Verdemura, gardening and outdoor life exhibition and fair

On the Walls of Lucca a real spring explosion of plants and flowers to be bought or simply admired

From 31 March 2017 to 02 April 2017

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In the picturesque setting of the Lucca Walls, from March 31 to April 2, 2017, the tenth edition of 'VerdeMura' will take place: one of Tuscany’s best known trade exhibitions on gardening and everything concerning life in the outdoors. The exhibition is organized by the 'Opera delle Mura' which takes care of the management and preservation of the sixteenth century Walls of Lucca. This year, following a contest attended by 200 creatives from all over Italy, a new and more appealing logo has been created for VerdeMura Lucca. The young Lucca-based graphic winner of the contest has created a leaf-like stick image, which has also been used in the outlines of the letters that make up the title. Lucca VerdeMura 2017 is a highly anticipated exhibition: a real spring 'explosion' that will plunge you into the most vibrant season with its colours and scents. A relaxing walk in a wonderful historical location where you can indulge in some relaxed shopping or simply admire the flowers and plants on show, and take part in events such as workshops, meetings, thematic exhibitions and book presentations.

'VerdeMura' has by now become a steady event of Primavera di Lucca with the participation of many visitors from Tuscany and beyond; the 2016 edition saw over 19,000 people attending. What attracts so many visitors? First, the Walls of Lucca are a wonderful setting for a spring exhibition, especially considering the section where the exhibition is arranged, stretching from Piattaforma di Sanfrediano with its long-lasting views of the Basilica and the Baroque garden of Palazzo Controni Pfanner, through to Porta di Santa Maria, Cannoniere, Torrione and up to Baluardo of San Martino.

But let's move on to the plants and flowers starring in this event. At VerdeMura Lucca 2017 there will be 150 exhibitors from Italy but also from abroad: producers of nursery plants and vegetable crops, shrubs, bulbs and cut flowers through to garden tools and furnishings retailers. In short, you will find everything you need to make the greenery of your home even more beautiful, be it a the garden or even a small terrace. You can also rent handy wheelbarrows to easily carry around your purchases and then load them into your car in Piazza Santa Maria, near the storage and delivery area.

The Verdemura Lucca 2017 edition will dedicate special emphasis on cut flowers, with many different varieties being exhibited. You will learn trade secrets on how to match them in compositions, bunches and centrepieces to be used on different occasions. A talented 'flower-designer' will also be attending the stand of the National Plants and Flowers Association of Imperia where you will be able to admire the designer’s skills in creating sophisticated compositions and stage sets.

Lucca Camellias are famous around the world as, thanks to the properties of climate and terrain, the area of Lucca is one of Tuscany’s most important production centres. This beautiful and fragrant flower has therefore been given the right attention it deserves from one of Lucca’s most important events: three new species of camellias Lucca will be presented, selected in Andrea Antongiovanni’s Rhodendron nursery. The 'Pia Pera' camellia presented during the 2016 edition and dedicated to the writer who passed away last July, will be planted with an official ceremony in the Botanical Gardens of Lucca. The intriguing garden is located on the walls and contains a wide range of plants ranging from rhododendrons, cedars, medicinal herbs and those of wetlands. It can be accessed from the ramp that rises to Baluardo San Regolo: do not miss the opportunity to enjoy a day of 'full immersion' among flowers and plants and also pay a visit to the Lucca Botanical Garden.

Every year, during Lucca VerdeMura, a theme from the botanical world takes centre stage, and this year the decision has been taken to focus a whole range of activities on a tree and shrub with a truly exceptional history and properties: the willow, or as defined in botany 'salix'. There are many varieties, from shrub-like small ones to plants up to 20 meters tall. Its flexible and resistant branches have been used since ancient times to tie objects, make tools, build baskets and pots, trellises and even portions of building structures. Even the bark of the white willow (Salix alba) was used, since Hippocrates’s time, medicinally to relieve fever, pain and inflammation. This active ingredient paved the way for the creation of the acetylsalicylic acid, a basic component of aspirin, and which was synthesized after research on salicin was completed in 1828. At VerdeMura 2017 you will therefore see many examples of this astonishing tree and also discover many interesting facts.

There is surely no better opportunity than spring in Lucca to visit Lucca and the sixteenth century ramparts of Lucca in the scented warmth of the early spring sunshine. You can even bring with you your four-legged friends, with the only recommendation to keep them on a leash. Plan your weekend by booking one of our hotels in Lucca and once you have visited this garden exhibition fair in Lucca take the opportunity to learn more about this wonderful city with our tour to Pisa and Lucca. We are sure you'll never want to leave, but at least, when you finally do, you can take a few flowers with you as a memento of this great event.

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Period: From 31 March 2017 to 02 April 2017

Event location: Lucca

Contacts: info & tickets on the officiale website

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