The Village of Santa Claus in Chianciano Terme

The magical Christmas tale turns into reality in Tuscany

From 04 November 2017 to 26 December 2017

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Are you ready to live a magical experience that will make you feel like a child again? Here are some clues: the scent of freshly baked sweets and cakes, elves, reindeer, decorated fir trees, lights, Christmas balls, wooden houses, but above all... Santa Claus!
Yes, dear friends, we are talking about the Santa Claus Village in Chianciano and the Christmas Market of Chianciano Terme, two great events included in the calendar of events during Christmas in Chianciano, Tuscany.

Known throughout Italy for its thermal baths, from 4th November to 26th December, 2017, Chianciano Terme will transform itself in a romantic Christmas Village, with many shows for both young and old, original scenes and lots of stalls where you will be able to buy nice gifts or taste typical products. Do not miss out on all that is going on at Christmas in Chianciano, Tuscany!

Let us have a look at the major attractions of the Paese di Babbo Natale in Chianciano Terme in 2017: given the success achieved in previous years, an ice-skating rink in Chianciano has been confirmed for this year, which will be placed in the centre of the main city square, Piazza Italia. Adults and children alike can try their hand at this fun sport bringing their own skate or hiring them on site.

If you want to visit the old town of Chianciano without getting tired at the end of it, take the 'Termalino', the fun-filled tourist train that will transport you across the village in comfort! Embellished with typical Christmas decorations, the train will recreate the fantastic atmosphere of 'Polar Express', the famous animated film directed by Robert Zemeckis and masterfully acted by Tom Hanks. Come on board, the Polar Express of Chianciano awaits you!

And now, we come to the highlight of the event: fanfare and drum roll .. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, here it comes ... the House of Santa Claus! In Chianciano, 2017, in the Acqua Santa Park, the home of Santa Claus will be set up which will offer, both adults and children, an enchanted experience with elves intended on wrapping gifts and sweet reindeers just waiting for you to pamper them!

Are you ready to visit the most beautiful Village of Santa Claus in Italy and in its magical Christmas atmosphere? It has all the makings of a great event... so read on!

  • Elves face painting: To enter the house of Santa Claus in Chianciano you have to look the part, don’t you agree? Thanks to the skills of the face-painting elves, young and old alike will get the perfect Christmas look!
  • The magic portal: the great door that divides the real world from the fantastic Christmas world. But beware, only those capable of dreaming can walk through it... 
  • The Toys Factory: are you curious to discover how the toys that each year Santa Claus gives children around the world are made? The Elf toymaster will explain everything to you!
  • Parcel Sorting Center: how many children does Santa Claus have to please? Thousands upon thousands ... in this area you will discover the impeccable organization that goes on behind all this work...
  • The magic labyrinth: If you want to know the true story of Santa Claus, you will find it jealously guarded in the great book...
  • The City Council Office of the Land of Elves: In order to enter the magical world of the Elves, you must have a special laissez-passer: to get one you need to go to the Office of the Mayor of the Land of Elves
  • The Bank of the Land of Elves: like every deserving country, the Land of Elves has its official currency: dinars. You can withdraw them free of charge at the bank to attend the workshops and all the activities taking place...
  • The Land of Elves: a beautiful enchanted country where, it is believed, the rainbow is born. Get ready to be swept away by a swirl of colors, music, lights and fun! The elves await you with children workshops, group dances, the puppet theater, the power station of the Land of Elves that gets recharged with the screams of joy and, in the end, the house of the Great Elf which, we have no doubt, will leave you speechless!
  • Discovering the North Pole: under the tower of the Land of Elves, you will find the entry door in to the North Pole, a snow-capped oasis where you can meet bears, penguins and the secret shelter of the reindeers of Santa Claus, where you can take a rest and warm yourself up to be ready to fly in to the most magical night of the year.
  • The Great Christmas Tree: after leaving the North Pole, you will be awed by the Christmas symbol par excellence, a glittering 30-meter high tree that, with thousands of bright lights, will take you to the most coveted destination, Santa Claus's house!
  • Santa Claus Hut: Welcome to the magical Santa Claus house, strictly built with the wood of the forests of the Land of Elves. Inside you will find the letterbox for you to post your own letter! You will also be able to get to know Santa Claus personal cook who will unveil the tasty dishes she cooks for him! You will also meet the main protagonist, Santa Claus, and sit on his knees to have a photo taken and tell him about your secret dreams.


In the outer zone of the building, instead the traditional Market of Christmas in Chianciano, will take place where you can pick among the stalls of objects, crafts, bags, clothes and local products.
There will also be a large 'food' area’, with 12 typical wooden houses ready to satisfy all tastes: pizza, sandwiches, crepes, burgers with Chianina meats, cold cuts, soups and many other delicacies!

In order to promote the local economy, a covered area where some local producers will offer a tasting of their products, to raise awareness and promote the culinary delights of this land will also be featured.

During Christmas 2017 in Chianciano, the village of Santa Claus, Italy has a big surprise for you: the World of Fairytales. You will be able to enter the house of Masha and The Bear to get to know all the characters loved by children, feel enchanted by a great storyteller or discover the most beautiful stories from past and present thanks to a theater company. In short, you cannot miss the fantastic Santa Claus village in Chianciano!

Not far from the Acquasanta Park, you will find the Chianciano Grand Hotel, with more beautiful attractions for you: the big Advent Calendar set on the main façade, one of the traditional Tuscany Christmas markets, entertainment for the little ones and the Luna park of Chianciano with many rides to entertain your children.

You should know by now that Chianciano Christmas 2017 is an event not to be missed! The tickets of Santa Claus village in Chianciano can be purchased directly on site at the counters during the event.

This is the rich village of Santa Claus programme 2017: from 4th November to 26th December 2017 get ready to be captivated by the magical atmosphere of the Santa Claus village of Chianciano Terme…it will be nice to be a child again and share with your children this fantastic adventure!

By booking one of our magnificent hotels in Chianciano Terme, you can visit the historic city centre, the Etruscan Museum, or relax in one of the many spas in the area.


'Christmas is coming, if you look for it, it is already in the kitchen,
on the couch, in your bed, and also inside the cabinet.
Christmas is approaching, it is in the attic and cellar
and bringing sweet sounds makes all children good '    [A. Silvestre]

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 04 November 2017 to 26 December 2017

Event location: Chianciano Terme

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