Unicorn Festival 2017 in Vinci

13th edition of the Tuscan fantasy festival

From 21 July 2017 to 23 July 2017

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Preparations are in full swing for one of the most important fantasy celebrations in Italy: Festa dell’Unicorno. From July 21st to 23rd 2017, the charming village of Vinci will host elves, princesses, fairies and curious characters from legendary books and cartoons!

After the first edition in 2005, the Vinci Unicorn Festival has grown exponentially thanks to the very latest premieres and unforgettable events that every year make the historic centre of the Tuscan village become magical and enchanting. Make sure that for the Unicorn Festival tickets and maps are your tools… otherwise you really risk getting lost among the many areas and attractions! 

NEWS AT THE UNICORN FESTIVAL TUSCANY 2017. The new edition of what can be described as the Fantasy Festival in Tuscany, with the region’s capital - Florence - at only 40 km, introduces even more thematic areas. The first novelty of the Unicorn Festival Vinci is the area dedicated to the Vikings, which will be called ‘Le terre del Nord' and where you can find two camps, a ship, an observatory, several shows and various themed food courts. ‘Anfiteatro del Bardo’ is the large stage that will host the most important music events and contribute in making them even more exciting. Another highly anticipated novelty of the 13th edition Unicorn Festival is the ‘Tim Burton Show’ that will be held on July 21st and will leave you breathless: a band of eight members, scenic effects, costumes and fantastic scenery to experience all the world of the brilliant director.

CLASSIC APPOINTMENTS. In Vinci - Tuscany Unicorn Festival traditional events such as 'Parata degli Elfi’ could not be missing: a fascinating parade that will bring a touch of magic to the streets of Vinci, ‘Vicolo della Paura’, a long and scary trail infested by the most terrible characters the human mind has ever conceived, the spectacular 'Disfida di Arti Magiche', the Body Painting contest and the original ‘Contest Creatura Fantastica’ where the GRV associations (Games Of Live Roles) will present their best monsters.

COSPLAY AREA. For two days in the indoor stage fun Traditional and Fantasy Races will be staged, while this year at the Unicorn Festival 2017 the long awaited competition F.U.O.C. O (Unicorn Online Cosplay Party) took place: a competition which has decreed the testimonials of this edition. After careful assessment, a jury of experts chose the best costume among the top 20 ranked by online audiences. And the winner is ... Sweet Angel with the character of Wizard Cosplay, followed by Sofya with Sonya Barbarian

CONCERTS. On July 21st, in the new area dedicated to music you will be able to attend the anticipated reunion of 'Rhapsody', a group of symphonic Italian power metal, formed in 2011 at the initiative of guitarist Luca Turilli who will perform the entire album ‘Symphony of Enchanted Lands’ along with other classics of this band. On July 22nd Giorgio Vanni, the great performer of cartoon theme songs such as Pokemon and Dragon Ball, will perform together with Figli di Goku in a sing-along concert. And speaking of cartoon theme songs we cannot avoid thinking of her: the queen of this genre! Yes, we are talking about Cristina D'Avena! She will also take the stage of the Unicorn Festival and perform in a highly anticipated concert that will be held during the final evening of the festival. 

FESTA DELL’UNICORNO - GUESTS. For Festa dell’Unicorno 2017, expectations are high as for the guests who will perform. All the Cosplayers in Vinci will not miss the opportunity to meet Svetlana Quindt in Kamui Cosplay art, one of the most famous costume makers who has won many international awards. Equally anticipated is Tina Rybakova, a Russian cosplayer famous not only for her costumes and performances but also for the search for perfection in her photos. Typical is the example of when she was photographed with a bear in a state of nature! On Saturday, July 22nd, at the Unicorn Festival in Vinci 2017, you will encounter nothing less than Tom Felton, who played the role of Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter and Julian Art in the series 'The Flash'. Opportunities will surely not be missing w, but be sure to inquire about passes because they will be needed to attend meet-and-greet sessions, to take photos, to ask questions during interviews and even for the Harry Potter party that will take place in the evening. On July 23rd, however, it will be Tom Wlaschiha’s turn: the actor behind the character of Jaqen H'ghar in the famous series 'Game of Thrones’. In this case too, fans with a pass will have the opportunity to ask questions, take photos and take part in the theme party.

CHILDREN. The succulent Unicorn Festival Cosplay program could not leave out little ones who will enjoy being surrounded by all the characters they usually see in their fairy tale books. However, there will be areas dedicated to them where they can have fun in all safety, as in the case of medieval games of the 'gnome village'. Even youngest ones at the Tuscany Unicorn Festival can meet their favourite characters such as Lupo Rosso from L’Albero Azzurro and Giovanni Mucciaccia from Art Attack, who on July 22nd will entertain them with his fun creations.


In Vinci, the Unicorno Festival will end on Sunday with an unforgettable show: special effects, magic tricks and fireworks will leave the audience gobsmacked! 

From July 21st to 23rd 2017 do not miss one of the most extraordinary fantasy events, Festa dell’Unicorno! And Florence? Less than an hour from the beautiful hamlet of Vinci, it certainly deserves a visit! In order not to miss the splendid beauty of the Tuscan capital, we suggest you visit our Florence tours page where you will also find some that are perfectly in tune with the theme of fantasy: what about the tour 'Secret Florence' or the 'Florence Mysteries and Ghosts'? Perfectly suited, right?

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 21 July 2017 to 23 July 2017

Event location: Florence

Contacts: Unicorn Festival - tickets and information on the official website www.festaunicorno.com

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