Sestino Chianina Steak Festival

Don’t miss the chance to taste the delicious Chianina meat surrounded by folklore, fun and nature

From 23 June 2017 to 25 June 2017

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From 23rd through to 25th June the village of Sestino in Arezzo will host the 25th edition of the Chianina steak Festival. As you are probably well aware, when it comes to country festivals, you are spoilt for choice in Tuscany, especially in the summer, with almost every village holding one with ample opportunities to taste some delicious local produce. The Sestino steak Festival gives you the chance to savour what can be called the star of Tuscan gastronomy: the Chianina steak. So a truly unmissable opportunity, if you want to taste one of the most delicious and tastiest meat produce cooked the way it should be!

The village of Sestino is located in the easternmost part of Tuscany, near the border with Marche and Emilia Romagna. It is included in the wonderful nature of the Apennines, where there are, among other things, several exciting trails for trekking enthusiasts. An example is the whole area of the nearby Sasso di Simone Nature Reserve. For a walk surrounded by nature and if you have children, the Parco Faunistico di Ranco Spinoso is the perfect place to wait for the right time to enjoy your steak, among deer, roebucks and mouflons. Due to its geographic position, Sestino (Arezzo) has always played a primary role as a crossroads between North and South and also towards the Adriatic Sea. Traces in this area of the passage and settlement of several populations such as Etruscans, Picentes, Umbri, Gauls and Romans, can therefore be found. When the latter arrived, the area was already renowned for its strong presence of shepherds and farmers. This characteristic, as demonstrated by the current massive presence of Chianina farmers, has been preserved to the present day. If you are interested in history, before tucking into your steak, visit the Antiquarium Nazionale, which displays many finds from the area including boundary stone pillars, statues and tombstones. The village of Sestino and in particular its oldest part with stone houses, is the ideal location for an al-fresco dinner to spice up your summer evenings.

The star of the Sagra della Chianina is, of course, the meat of the Chianina Breed, an indigenous cattle variety farmed in the area since Roman times. Why is the meat of these huge white cows so famous? First of all because it tastes good, with an unmistakable flavour that has no equal. This quality comes mainly from two factors: its food properties, such as a small amount of fat and the aging process, a culinary procedure that makes the meat especially tender, as a result of the meat being left to hang for a period lasting from ten to two weeks. Has all this made you feel hungry? So, do not hesitate anymore and take note of all the useful information on the Sestino steak Festival! Before you go, do not forget to visit the website of this steak feast ( where you will find all the latest news. 

The Sestino steak feast opens on Friday but the star, like every prima-donna, will keep everybody waiting, being available only from Saturday onwards. Do not despair anyway, you will still be able to taste the succulent Chianina meat in the burgers that will make you forget about the real thing for a moment. Everything will be accompanied by other appetizers such as Italian flatbread and other delicacies and, of course, excellent wine. From Saturday onwards, the food stalls will open, where you will find a wide range of traditional dishes, prepared for the occasion by the best chefs in the village! As you probably already know, the organization of the entire 'Chianina Festival', run by the Pro Loco of Sestino, is entrusted to volunteers who put their heart and soul in the promotion of the local area and its products. So thanks to their commitment, at the Chianina Festival you can sample a variety of appetizers such as stuffed piadine (flatbread), delicious salads, sliced meats, including the Bresaola di Chianina and the highly-appreciated panzanella. It's so good that there are those who come just for that! Because, we all agree that the star of the event is meat, but vegetarians will also find a choice of dishes to suit their needs.

As for the main courses, for example, you will find traditional recipes with Chianina meat such as the famous tagliatelle with ragu Chianina but you can also opt for the sauce with blackthorn, the typical mushroom of the area or the classic penne all’arrabbiata. At the Tuscany steak Festival, grilling will take centre stage to meet the demand of the hungry partygoers, with steaks and sausages being grilled in huge quantities. In the last few years another traditional plate has been introduced with great success: Chianina stew. Simply mouth-watering.

As with any summer festival in Tuscany, the Sestino steak Festival also offers entertainment, plenty of shopping and folklore. In the streets of the village there will be numerous stands where you can buy a variety of products from local artisans, while every evening will be enlivened by exciting music entertainment. The last event closing the festival is 'Palio del Buratto', one of the most famous horse races in Central Italy. It takes place on Sunday evening and is followed by the 'Costumed parade of the Medieval Castles' and by the awarding to the most courageous knight of the coveted ‘Vitello d’Oro' (Golden Calf) prize.

If you are passionate about food and wine, this festival is an opportunity not to be missed, do not hesitate any longer and plan a relaxing weekend in Tuscany! You can choose one of our hotels in Arezzo, and take the opportunity to visit the truly beautiful surrounding area. If you are mad keen on food delicacies, why not consider one of our Food & Wine Tours? With home-made pasta, cakes and wine to choose from, you will surely find something to inspire you and also delight your palate!


By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 23 June 2017 to 25 June 2017

Event location: Sestino

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