Wine&Siena 2019

Food and wine tasting and master classes in the most beautiful palaces in Siena

From 26 January 2019 to 27 January 2019

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On 26-27 January 2019, Siena will host Wine&Siena 2019, the 4th edition of the food and wine event that combines the best wines from Tuscany and Italy with the beauty of the locations where the events of wine and Siena program are held. The event’s center of the attention will be the wine labels awarded 'The Wine Hunter Award', one of the most prestigious awards in the industry. The choice of Siena is not random: the city is the symbol of wine making in Italy, set in a territory devoted to the production of wine from the Romans times! In addition to the famous Chianti which comes from the vineyards of the hills that surround the Palio city, in its vicinity other excellent wines are also produced, such as Nobile di Montepulciano or Vernaccia di San Gimignano. In short, the combination of Siena-wine is certainly not a new thing! The added value of this winter warming event is the choice of the venues where the various events will take place: some of the most beautiful buildings in the historic center such as Siena Palazzo Pubblico, Palazzo Salimbeni, Palazzo Squarcialupi and Palazzo Sansedoni. So, we are not simply talking about wine tasting in Siena, but rather a unique experience that will allow you to soak in a unique atmosphere without equal in the world!



Although this is only the 4th edition, it has now become one of the best-known Siena events during winter. It was designed and created by the organizers of Merano Wine Festival and is organized together with the Confcommercio of Siena, the Chamber of Commerce of Siena-Arezzo and the Municipality of Siena. The aim is to promote the best Italian productions and to become one of the most-popular wine making events. Over 100 wine makers and dozens of food artisans will make their labels known and among them there will also be those awarded the Winehunter Award, a seal of quality awarded by the Merano Wine Festival commission. It is a two-day festival full of interesting events for both industry professionals and wine buffs: tastings, food and wine tours, conferences, talks but also show-cooking and master classes. The 2019 Wine&Siena program looks impressive! To participate, you must purchase a ticket or a season ticket that will allow you to access all the events during the two dates of Wine&Siena 2019. For all information we advise you to visit the website of the event, while below you will find some general information on this edition’s program.



Public Palace in Siena and Salimbeni Palace (MPS Palace) - 11.00-19.30
Visitors and operators will be able to taste the best productions of Siena’s wine, including those awarded the Wine Hunter Award, accompanied by some of the best delicacies from Tuscany and also the rest of Italy. All this will be surrounded by the beautiful buildings that will host the tastings.

Masterclass - Palazzo Sansedoni
During the event it will be possible to participate in the Wine&Siena master classes during which experts will help you discover all the wines featured in the 2019 edition: many lessons and guided tastings and the wine will have no more secrets!



Salimbeni Palace - Piazza Salimbeni
An ancient 13th century residence of the powerful Sienese family of the same name, it is the historical seat of Monte dei Paschi di Siena, which will open its doors to the public for this special event. It is an architectural complex made up of the ancient castle - Rocca Salimbeni of Siena – and Palazzo Spannocchi and Palazzo Tantucci, which were added over the years. The main building was also home to the Monte di Pietà and housed the long-running Tuscan bank in 1419. The internal rooms still retain the original decorations and offer a truly unique sight. Inside it, the precious collection of Monte dei Paschi is also housed, which has always been involved in the collection and conservation of works of high artistic value such as those by Pietro Lorenzetti, Sassetta, Jacopo della Quercia, Domenica Boccafumi and Alessandro Franchi.

Palazzo Rettorato - Via Banchi di Sotto 55
It is the seat of the Rectorate of the University of Siena, the heart of the University officially founded in 1815. At the end of the 19th century the building, which in the past also served as a convent (San Virgilio), was renovated and modified by the architect Giuseppe Partini, who was particularly active in Siena in those years. In fact, he also worked on the Cathedral and the Basilica of Saint Francis and Piazza del Campo. He was given the task of building the wonderful Aula Magna on the first floor. Noteworthy is also the courtyard, still on the first floor, where there are sculptures by important artists such as Pietro Tenerani, Romolo Molteni and Raffaello Romanelli.

Siena Public Palace - Piazza del Campo
It is also called Palazzo Comunale and it is one of Siena’s icons: it sits majestically overlooked by the Torre del Mangia in Piazza del Campo. It was built between 1297 and 1310 thanks to the government of the Nine. The tower was added in 1352. Today it is also home to the Civic Museum, the Teatro dei Rinnovati, while on the second floor is the Hall of the City’s Council and the Loggia with wonderful views.

Squarcialupi Palace in Siena - Santa Maria della Scala
It is a wing of the Santa Maria della Scala complex, the ancient Siena’s hostel built on the Via Francigena to accommodate pilgrims passing through. The area of Palazzo Squarcialupi, which has recently been renovated and reopened, is perfect for hosting large exhibitions and events of various kinds.

Palazzo Sansedoni - Via Banchi di Sotto 34
It is a 14th century building of significant historical and artistic value and home to the Monte dei Paschi di Siena Foundation. It takes its name from the family that commissioned its construction and is characterized on the outside by a rhombic tower. Inside are very suggestive decorations, frescoes and sculptures.


We are convinced we have given you a nice idea to visit Siena in January. Mark 26 and 27 of January on your calendar for the Wine& Siena 2019 edition. Why not take advantage of this event to experience at its best this wonderful city? Visit our tours in Siena section and you'll find lots of ideas. Discover with us Siena in winter: magical, beautiful and even more fascinating!


Wine&Siena 2019 dates: 26-27 January

Location: Siena (City Hall Palace Siena, Salimbeni Palace, Rectorate Palace, Squarcialupi Palace and Sansedoni Palace)

Times: from 11.00 pm to 7.30 pm

Tickets: Single-day ticket €45.00 / Half-day ticket (from 3 pm to 7.30 pm) €30,00 / Two-day ticket €60.00


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