The Soup Festival in Fauglia

In the ancient village of Fauglia you’ll taste the real Tuscan soup and other delicious typical dishes

From 22 June 2017 to 25 June 2017

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From 22nd to 25th June 2017 the charming village of Fauglia, on the slopes of the Pisa Hills, is set to host the 6th edition of the 'Soup Festival'. It is a truly unmissable opportunity to taste the vegetable soup known as Zuppa Toscana, one of the dishes of the Tuscan tradition prepared according to the recipe for vegetable soup that has been guarded through the generations in the kitchens by the women of Fauglia. Among other things, the Tuscan Soup, which is mainly a bread soup with vegetables, will also please vegetarians who can finally find among the many Tuscany summer food festivals, one where there is more than meat being served!

The Faglia soup festival is one of the most important and anticipated food festivals in Tuscany, sponsored by Fauglia Municipality and promoted by several local organizations including the Foundation of Madonna del Soccorso in Fauglia (, the Parish Caritas, the Agorà Club and Fauglia Football Association. Thanks to the passion and commitment of the people who belong to these organizations, the festival’s popularity has grown to such an extent over the years that, in order not to leave anyone without the typical Tuscan vegetable soup, the organizers have taken the decision to extend the three-day length of past editions to four days. This is why the Sagra della zuppa in Fauglia will this year be held from Thursday to Sunday and offer, among other things, a series of side initiatives that will make this event even more exciting.

The Tuscan vegetal and bread soup festival takes place in the delightful ancient village of Fauglia, Tuscany, which enjoys a truly enviable position: it is about thirty kilometres from Pisa and only 24 km from Livorno and can be easily reached from the Lavorìa or Vicarello exits of the Superstrada FI- PI-LI motorway, which are only ten minutes away by car. In the vicinity of the football pitch, there is also a large car park where you can conveniently leave your car. After arriving , thanks to the slightly raised position of the village, you will benefit, even in the hottest summer evenings, from a pleasant breeze. And now that you have arrived, you are probably wondering what there is to see in Faugla, Tuscany. As you start wandering through the village in anticipation of your Tuscan bread soup, have a look at the Church, the Town Hall and the bell tower of the so-called Old Church dating back to the 17th century. You will have ample time to do so as the Sagra of Fauglia does not start until 6pm when the village gets cordoned off and the customary handicraft stalls are set up, together with an inflatable playground where your children can let it all loose and also an area dedicated to animals. In here children will be able to experience the thrill of a pony ride. The major entertainment activities take place in the central Piazza St. Lorenzo Martire. The restaurant of the Tuscany food festival of Fauglia, located in the garden of RSA Madonna del Soccorso, opens at 19.00 sharp until 23.00. Also, as a rare opportunity in almost any of the food festivals in Tuscany, if there is at least six of you, starting the week before the festival, you can call 050/659200 and book a table. There are however ‘conditions attached’: you must be on time. In other words, if you are late, your seats will be taken by somebody else. For any further information and the latest news on the event, visit

What can you eat at this fantastic soup festival? First of all, the queen of Tuscan soups made with fresh vegetables such as Tuscan kale, stale bread and tomatoes. The whole thing is topped off once cooked with the de rigueur and customary drizzling of fresh 'olio bono'! The oil of the Pisane Hills is, in fact, one of the most important and renowned produce in the area. This is more or less the classic vegetable soup recipe, because we are sure the ladies who cook it, have hold some other secret that they will never reveal! There is no doubt that this is a sort of 'soup festival' but you will not only find Italian bread soup to eat: there will also be penne all’arrabbiata and Bolognese sauce and, as one would expected, grilled meat. Everything, as tradition dictates, will be 'watered' down by some excellent Tuscan wine. On the menu, also French fries to please the little ones and salads for those who, on the other hand, want to go light on food. To end it in style, treat yourself by choosing something from the wide selection of cakes! Foreign visitors, who arrive in numbers to taste the famous Tuscan kale soup, will have an English menu available and be able to choose with no hesitation what to eat. And after dinner, at the Sagra della Zuppa di Fauglia , as in the best village fetes, there will be live performances on the main stage and bands playing the perfect music to get everybody dancing.

In short, folks from Fauglia know the secrets to the best Tuscan bread soup recipe, but are surely not short of ideas when it comes to throw a great party! The Tuscan soup ingredients are all of great quality and served in a charming village, accompanied by a delicious and tasty menu, great wine, fun for young and old, and plenty of opportunities for some shopping in the stalls. Do not miss the opportunity to combine this festival with a weekend in Tuscany! Book one of our hotels in Pisa or one of our hotels in Livorno: we are sure you will find the perfect one for you. If you decide to opt for the latter one, why not also consider one of our Excursions from Livorno? Our private tours are your best chance to enjoy a relaxing and entertaining experience in Tuscany.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff