The Carnival of the Bocco’s sons 2019

The magic of 150 baroque masks will take centre stage in the little Tuscan hamlet

From 16 February 2019 to 24 February 2019

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From 16 to 24 February in Castiglion Fibocchi (Arezzo) the Bocco’s son Carnival will once again be re-enacted. Now in its 20th edition, the event has in reality very ancient origins as its first records date back to the 12th century! Over two weeks on Saturdays, but especially Sundays, the delightful village in the province of Arezzo will host many events such as shows for young and old, live music and food stalls. The high point of the Carnevale Figli di Bocco, however, is represented by the wonderful baroque masks that are certain to make the atmosphere dreamlike, magical and surreal. It will be a bit like being in Venice, the only difference being the streets of a medieval village replacing Venice’s alleyways and canals and Tuscan dialect being spoken instead of the Venetian one! Seriously, Venice is Venice and folks in the village in the province of Arezzo surely know that there is no match for it. That said, the magic of the brocade costumes, their dazzling details and the typical masks that conceal the face create a first-class Tuscany baroque carnival waiting to be experienced!



The Castiglion Fibocchi Carnival has very ancient origins since its oldest testimony dates back to the 12th century. In a marriage act of 1113, it was reported, for example, that this had been brought forward because of the 'Carnevale de fillis Bocchi', a time of great food consumption before Lent. Another document from 1174 tells how the 'carnasciale' (carnival) festival celebrated at the 'castillione de fillis bocchi' could unite in the revelry both noblemen and peasants. As one would say today, it was a democratic carnival that united rich and poor, noble and not. At a much later time, around 1940s, the joke of the operation was often played out: a surgical operation was simulated so that from the belly of the fake sick sausages, hams and a little of everything was pulled out! In the 1900s the tradition of the pasta of 'Castiglion Fibocchi’ had already begun, which continues today. The last Sunday of the event, that’s February 24, steaming pasta dishes are handed out for everyone to enjoy! This tradition derives from an ancient peasant tradition according to which the boilers used to cook vegetables intended for animals were brought to the Piazza, and on this occasion, they were instead converted into huge pasta pots!

The first modern edition of the Figli di Bocco carnival in the Province of Arezzo in Castiglion Fibocchi was showcased, to be precise, on 2 February 1997 and since then its program has remained virtually unchanged. In addition to the masks produced by skilful and creative artists, the main features of the event are the all-Tuscan predisposition for conviviality and the innate desire to have fun.



The program of the Bocco’s Sons Carnival 2019 promises to be full of events so we advise you to check the full listing with times and locations which you will find on the event website. The Carnival of Bocco's Sons 2019 is dedicated to the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci and this will be the common thread that will link many of the events that will be hosted in the delightful Tuscan village. Among them, there will be, like in past years, even a photo contest.

The Carnevale of Castiglion Fibocchi 2019 will start in earnest on Saturday at 14.00 (both on the 16th and the 23rd) with a refreshing 5K walk with the story teller of King Bocco’s court, who will take you, in a unique atmosphere, from the Castiglione Fibocchi Castle to the Gioconda Bridge. In Piazza delle Fiere from 14.00 to 21.00 there will be opportunities to have fun thanks to artists and bands from the area that will entertain you with their music. Sundays 17th and 24th February will be very hectic. These two dates of the Castiglion Fibocchi Carnival come alive with many events taking place everywhere in the village to entertain and amuse young and old! In the morning, for example, you can hear ‘Leonardo's Fantastic Story’, admire the exhibition/museum 'Bocco’s Sons Shop', listen to lots of good music and shop for local produce at the 'The courtesans’ market. Even your children will feel like the 'protagonists' of this beautiful carnival by participating in the contest 'The Borgo of Desires’: the most beautiful letter, poetry or drawing will be awarded to honour the village. Also, at 15.00 in Piazza Olmi there will be a show for the little ones called 'the King’s Jester'.

The undisputed protagonists of the event are however Bocco’s masks, 150 adult paraders and even 50 children who will wear real works of art. You will obviously see King Bocco with the crown and his marvellous blue cape, the Queen of Fools entirely dressed in white, the red and black Alfieri, Amorino entirely covered with red roses, Tersicore the delicate goddess of dance, the rainbow-coloured costumes of the Shalom group and many more! It’s a total of 150, so we cannot list them all, you just have to come and see for yourself!

What will be the events where they will be involved during the Carnevale Figli di Bocco in 2019? It all kicks off at 16.00 in Piazza Roma with the King and Queen’s Speech followed by the concert of the Musicians of the Giostra del Saracino with the Royal procession and the Final Show. Furthermore, on February 24, the winning mask will be announced, after which everybody will celebrate with the customary serving of 'pastasciutta' ... But capping it all off, if the pasta is not enough, don’t’ worry! From 11.30 in the village many refreshment points with many delicious delicacies will open their door!

Are you ready then to be captured by the magic of this Baroque Carnival in Tuscany? Perfect, then we will wait for you at the Castiglion Fibocchi Carnival 2019 on 16, 17, 23 and 24 February to immerse yourself in the wonderful atmosphere created by the timeless creatures that will wander through the village. Since we are talking about it, we have an additional tip for you! Take advantage of your getaway to Tuscany and visit some other wonderful and charming ancient town: in out Villages of Tuscany section you will find lots of ideas, activities and proposals to discover them!


DATES OF THE CASTIGLION FIBOCCHI CARNIVAL: 16th ,17th,23th,14th February 2019

TIMES: Saturday 16th and 23rd from 14.00; Sunday 17th and 24th from 11.00 to 21.00

LOCATION: Castiglion Fibocchi – Arezzo

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Period: From 16 February 2019 to 24 February 2019

Event location: Castiglion Fibocchi (Arezzo)

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