The 16 Major Events not to be missed in Tuscany

In Tuscany, events and local fêtes, traditional festivals and celebrations take on great importance both for tourists, who every year come to attend, and for the residents themselves, who always take part with great enthusiasm and excitement.
In this section you will find the most important events and ceremonies in Tuscany; major dates that deserve special attention and that are known and appreciated worldwide for their atmosphere, setting and history... Insights into the major annual activities in Tuscany, captivating historical re-enactments, traditional festivals in Tuscany and customs that remain scarcely known... If you are wondering what to do in Tuscany, we would like to offer a few ideas and suggestions for you to discover Tuscany in all its nuances!


You will have a number of clear sections dedicated to enumerating the major activities in Tuscany, Italy and the most renowned traditional Tuscany festivals in Italy to stay informed about the events to mark on your agenda. You can get an overall impression of what this region has to offer to its visitors in terms of events and perhaps plan your stay well in advance in order to take part in those that interest you most! Historical events in Tuscany are divided according to their theme and enriched with useful information for the reader, such as curiosities, past editions and photo galleries, not to mention the constant update on news and dates of forthcoming editions!

Every town and village of the region boasts its own local fêtes, celebrations and events: Tuscany is a land where tourism and hospitality are at the heart of its culture - both in terms of the attention given to visitors and for the desire to share its customs and traditions with visitors.... the engaging atmosphere that surrounds the main festivals in Tuscany, Italy is the result of the essence of the inhabitants of this region.

Among the many other things to do in Tuscany, festivals in Tuscany offer the opportunity to take part in events that are unique for their style: a mix of fun, tradition and folklore that attracts tourists from all over the world: Palio di Siena, Luminara and Palio di San Ranieri in Pisa, Calcio Storico Fiorentino, Giostra del Saracino in Arezzo ... the historical events in Tuscany preserve a long tradition that goes back many centuries: festivals in Tuscany aren't mere tourist events but genuine opportunities for new encounters and companionship – opportunities that enable you to adopt a wider perspective and taste the ancient flavours of this land , on top of learning about its most popular customs.

But there are not only folklore events! Tuscany offers many other great annual events that meet the expectations of every type of tourist: the Lucca Summer Festival and Lucca Comics & Games, Carnival of Viareggio, Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Pistoia Blues,... music and entertainment all year round to give you a holiday filled with culture, entertainment and excitement!

In this section we wish to present the best events, individually selected keeping the needs of those who want to travel safely in mind.

Tuscany: traditional fêtes, historical re-enactments, major events and unmissable dates ... Keep an eye on our section dedicated to large events to keep up to date with any news and plan an unforgettable holiday in our fantastic region!