Settembre Divino 2019 in Pitigliano

One of the best Tuscany harvest festivals with good food, wine and a lot of fun

From 29 August 2019 to 01 September 2019

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In Pitigliano (GR) from August 29th to September 1st, the 2019 edition of Settembre Divino is back, one of the most anticipated events in Maremma. The Pitigliano Wine Festival is an opportunity to enjoy four days dedicated to entertainment, music, food and, naturally, good wine. For the occasion, the characteristic Pitigliano tuff wine cellars will open their doors to visitors and offer typical menus to pair with a good glass of wine! The peculiarity of the Settembre Divino of Pitigliano lies in the fact that each cellar is characterized by its own 'setting'. The Imperial Cellar, for example, recreates the atmosphere of ancient Rome, while the one called 'hot pistons' focuses on engines and motorcyclists. Each cellar offers its own menu, based on typical dishes, simple but tasteful, such as the Tuscan crostini and the bruschetta, delicious pasta dishes, succulent grilled local meat. During the wine cellars Festival of Pitigliano there are also different musical entertainment events of different genres ranging from the most genuine 'rock' to DJ sets.


Wine, great food, music and entertainment in a truly fantastic location! The village of Pitigliano is one of the most beautiful and picturesque in Tuscany, located in the province of Grosseto in the beautiful Maremma. It is one of the cities of tuff of Tuscany, something that you will notice as you arrive: the village stands on a cliff of tuff and the houses are built on the rock, blending harmoniously into the surrounding landscape. Its origins are very old, perhaps dating back to even before the Etruscan period, and walking around Pitigliano’s historic center between the narrow streets of stone will let you relive all the charm of times gone by.


Just like the town, the Festa delle Cantine di Pitigliano 2019 also has very ancient origins. It was one of those popular festivals that involved the whole community and were organized at set times of the year. Back then the focus was also the opening of the Pitigliano tuff cellars. Just like in current editions of the festival, wine was offered to the patrons. The purpose, in those days, was very precise: to empty the cellars of the 'old wine' in order to make room for 'new wine'. In 1999, after some years of suspension of the festival, some keen youngsters decided to resume the tradition and to organize the Pitigliano festa delle cantine again. ‘Cantinelle’ was the original name of the event that was only subsequently replaced with the current name ‘Settembre Divino’ 2019. In 2004 the Associazione Cantine del Tufo was founded, with the aim of safeguarding and promoting the monumental cellars dug out of the tuff that characterize the ancient village of Pitigliano. The association has also regulated Settembre Divino, making it one of the most popular events in Pitigliano.


And here we are at the Pitigliano wine festival 2019. Want to know how it will take place? The cellars will open at around 19:00 and continue with their lively activities until one o'clock in the morning. Each will offer a different menu consisting of traditional dishes, always based on local specialties. Therefore, as a first step, we recommend going to Reception Desk located in the 'Le Macerie' archaeological area between Via Zuccarelli, Piazza della Repubblica and the Borgonuovo district. Here you will receive all the information, take a look the panels and receive the map with indicated all the wineries that will take part in the Pitigliano event. And do not forget to buy the 'bicchiere della staffa': the souvenir glass that you can easily fill during the evening! At this point you will be ready for a walk around and to choose the cellar that for its menu, proposed wine or even for the atmosphere, best matches your tastes. At the end of the event the winner will also be decreed, needless to underline how fierce the fight is! In Pitigliano for Festa delle Cantine 2019 you can choose from 8 different wineries:


  • CELLARS-PISTONI ROVENTI. They are located at the beginning of the Ghetto descending towards the square of the most famous wash house of Pitigliano. The theme is engines and speed. A large group of motorcyclists belong to it. It was founded in 2005 and has been the winner of the September of Wine for four times and is currently the holder of the cup.


  • CELLARS-‘I CICLISTI’. Dal ciclista si magna, si beve e si fischia’ is the motto of this winery located in the heart of the district 'La Fratta'. It is one of the oldest cellars of Pitigliano and after having changed base several times for some years, it has now been established in the historic district of Pitigliano. As the name suggests, it is linked to the historic cycling group of Pitigliano.


  • CELLARS-I CLASSICI TORSI. It can be reached by crossing 'La Fratta'. Last year it moved to the square of Vicolo della Guardia Nazionale. The typically Pitiglianese name comes from a good amount of self-irony.


  • CELLARS-IMPERIALE. They are located in the Piazzetta di Vico della Riscossa, reachable by going up the ancient Ghetto. Founded in 2005, it is inspired by the Roman Empire and won the ‘coppa delle Cantine’.


  • CELLARS-LA SBORNIA. When a name tells a long story! ‘La sbornia’, in Italian, means ‘drunkness’. They are located at the bottom of the town in Piazza Antonio Becherini, and  are one of the oldest since they were founded in 1999 even though at the time they were called 'Lacio Drom'. She is also the only one to have won for two years in a row in 2013 and 2014.


  • CELLARS-I SERPI VECCHI. Located in the Piazzetta ex Maresciallo where you arrive by heading towards "Capisotto". It is one of the youngest in Pitigliano for the Wine Cellars Festival, founded in 2009. Every evening here the crushing of grapes barefoot takes place, like it used to be done.


  • CELLARS-IL TORCIATORE. It was the novelty of the Wine Festival Pitigliano 2018! It is located in Via Vignoli, which in Pitigliano everyone calls "La Fratta". The Cellar is linked to the Festa di San Giuseppe and its torch parade that takes place every March 19th in Piazza Garibaldi to drive away the winter from the village. In Pitigliano, among the events that take place during the year, this is certainly the most ancient one.


  • CELLARS-PANTALLA. They are located in Piazza San Gregorio VII and take their name from an area a few kilometers from Pitigliano which is located on the border with the province of Viterbo.


So, are you already planning to come to Pitigliano for the 2019 wine party? Well, it truly is an unmissable event. If you still have any doubts, let us put the cherry on the cake. During your stay in Tuscany, why not you deepen your knowledge about wine by booking one of our  Food and Wine Tours? Nice idea, right? Well, then we'll see you in Pitigliano in Maremma but bear in mind one thing: the wine is good, but always drink consciously! Do not overdo it, ok?

By Insidecom Editorial Staff