The village of Santa Claus in Chianciano Terme

When the magical Christmas tale turns into reality in Tuscany!

From 05 November 2016 to 08 January 2017

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Are you ready to live a magical experience that will make you feel like a child again? Here are some clues: the scent of freshly baked sweets and cakes, elves, reindeer, decorated fir trees, lights, Christmas balls, wooden houses, but above all... Santa Claus!
Yes, dear friends, we are talking about the Paese di Babbo Natale in Chianciano Terme and the Christmas Market of Chianciano Terme, two great events included in the calendar of events Christmas in Tuscany.

Known throughout Italy for its thermal baths, from 5 November to 8 January, Chianciano during Christmas will transform itself in to a charming Christmas village, with many shows for both young and old, original scenes and Tuscany Christmas markets where you will be able to buy some nice gifts or taste typical products. Chianciano Christmas in 2016 is an event not to be missed!

Let us have a look at the major attractions of the paese di babbo natale in Chianciano Terme in 2016: given the success achieved in previous years, an ice-skating rink in Chianciano has been confirmed for this year, which will be placed in the centre of the main city square, Piazza Italia. Until 6th January 2017, adults and children alike can try their hand at this fun sport on the Chianciano ice-skating rink and hire the boots on site.

If you want to visit the old town of Chianciano take the 'Termalino', the touristic train that takes you across the village in comfort! Embellished with typical Christmas decorations, the train will recreate the fantastic atmosphere of 'Polar Express', the famous masterfully animated film directed by Robert Zemeckis and starring Tom Hanks. Come on board the Polar Express, Chianciano awaits you! 

At the Santa Claus village in Chianciano, there will be space for the imagination thanks to the temporary exhibition 'Dinosauri in carne ed ossa': in the dense vegetation of the vast Fucoli Park, you will find yourself face to face with the giant dinosaurs of the Mesozoic Era, rebuilt in detail on the basis of the latest scientific data. The more daring can book a guided tour of the exhibition at night: discovering huge prehistoric animals on a path illuminated with flashlights will be a thrilling adventure! From 5th November, 2016 to 31st January 2017, do not miss the Jurassic world of Dinosaurs at Santa Claus village in Chianciano! 

And now, we come to the highlight of the event: fanfare and drum roll .. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, here comes ... the House of Santa Claus! In Chianciano, in the Sant’Elena Park in fact the home of Santa Claus will be set up which will offer, both adults and children, an enchanted pathway with elves intended on wrapping gifts and sweet reindeers just waiting for you to pamper them!

Are you curious about what to expect? Here you are: your fantastic journey to the Santa Claus village of Chianciano Terme will begin with the special effects of the 'Corridor of Questions' that will take you to the 'North Pole', passing through a wonderful igloo: here you can admire the magical Santa's Sleigh Christmas and the seven tireless reindeer that guide it, captained by the legendary and brave reindeer named Rudolph.

Continuing on your journey, you will arrive in the enchanting world of Lapland where, in a typical ice age, you will meet the inhabitants of the North Pole: big bears and funny penguins!

At this point, you will enter the strange 'space-time Tunnel' that, thanks to the effects of light and colour, will catapult you into the magical world of your dreams. Then you will come to the 'Customs of Great Oak', the entrance of the insidious 'Prison of bad children'.

Here, you will also find the Great Elf, the careful guard of the great Ballroom of Santa Claus, reserved for good children, that will leave visitors speechless: music, colours, baby dance, entertainment and games of various kinds will give a unique experience for your children! The Santa Claus village in Chianciano Terme will be a flurry of unforgettable emotions!

The route will continue with a real museum dedicated to the legendary story of Santa Claus, with which children can learn all the secrets of this fantastic tale. You will finally arrive at Santa's House, where the magic Factory of Gifts is kept and where you will meet him in person, sitting on his legendary throne, the protagonist of the event: Santa Claus!

Children, have you not written the letter to put under the tree? Do not worry, the Chianciano Terme Santa Claus village has a cute post office where you can sit in peace and write a list of your wishes!

Also in the basement, accessible only from the outside, there are lots of surprises: at the end of a long corridor decorated with beautiful murals of enchanting characters you will reach the 'face painting' area and the ‘Workshop of the Elf,’ who, standing guard to the ‘Fire-Eater Marionettes’ will create a truly exhilarating show.

Also in this area, several fun activities and entertaining shows will be held to entertain the younger guests, who will also have the chance to play with the elves and Santa’s reindeers.

As you can see, Christmas 2016 in Chianciano Terme is an event not to be missed! Tickets for the Santa Claus village can be purchased directly at the village.

In the outer zone of the building, instead the traditional Christmas Market in Chianciano, will take place where you can pick among the stalls of objects, crafts, bags, clothes and local products.
There will also be a wide 'food' area’, with 12 typical wooden houses ready to satisfy all tastes: pizza, sandwiches, crepes, burgers with Chianina meats, soups and many other delicacies!
In order to promote the local economy, a covered area where some local producers will offer a tasting of their products, to raise awareness and promote the culinary delights of this land will also be featured.

In the garden of the Santa Claus village of Chianciano Terme there will be a small amusement park with the inevitable carousel horses, which has always fascinated children but also adults, a delightful little reindeer train, an electric car track and finally, the trampolines where your children can jump and have lots of crazy fun!
This year again you will be able to enjoy the view of Chianciano during Christmas 2016 from above, by taking a ride on the beautiful ferris wheel, positioned at the exit of the Santa Claus House: let yourself be carried away by the colours, lights and the magic atmosphere that only Christmas can offer ... the attraction is suitable for everybody ... emotions have no age!

This is the rich program for Christmas in Chianciano in 2016: from 5 November to 8 January 2017 be captivated by the magical atmosphere of the Chianciano 2016 Santa Claus village and share with your children this fantastic adventure!

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'Christmas is coming, if you look for it, it is already in the kitchen, on the couch, in your bed, and also inside the cabinet.
Christmas is approaching, it is in the attic and cellar
and bringing sweet sounds makes all children good '      [A. Silvestre]

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 05 November 2016 to 08 January 2017

Event location: Chianciano Terme

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