Terre di Siena Ultramarathon 2019

The exciting running race crossing the most beautiful Tuscan landscapes

24 February 2019

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On February 24, 2019, Terre di Siena Ultramarathon - one of the most anticipated running events in Tuscany - is back. There are three routes of 50, 32 and 18 km winding through the most beautiful landscapes of the countryside of Siena: ancient villages such as San Gimignano and Monteriggioni, hills, rows of vines and olive trees, gravel roads and even a stretch of the Via Francigena. Based on your fitness level you can choose the distance that’s best for you and if you don’t exactly class yourself as a proper runner but still want to feel like a marathon athlete, the Siena Marathon 2019 includes a 6 km long walk that crosses the most beautiful points of the Palio city. No matter whether you will be completing the full 50 km route or one of the others, you will arrive in the same place: magical Piazza del Campo. So, have you already jotted down Siena in your calendar of the marathons in Italy in 2019? Perfect! Then you will need all the appropriate information that we, as usual, are more than happy to give you!

First of all, if you want to participate in the Terre di Siena, Italy, marathon in 2019, you will have to train hard but here unfortunately we cannot help you! Once your muscles are toned up and ready, then it’s time to think about enrolling. How can you do that? That’s easy! You can register directly online on the event’s website, or you can send your request by fax, e-mail or ordinary mail. But I have one recommendation: remember to do it by February 22! Also, be aware that the Terre di Siena marathon registration is subject to specific rules regarding the minimum age: for the 50 km run, you must have turned twenty while for the 18km and 32km ones, you must have turned eighteen! As for any other running race, you need the appropriate medical certificates and membership of specific sports organizations (UISP, FIDAL, EPS and others). Obviously all this is not required for the 6 km walk in Siena but you still need to register in the morning at 9.15 in Piazza del Campo.

Now, I know you can’t wait and you want to know everything about the Siena marathon routes in 2019, is that right? How could we blame you? Check out the marathon running calendar in Tuscany and you will not find another sport event in Tuscany equally fascinating and wonderful. You will run through the beautiful Chianti hills, cross magical villages such as San Gimignano with its towers or tiny Monteriggioni, admire the long rows of vines that adorn the hills as far as the eye can see and like pilgrims from the Middle Ages you will follow a stretch of the ancient Via Francigena and arrive at the feet of Torre del Magia in beautiful Piazza del Campo. For all athletes there will be a shuttle service travelling between the historic city center and the various start places.



  • 50 km Siena Marathon
    The longest route makes up the real Siena Ultramarathon, crossing Val D'Elsa within the province of Siena along typical gravel roads but also some tarmacked sections. An exciting journey that will make you forget all the effort with so much beauty in front of your eyes. The starting line is in the Piazza del Duomo in San Gimignano, then you will cross the famous vineyards of Vernaccia and travel a stretch of gravel road to finally reach the historical center of Colle Val D'Elsa. At this point you can take a breather along the descent that will lead you to the village of Badia ad Isola, after which you will cross the Via Francigena in one of its most striking features: the entrance to the tiny village of Monteriggioni where time seems to have stopped. You will then tackle a 600-meter climb but I assure you that the sight of the ancient castle will feel like payback for you! At this point the route of the Siena marathon will begin the approach to Siena that you will see appear majestic during a descending section. Nothing better to catch your breath before the triumphal entry into the city through Porta Cammolia. After a few ondulating sections you will finally enjoy a flat bit that will take you from Giardini della Lizza to San Domenico passing the Baptistery, Santa Maria della Scala and the Cathedral to finally reach the much-desired arrival of the Terre di Siena Ultramarathon of 2019: Piazza del Campo! As you will have understood, the distance coupled with the continuous ascents and descents make for a demanding route for which proper training is necessary. This said, it will be a truly unique experience. What’s more, there will be many refreshment points (numbering up to 10) where to replenish your energy levels!

  • 32 km Siena marathon: Colle Val D'Elsa-Siena
    This itinerary of the Siena Marathon 2019 starts from Colle val D'Elsa, known as the city of Crystal due to the production of objects in this precious material. After a gentle descent, you will continue towards Monteriggioni passing through Borgo a Badia. After the enchanting village you will cross Via Cassia, a stretch in a shady small wood and then run past Pian del Lago and continue towards Siena. This route will again see you arrive in the wonderful shell-shaped square where the famous Palio is held.

  • 18 km Siena marathon: Monteriggioni Siena
    The 50 km route is a challenging route, and even the 32 km route is not really for everyone, but the 18 km Siena half-marathon can also be tackled by the so-called weekend warrior. Both the distance and the altitude (200 meters) make it suitable for those who train regularly but without going over the top! It starts in Monteriggioni and finishes in Siena following the same route as the longer races and once again the arrival is in in Piazza del Campo.


Ready, steady, go! No, no, wait a minute... I must give you one last tip! How about arriving in Siena at least the day before so you have the opportunity to first visit the city? The best way to do it, to discover its secrets, admire all its treasures and hear many interesting facts about the Palio is to book one of our tours in Siena. You will see, wandering around feeling relaxed before the hard slog will charge you up. And make sure you let us know how it went!



Date: 24th February 2019

Start: San Gimignano, Colle Val D’Elsa, Monteriggioni

Arrival: Piazza del Campo (Siena)

Competitive routes: 18 km, 32 k and 50 km / Not competitive routes: 6 km

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: 24 February 2019

Event location: Siena

Contacts: registration & rules www.terredisienaultramarahonn.it

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