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A multi-location fair with many collateral events dedicated to the fine Carrara marble

From 10 June 2017 to 18 June 2017

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From 10th to 18th June 2017, the charming and beautiful City of Carrara, located between the Apuan Alps and the Sea of Versilia, will host the 2017 edition of Carrara Fair dedicated to the fine marble excavated in the quarries of Massa Carrara. This is more than just a showcase opportunity for buyers and businesses operating in this sector, such as architects and designers. It is in fact a multi-location event, and as such open to visitors as well. This year IMM CARRARA (Carrara International Marbles and Machines), the fair’s organisers, have put together an original project that not only aims to promote local businesses, but also to celebrate the uniqueness and best elements of the area of Versilia and the Apuan Alps. The Carrara marble fair will be held not only within the Carrara Trade Fair halls, but also the workshops of the marble artisans and their quarries, where the fine marble of Carrara takes centre stage all year round. Besides the business-dedicated events, during this year’s Marble Fair the entire city and the its surrounding area will be set up as the location for a sensory and emotional journey. An experience that will include concerts, sculpture workshops, marble exhibitions in the historical centre and throughout the town of Carrara, free entries to studios and ateliers and the opportunity to enjoy a Carrara marble quarries visit. Finally, to delight the palate, many restaurants will offer special menus with local food in some cases served on marble plates. For any further information on the Carrara stone fair events, which we are sure will be added up to the last few days, please visit the official website:

CONCERTS. There will also be a long series of exciting concerts starting on 11th June at the Teatro Degli Animosi (Carrara) with Sarah Jane Morris’ show, the English artist who will fascinate the audience with her warm voice and jazz and blues songs. On 16th June another concert dedicated to jazz will be staged once again at Teatro Animosi by the famous French accordionist of Italian origins Richard Galliano. For the concert of the pianist and composer Giovanni Allevi, accompanied by an orchestra of 48 players, there will be a very charming location: nothing less than the natural amphitheatre of the Carrara Marble Quarries. No need to say that out of the events at Massa Carrara, this is a highly anticipated one.

GUINNESS OF SCULPTURE. The event came into being thanks to the collaboration between the Accademy of Fine Arts of Carrara, the Municipality of Carrara, IMM and Profumi del Marmo, a firm that produces essences with names derived from the different types of marble. The aim is to bring to light the skills of the marble artisans and offer the opportunity to step back in time to rediscover the old traditions and practices of this art. Similarly to Michelangelo who imagined an angel in the marble and carved it until it was released, artists flock to Carrara for the chance to make sculptures in a unique and unmatched environment.

MARBLE AND THE CITY. This is an exhibition that will be set up in Carrara town centre showcasing a series of artefacts that will narrate the history of Carrara. A history that is indissolubly tied to the precious material excavated from the Apuan Alps. Walking around the historical centre where the beautiful Duomo di Carrara is also located, you will discover both traditional objects and those inspired by the latest marble design trends. You will be amazed to see how many objects can be derived from marble.

OPEN STUDIOS IN CARRARA. There are 42 studios in Carrara, where almost 180 people work. The organizers of the 'Open Studios in Carrara' project have for a while been offering the opportunity to visit studios and ateliers and thus watch the artists at work. A truly unique opportunity to visit the places where art takes shapes.

MARBLE IS SERVED. During the Carrara marble fair many restaurateurs will offer a special menu: 'Wonderful Marble'. It will be based on local products such as the famous lard, the energy source sustaining the hard life of the quarrymen. There will also be bean soups, polenta, cod and oily fish. All dishes will be laid out on plates of Carrara marble and arranged according to the chefs’ imagination.

TOUR OF THE QUARRIES. It will be possible to purchase tickets for shuttles buses to various destinations, such as the Town of Carrara and its monuments or Colonnata and the lard making shops. Finally do not miss a visit to the Carrara quarries on four-wheel drive vehicles taking you to the Roman Quarry or Michelangelo’s quarry.

Among the Massa Carrara events this year’s 'natural and multi-location' exhibition is a great opportunity to discover a land with many attractions and blessed with a unique landscape. Within a few kilometres from Carrara, you will easily reach green and intriguing Lunigiana, the seaside resorts of Versilia and, of course, the majestic Apuan Alps. After visiting the 'White Carrara Downtown' fair, if the season permits it, indulge in a bit of sun tanning in the most glamorous beaches in the whole of Tuscany: Viareggio and Forte dei Marmi.

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Period: From 10 June 2017 to 18 June 2017

Event location: Carrara

Contacts: info at officiale webstite

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