Van Gogh and the cursed

Powerful multimedia immersive exhibition on the art of the great painter

From 06 December 2018 to 05 May 2019

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From December 6, 2018 to May 5, 2019 the Santo Stefano Al Ponte Auditorium in Florence hosts another unmissable exhibition in which multimedia art takes centre stage. This is the exhibition 'Van Gogh and the cursed', which thanks to the most modern technological solutions, offers visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in all the magic of Van Gogh’s famous paintings but also of other artists such as Cezanne, Toulouse Lautrec, Gauguin and Modigliani.

The Van Gogh exhibition is housed in the Church of Santo Stefano al Ponte in Florence, located in the center of Florence, literally a stone's throw from Ponte Vecchio. Built in 1100, after being deconsecrated, in 2015 it was reopened to the public, becoming a multifunctional hall where concerts and other interesting events take place. It is run under the management of Crossmedia Group, one of the leading firms offering modern strategies for the creation of exhibitions, avant-garde multimedia applications and creative digital products. It was behind a series of events that attracted the public in great numbers, such as 'Da Vinci Experience', 'Incredible Florence' and 'Klimt Experience', seen by 80,000 visitors. The company has also patented a new multimedia platform: the 'Matrix-X-Dimension' technology that supports, for the first time, the creation of a real 'immersive experience'.

The Vincent Van Gogh exhibition in Florence, despite being a multimedia exhibition like the others that have followed one another in the same location, has slightly different characteristics. This time the images will not be projected on panels but directly on the walls, on the floor and on every surface of the Santo Stefano Church in Florence. The Florence Van Gogh exhibition will therefore be transformed into a true 'Cathedral of the Image' where the altar by Giambologna, Buontalenti’s balcony and the floor-level graves become wonderful supports for the awe-inspiring sequence of images and screenings of the paintings of the great Dutch master. Another new element of Van Gogh's multimedia exhibition 2019 is represented by the room of mirrors where an 8-minute video of the works of Van Gogh will be show in a loop fashion, i.e. on a repeat. You will find yourself literally immersed in the 'Sunflowers' or in 'Almond blossom’ just to give some examples: you will see them around you but also on your clothes. Incredible indeed! Emotions to be tried and preserved in fantastic selfies! The Van Gogh exhibition in Florence displays 600 works and 320 animations that will allow visitors to immerse themselves in some of the most iconic works of art of the past century.

In Florence, the Van Gogh exhibition 2019 will allow you, in fact, to see the most famous works of the great Dutch painter and to admire their most detailed features. You will really observe every single brushstroke, every shade and every chiaroscuro. Thanks to this multimedia exhibit in Florence you will feel as if you are plunged into the paintings, transported in a unique and unforgettable emotional dimension: you will be captivated by the colors of 'Starry Night', enwrapped by the allure of 'Sunflowers' and you will feel like you are literally in the landscape of 'Wheatfield with Crows'. There will not only be Van Gogh on display in Florence but also other 'damned artists' such as Paul Cézanne, Paul Gauguin, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Tuscan Amedeo Modigliani as well as works by other contemporaries who contributed to the representation of Paris at the time. The immersive exhibition in Florence will not only capture your eyes. Thanks to the soundtrack that will accompany the 60 minutes of the event, it will become a real show that will enchant all your senses!

With its technological features, the multimedia Van Gogh exhibit will also delight young visitors. If your kids are passionate about videogames and your teenagers are engrossed in all things video, for once you will not see them wandering around the paintings looking bored. On the contrary, they will have a lot of fun, especially when donning the oculus, the special super-technological headset that will create a 3D view of the paintings thanks to the VR Experience. As Federico Dalgas, president of the Crossmedia Group, tells us, the firm’s exhibitions are products created by young people for young people. In fact, it is a team of young people between 25 and 35 years old. It is their creative contribution that makes these exhibitions particularly suited to their peers, even if universal and engaging communication can talk to all audience regardless of their age.

In short, the multimedia Van Gogh exhibition in Florence, open until May 5, 2019, is really an excellent idea for your holiday in the lily city: perfect if you are here with your whole family, children included, spot on if it’s you and your partner but also if you decide to share this moment with your friends. What do you think, does it sound like a good idea to spend a few days in beautiful Tuscany? What are you waiting for? Choose the most convenient time for you and stop for a few days in Florence! Not sure where to start to visit this fantastic city? Fear not! On you will find many tours in Florence and be able to choose the one that best suits your interests. What else could you ask for?



Dates: from December 6, 2018 to May 5, 2019

Times: everyday, from 10:00 to 19:30

Location: Florence, Santo Stefano al Ponte Florence – Piazza Santo Stefano, 5

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 06 December 2018 to 05 May 2019

Event location: Florence

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