Volterra AD 1398 - 2019 Edition

One of the oldest and liveliest medieval re-enactments of the Tuscan summer.

From 11 August 2019 to 18 August 2019

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On August 11th and 18th, Volterra, the enchanting medieval village in the province of Pisa, makes a real jump back in time and returns to the year 1398 AD. This is precisely how the name of the event was born: Volterra ad 1398. During the two days dedicated to the medieval festival in Volterra, the streets of the historic centre and the Parco di Castello will animate the colourful and evocative presence of the typical characters of the period. There will be knights on their horses and ladies in their sumptuous dresses, but there will also be beggars. You can look at skilful craftsmen at work in their shops and taste delicious dishes of times gone by. Visiting Volterra for the medieval festival is definitely an opportunity to see her in her best, most engaging and evocative dress. If you have decided, for example, to spend a few days on the beautiful beaches of the Etruscan Coast, leave your deckchair and umbrella for at least a day, and devote yourself to swords and spears!


Let's have a look at how the fantastic Volterra Festival will take place. First you have to buy a Volterra Festival ticket and you can do so at the three different entries: Via Ricciarelli, the one in Piazza Martiri della Libertà and the one in Via del Castello from which you enter immediately the park. The ticket is valid for the party that lasts all day: it starts in the morning at around 10 am and continues in a whirlwind of events and appointments until midnight with the crackling ending of a fireworks display. For details on timetables and the Volterra Festival program we recommend consulting the event website directly.


Many of the activities that will bring Medieval Volterra back to life take place in the quadrilateral between Piazza dei Priori, Via Roma, Piazza San Giovanni and Via Turazza. Here you will find ancient workshops where you can observe craftsmen creating the most disparate objects and also a market where you can buy objects with an ancient charm. When it comes to buying, once you enter, look for ‘Offizio del Cambio’, because at Volterra anno domini 1398 you do not walk around with euros in your pocket, but only with the ‘grosso volterrano'! It is the old medieval coin, the only one with which you can shop at the market or at taverns selling wine or tasty delicacies. Wait and see, it will be fun, especially for children! And if you really feel uncomfortable in jeans or shorts, bear in mind that you can even rent medieval costumes and absorb the atmosphere completely! I can already picture ladies attracted to the idea of ​​parading in sumptuous brocades... and the little boys are a little bit more hesitant at the idea of wearing tights! Whether you have stayed in contemporary clothes or have identified yourselves completely in the party atmosphere, do not miss the different performances that are held in Piazza dei Priori in the special area: flag-wavers, musicians, folk dance performances will enliven your stay in Volterra for the historical re-enactment.

After a walk around the centre, go to the green area of ​​Volterra Parco del Castello where you will find an ancient village but also an area dedicated to crossbowmen and one to falconry. In both cases, you can have a close look at two traditional old medieval arts. In Volterra, the Medieval Festival 2018 has also thought of children who can have fun in the wood area in Piazza da Giovanni and in the playground area of ​​Parco del Castello, Volterra. There will also be exhibitions and events Volterra dedicated to youngest ones who will be able to get closer to the fascinating medieval age in a fun and engaging way.


The Volterra Medieval Festival in Italy is a truly unmissable event: it is perfect if you are already in the area for your holidays but it can also be an excellent pretext for a late summer weekend in Tuscany. You can take advantage of other days to explore some other area in Tuscany. In just over one hour you can reach, for example, the wonderful Firenze to discover.

The best way to do it is by choosing one of our tour a Firenze.

There are many from which you can choose, according to your taste. We have given you all the tips to plan a pleasant stay: now we are waiting for you in Tuscany to celebrate together during one of the most exciting Volterra summer events!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 11 August 2019 to 18 August 2019

Event location: Volterra

Contacts: more info on the official website www.volterra1398.it

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