Verdemura, Gardening and Outdoor life exhibition and fair

On the Walls of Lucca a real spring explosion of plants and flowers to be bought or simply admired

From 05 April 2019 to 07 April 2019

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In the picturesque setting of the Lucca Walls, from April 5 to April 7, 2019, the 12th edition of 'VerdeMura' will take place: one of Tuscany’s best-known trade exhibitions on gardening and everything concerning life in the outdoors. The exhibition is managed by ‘Lucca Crea s.r.l’ which is also in charge of one of the most important events in the city: the highly famous Lucca Comics. VerdeMura is one of the most awaited Tuscany flower exhibitions: a real spring 'explosion' that will plunge you into the most vibrant season with its colours and scents. A relaxing walk in a wonderful historical location where you can indulge in some relaxed shopping or simply admire the flowers and plants on show, and take part in events such as workshops, meetings, thematic exhibitions and book presentations.


'VerdeMura' has by now become a steady event of Primavera di Lucca with the participation of many visitors from Tuscany and beyond; the 2018 edition saw over 20.000 people attending. What attracts so many visitors? First, the Walls of Lucca are a wonderful setting for a spring exhibition, especially considering the section where the exhibition is arranged, stretching from Piattaforma di Sanfrediano with its long-lasting views of the Basilica and the Baroque garden of Palazzo Controni Pfanner, through to Porta di Santa Maria, Cannoniere, Torrione and up to Baluardo of San Martino.

But let's move on to the plants and flowers starring in this event. At VerdeMura Lucca 2019 there will be 200 exhibitors from Italy but also from abroad: producers of nursery plants and vegetable crops, shrubs, bulbs and cut flowers through to garden tools and furnishings retailers. In short, you will find everything you need to make the greenery of your home even more beautiful, be it a garden or even a small terrace. You can also rent handy wheelbarrows to easily carry around your purchases and then load them into your car in Piazza Santa Maria, near the storage and delivery area.


This edition will be dedicated to the ‘hellebores’ best known as Christmas Rose. It is a plant that blossoms from February to April. Its fascination however, not only stems from the flowers but also the dark green, leathery and glossy foliage. For this reason, among the species on display at VerdeMura Lucca there will not only be flowered plants but also others that will highlight the characteristics of the leaves of these beautiful perennial plants. In addition to this guest of honour, the protagonists of the event will be the plants that typically make our balconies and gardens beautiful in spring. Among the exhibitors in Lucca you will find, in fact, perennial herbaceous plants, shrubs, roses and acidophilus plants. And do you want to know what will be the trendy flower for the 2019 season? We could simply tell you to go to Lucca to discover that but we have decided to be good and to anticipate the scoop to you! The most coveted flower of the coming months will be the opulent and elegant peony! At the gardening exhibition in Lucca you will find two important nurseries which specialize in the production of these beautiful flowers.

At VerdeMura 2019 you will also hear about the things to come in the world of plants. Hailing from Bolsena, after attracting much attention at the Chelsea Flower Show in London, you will see the most beautiful and innovative hortensias. There will also be exotic vegetable seedlings, including hundreds of varieties of tomatoes, grown in nearby Florence. Directly from the nurseries of Brianza, you will be able to admire the most particular species of primroses: double or striped flowers as well as the most disparate colours. Arriving from the nursery districts of the provinces of Lucca and Pistoia, there will be citrus fruits, rhododendrons and the undisputed queens...the camellias! By the way, did you know that there will also be the new yellow flower hybrids created by Massimiliano Giusti? At the Lucca Gardening exhibition, you can be the first to buy this beautiful variety. You will see how beautiful the yellow flowers are... they look like tea roses! What else is included in the VerdeMura program for 2019? Like every year there will be many unmissable happenings such as the presentation of many interesting new books, exhibitions, readings and workshops for adults but also for children. For them a 'Children little green library' will be set up: a small lounge where they can browse and read many books on plants and gardening. Visit the official website of the event and you will find the times and information on the complete program of what has become one of the most important events in Lucca.


Right, have we managed to convince you to come to Lucca and attend the most beautiful flower exhibition in Tuscany and beyond? There is surely no better opportunity than spring in Lucca to visit this wonderful city and the sixteenth century ramparts of Lucca in the scented warmth of the early spring sunshine. You can even bring with you your four-legged friends, with the only recommendation to keep them on a leash. Plan your weekend and once you have visited this garden exhibition fair in Lucca, take the opportunity to learn more about this wonderful city with our tour of Lucca. We are sure you'll never want to leave, but at least, when you finally do, you can take a few flowers with you as a memento of this great event.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 05 April 2019 to 07 April 2019

Event location: Lucca

Contacts: info & tickets on the officiale website

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