San Quirico D’Orcia Oil Festival 2019

The Tuscan olive oil takes center stage with talks, markets, tastings and show-cooking

From 06 December 2019 to 08 December 2019


From 6 to 8 December San Quirico in Val D’Orcia sees the return of the Olive Oil Festival, now in its 27th edition. What better choice for a weekend break? Interesting conferences and talks, tastings, good food, the setting of an enchanting medieval village and the wonderful winter landscapes of Val D’Orcia, Tuscany. Not bad right?

During the Festa dell’olio in San Quirico d’Orcia, many events will allow you to learn about the unique characteristics of the delicious Tuscan olive oil with conferences and talks. The events are open to all visitors and not only to professionals, therefore offering many opportunities to discover, for example, all the health benefits of the extra-virgin olive oil of San Quirico d’Orcia. The San Quirico d’Orcia Oil Festival will also feature the Premio Extravergine 2019 award which is given to a figure who has particularly distinguished themselves in the promotion of ‘Made in Italy’ products. This year the award will be given to Rai Journalist Valentina Bisti, the current presenter of Uno Mattina television program, who will therefore be present at Palazzo Chigi Zondari in the afternoon of 7 December.

You will be pleased to know that the 2019 Oil Festival is not only about theory, and you will also have the opportunity to enjoy a bit of practice thanks to tastings, market stalls for your shopping and show cooking events to learn some tasty recipes. As you can see in the detailed program, the tastings, run by AICOO (Italian Association for the Promotion of Olive Oil), will be held in the beautiful rooms of Palazzo Chigi Zondari in San Quirico d’Orcia and will allow you to learn and appreciate the characteristics of the olive oil of Tuscany. If you are interested in taking part, and we highly recommend it, you must book because places for this olive oil event have been limited in order to make it as successful as possible. Throughout the historic center, the highly anticipated ‘Mercatino dell’olio’ will also be set up where you can buy the delicious ‘green gold’ as well as many other products that once back in your home will remind you of this wonderful land. Not just Tuscany olive oil, but also cold meats, cheeses and, of course, wine! During the San Quirico Oil Festiva of 2019 in the historic center there will be a demonstration point where you can attend many cooking classes: the chefs will take it in turn to present their recipes where extra-virgin olive oil will always be the main ingredient. What else to say? You will get to appreciate olive oil whilst tasting it, buy it at the market and then steal some secrets from the chefs to use it in tasty recipes. If you are feeling hungry you can also take advantage of the many food venues in the village to taste some specialties from Tuscan cuisine. In short, at the San Quirico Oil Festival you will not only find the classic bruschetta, which owed to its simple recipe is clearly delicious, but there will be many other delicacies. If you are worried about your weight and you are afraid that all these goodies will put your waistline at risk, don't worry because at San Quirico that will be taken care of too! In the morning of both Saturday and Sunday the oil trekking will be held: a beautiful walk to discover the secrets of the village through its olive oil. Perfect for doing some exercise!

But the real gem of one of the most beautiful Val D’Orcia festivals is the fact that children will be given a lot of attention with many events designed for them. Tuscany and olive oil become an experience within their reach. All this will happen in Palazzo delle Fiabe: Palazzo Chigi Zondari is transformed into a magical place where children can play, participate in workshops, meet fantastic characters and listen to incredible stories. In the afternoon, entertainment events will also run outdoors through the streets of the village.

If we haven't convinced you yet, take a look at the programme of the San Quirico Oil Festival and our mini-guide on San Quirico, after which we're sure you won't have any doubts!



Friday 6 December

10.30 - Palazzo Chigi Zondari: Opening of the exhibition ‘The fascinating story of the two Toscane’

11.00 - Historic Center: opening of the producers' stands.

15.30 - Historic center: musical entertainment


Saturday 7 December

8.00 - 19.00 - Historic center: San Quirico oil market

10.30 - Historic center: opening of producers' stands.

10.30 - Oil trekking

11.00 - Historic center: Show cooking

11.00 - Palazzo Chigi Zondari: Tastings ‘Let’s learn how to taste Olive Oil’ by AICOO

15.00 - Historic center - Street Band

17.00 - Palazzo Chigi Zondari: Round Table ‘100% Extra Virgin, icon of the landscape and protection of the environment, emblem of Made in Italy and healthy eating. Extra Virgin Olive Oil: critical factors, protection and prospects.’

18.15 - Palazzo Chigi Zondari: extra-virgin olive oil 2019

19.00 - Piazza della Libertà: 2019 Awards of Producers

21.30 - Piazza della Libertà: Party in the Square


Sunday 8 December

10.30 - Historic Center - Opening of producers’ stands

10.30 - Oil trekking

11.00 - Palazzo Chigi Zondari: Tastings ‘Let’s learn how to taste Olive Oil’ by AICOO

12.00 - Historic center: Show cooking

12.00 - Piazza della Libertà: Oil in the wind. The flags of Barbarossa greet the new oil

16.0 - Historic center: Street Band



This village nestled in the wonderful picture-postcard landscapes of Val D’Orcia has ancient origins that date back to the Etruscan period. Wandering through its cobbled streets, you will soon realize, however, that the most important heritage is from the Middle Ages. While you are tasting the delicacies of this festival in Val D’Orcia make sure you wander around a bit! What is there to see? Start with Chiesa della Madonna at the lower part of the town inside which there is a stunning painting of the Virgin by Andrea della Robbia. Another characteristic building not to be missed is Ospedale della Scala where travelers and pilgrims who walked the Via Francigena used to stop. Enter the courtyard and try for a moment to imagine the feeling of someone who was welcomed in this place after a long and tiring journey. Leonini Hortii, a splendid sixteenth-century garden with the typical geometrical boxwood hedges, definitely deserves a visit. Today it is a chic location chosen by marrying couples from around the world! The two most important buildings are undoubtedly the Collegiate Church of Saints Quirico and Giuditta, a splendid example of Romanesque style and Palazzo Chigi Zondari, seat of the county council and the location for important events in Val D’Orcia such as the San Quirico d’Orcia Oil Festival.


So we have told you about the dates of the San Quirico d'Orcia Oil Festival, now mark them in your diary and make sure you are free: from 6 to 8 December you will certainly be in Tuscany to discover one of the most appreciated and envied food and wine excellences throughout the world, and rightly so. You can also learn more about this iconic corner of Tuscany thanks to private tour in the heart of Val d’Orcia  and your experience will be truly unique!

By Insidecom Editorial Staff