Vinci Unicorn Festival 2016

Launch of the 12th edition of the Fantasy Festival in Tuscany

From 22 July 2016 to 24 July 2016


Preparations are underway for one of the world's most important Cosplay events in Italy related to Fantasy: the Unicorn Festival. From 22 to 24 July 2016, the charming village of Vinci in Tuscany is ready to accommodate goblins, princesses, fairies and interesting legendary characters from books and cartoons!
After the first edition, dated 2005, the Vinci Unicorn Festival has grown exponentially thanks to exceptionally new previews and must-see events that each year turn the historic centre of the Tuscan village into a magical and fascinating place.

News of the 12th edition of the Unicorn Festival brings first of all, the remarkable expansion of the space dedicated to exhibitions, concerts and other entertainment related to thematic areas: in additional to the ever-present 'Enchanted Fortress', heart of the event where concerts and live Role Games will be held, 'Comics and Humour' dedicated to the world of comics and Cosplay event in Italy, the 'Citadel of the Knights' with its medieval atmosphere, the 'Pirate Bay', the 'Court of Dreams' where every desire can become a reality, the 'Village of the Gnomes' reserved for the younger ones and 'the City of Nightmares' where you will meet zombies and monsters of all kinds, this year 'the Abyss of Steel' has been added, an area dedicated to lovers of fiction, a fantastic journey at a high speed!
Each area will be enhanced by concerts, events, street performers, workshops and a steady stream of Cosplay events in Italy: Vinci will be transformed into an enchanted kingdom able to amaze and entertain all ages!


CONCERTS. Great expectations for the performances scheduled at the Festa Unicorn 2016. The covered stage, a new area for music, will open on 22 Friday July with Lacuna Coil - an Alternative Metal band from Milan - who will present their new album 'Delirium'.
On Saturday 23 July Cristina d'Avena will play in Vinci as a guest of honour of the thematic area 'Comics and Humour' for the third consecutive year. Be prepared to be carried away by the happiness of her performances…it will be nice to go back to childhood listening to the music of the most famous cartoons!
The last meeting with live music at the Tuscany Unicorn Festival in Vinci will be on Sunday 24th July with Nanowar of Steel, the funny Italian group that will present known Heavy Metal pieces by changing their texts into parodies.
Cristina d'Avena, Nanowar and Lacuna Coil: truly not-to-be-missed concerts at the most anticipated fantasy festival in Tuscany of the year!


AREA COSPLAY. The Traditional Games and Fantasy will be held for a total of two days on the newly covered stage: godmother of the 12th contest of the Vinci Unicorn Festival will be the famous American cosplayer Yaya Han along with many other international guests.
The Cosplay event in Italy, this year was held after the long-awaited competition F.



Co (Online Cosplay unicorn festival) that decreed this year's testimonial of the event. After careful consideration, a panel of industry experts chose the best costume among the 20 most voted by the public online. And the winner is: NadiaSK with the character of Elza (Brave Frontier) followed by Midori, the Dragon Archer.


GUESTS. The Fantasy Festival in Tuscany in Vinci reserves this year so many surprises! We begin with the Cosplayer guests: in addition to the aforementioned American Yaya Han, there will be the Finnish Ellfi and Norway's Tine Marie Riis. Entertainment secured with three international stars of the Cosplay World!
A packed line-up also of guests in the world of comics: Roberto Recchioni, Uno Studio in Rosso, Michele Monteleone, Riccardo Torti, Cristiano Spadavecchia will meet the public of the Unicorn Festival in 2016 in Vinci 2016.
For the most anticipated guests of the Cosplay event in Italy, we give you some clues: Spartacus, Lo Hobbit, Arrow, Shannara and Xena. Yes, we are talking precisely of Manu Bennet, who starred in all of the aforementioned series! The New Zealand actor, after saying goodbye to his fans from the large central stage, will hold a convention and a party open to the public. Do not miss it!


CLASSIC EVENTS. In Vinci the -Festa Unicorn could not take place without  the traditional events such as the 'Parade of the Elves', a colourful procession which will bring a touch of magic to the streets of Vinci, the 'Alley of Fear', a long and frightening path infested by the most terrible characters from the deepest human fears, the spectacular 'Challenge of Magical Arts', the competition of body painting (the art of painting the body), and the original 'Fantastic Creature Contest' where associations of GRV (live Role Games) will present their best exhibits.
Fun is further enhanced for the little ones who can have fun with the Lego area dedicated to them and meet prehistoric dinosaurs, pirates, mermaids and many other exciting characters.

In Vinci, the Unicorn Festival will conclude on Sunday with a show that should not be missed: with special effects, magic and fireworks, that will leave the audience speechless!


From 22 to 24 July 2016 do not miss one of the most extraordinary Cosplay events in Italy: the Feast of the Unicorn Festival in Vinci! And Florence? Less than an hour from the beautiful village of Vinci, it is definitely worth visiting! Do not miss the amazing beauty of the Tuscan capital, we suggest you view our page with tours of Florence: many proposals to discover with us the 'Cradle of the Renaissance'!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 22 July 2016 to 24 July 2016

Event location: Vinci

Contacts: Unicorn Festival - tickets and information on the official website

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