of dried leaves, pale and dusty. A sense of nobility, a little tired, folk freedom, the smooth and open architecture of these houses, is the finest in the Mediterranean'. Between a show and a concert of Effetto Venezia you can explore its 18th-century buildings and numerous churches.
The New Venice district is one of the few that has managed to preserve the traces of its architectural past without being completely destroyed by the ravages of World War II.

Who were the architects of this neighbourhood? During the 16th century, the Medici were everywhere in Tuscany, and always ready to restore or extend their domains. Once they conquered Livorno, they created a port worthy of the best trade routes. The city itself was designed and created thanks to the ingenuity of the Florentine artist Bernardo Buontalenti, who decided to give Livorno a pentagonal shape and to surround it with a moat. When the Livorno laws of Ferdinand I offered a tempting refuge to foreign populations and traders of all sorts, the city had to adapt to the growing number of inhabitants. To do this, at the beginning of the 17th century (north of Livorno) a new district was created specifically for merchants and, therefore, connected to the port. This urban area was made accessible thanks to the Siena architect Santi who created a system of communication between the Navicelli canal and the moat outside the Medici walls.
In addition to the beautiful canals, which you can enjoy during Effetto Venezia on a boat trip, warehouses and houses were built for the merchants in the area. The creation of canals and methods of construction imitated the techniques used for centuries in the Venetian lagoon: which explains the presence of Venice in this Tuscan district!

What is there to visit during Livorno Effetto Venezia? Obviously Livorno is to be explored in its entirety, here we will just give you some tips on the area near the beloved festival Effetto Venezia in Livorno!
Among the main buildings we suggest you visit the Bottini dell’olio, a 17th century warehouse used for storing oil and home to the Labronica Library and numerous exhibitions. The 18th century religious buildings like the Santa Caterina Church are equally interesting, where you can see The Coronation of the Virgin by Vasari; the Baroque St Ferdinando Church, that houses a beautiful sculpture by Giovanni Baratta: the Freed Slaves; the deconsecrated Luogo Pio Church, where exhibitions of painting and photography are often staged. If the baroque style is not quite to your taste, you could go directly to San Pietro Fort and the Fortezza Nuova of the Medici age, ideal for relaxing in the open air. Among the historic buildings we also recommend the Dominicans Palace, the Palazzo delle Colonne and the Palazzo del Refugio. To complete the tour take a look at the new fish market and the spectacular San Giovanni Nepomuceno Bridge.
As previously stated this charming neighbourhood was chosen as the setting for White Nights (1957) by Luchino Visconti.

THE THOUSAND AND ONE PARTY OF EFFETTO VENEZIA LIVORNO. The historic neighbourhoods, the artists, music on the street… Your holidays in Tuscany will be enriched with new colours and carefree suggestions! The Livorno festival lasts long enough to allow freedom of times and dates without making too many programs during the journey!
Freedom is essential in order  not to lose sight. What do we mean? The festival offers many opportunities that are suitable for the whole family! In addition to music and concerts, Effetto Venezia offers many exhibitions related to different historical periods: antique, vintage, local handicrafts and ethnic products, voluntary organisations and fair trade ... In short, go and see what most attracts you most!

Participation in Effetto Venezia is part of the very essence of the event: if you are in a group, try to catch the rhythm of the travelling band closer to you and join a street dance involving as many people as possible ... If you are single and your summer is taking the shades of gray melancholy, go to Effetto Venezia, sharpen your sight and try to know some young Livorno person that can make you laugh with their famous accent! However you choose to participate, you can always count on the reassuring and friendly hospitality that Livorno is historically famous for.

This Livorno festival is an opportunity to socialize and enjoy Livorno as a Toyland, wrapped in magic and Mediterranean flavours. Effetto Venezia is not only a musical and theatrical show but also an opportunity to taste its cuisine and flavours! Among the food stalls you can find dishes from various traditions and cultures, in addition to the inevitable Livorno delights like fish soup, chickpea cake and mixed fritturina wrapped in foil!

Come and spend your summer among the thousand and one nights of Effetto Venezia. You will not regret it! Join the party and stop the clock: as now is the time to be merry and dance!


By Insidecom Editorial Staff