'Robert Capa in Italy 1943-1944' - San Gimignano

Italy in the Second World War as told by 78 exciting shots

From 04 March 2016 to 10 July 2016


The 'Raffaele De Grada' Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery of San Gimignano hosts the highly anticipated Robert Capa photo exhibition by the great photographer Robert Capa in black and white on the dramatic years of the Second World War in Italy and the awaited arrival of the allies.

'Robert Capa photographs in Italy 1943-1944' - the title of the exhibition - will be open to the public until July 10, 2016: Robert Capa's photos, one of the greatest photographers of history who lived most of his life on battlefields alongside soldiers, document the events, emotions, and often pain of those tragic years.

With over 20 years of activity, Capa Robert photos have told the story of the biggest world wars: the Spanish Civil War, the Sino-Japanese War, the Second World War, the Arab-Israeli conflict of 1948 and the First Indochina war.

The town of San Gimignano, the Hungarian National Museum in Budapest and the Foundation for the History of Photography, wanted to dedicate an exhibition to this extraordinary artist, exhibiting his photographs taken in Italy during 1943-1944.

Although  70 years have passed, the exciting Robert Capa photographs in San Gimignano, exhibition  recount the Allied landing in Italy through 78 images from the series 'Robert Capa Master Selection III' - made up of 937 photos taken in 23 different countries -  and kept in Budapest and acquired, in late 2008, by the Hungarian National Museum.

The three series called Master Selection I, II and III, made by Cornell (Robert Capa's brother who was  also a photographer) and Richard Whelan, Capa's biographer, are held in New York at the International Centre of Photography in New York , Budapest and Tokyo.



Endre Ernő Friedmann, born Robert Capa, internationally renowned photographer, was born in Budapest in 1913. Exiled from Hungary in 1931, he began his career in Berlin: the photos he took during the Spanish Civil War between 1936 and 1939 made him known and appreciated throughout the world.

Robert Capa, in Italy as a war correspondent from July 1943 to February 1944, depicts soldiers and civilians in their daily lives, the landing in Sicily up to Anzio: exciting shots that enter the heart of the conflict and reveal the many faces of war. The photographs of Robert Capa are still striking and touching for the immediacy and empathy that can be inspired in the viewer.

Robert Capa photos tell the surrender of Palermo, the funeral of the young victims of the notorious Four Days of Naples, Naples central post destroyed by a bomb, scared people running away from Montecassino mountains to escape the battles, allied troops welcomed by the people of Monreale ... a war made of ordinary people, towns reduced to rubble, soldiers and civilians, victims of the same tragedy.

This and more at the Modern Art Gallery in San Gimignano in the exhibition of Robert Capa, the great Hungarian photographer who managed to treat all his subjects with the same solidarity, capturing important moments, feelings and emotions.

The artist died in Vietnam in 1934. Remembering his death, the writer and journalist Ernest Hemingway said: He was a dear friend and a very brave photographer. He was so alive that we find it impossible to think him dead '.


From 4 March to 10 July 2016 do not miss the exhibition of Robert Capa photographs. The exhibition will be accompanied by an interesting bilingual catalogue in Italian and English written by Ilona Stemlerné Balog, Beatrix Lengyel and Éva Fisli.

San Gimignano: exhibitions and more! The exhibition dedicated to the photographer Robert Capa World War II photos can be an opportunity to visit this beautiful medieval village, characterized by its tall towers, some reaching up to 50 metres high: to know what to see in San Gimignano, visit the relevant page on our site!

If you also have some free time at your disposal, you should take a walk among the gentle hills to discover the most beautiful towns of Tuscany! You can visit the birthplace of Boccaccio, Certaldo, taste the good wine of Montepulciano or admire valuable historical artifacts at the Archaeological Museum of Volterra.


Robert Capa - Photo exhibition

Date: from 4 March to 10 July 2016

Location: Gallery of Modern Art 'De Grada' - San Gimignano

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Period: From 04 March 2016 to 10 July 2016

Event location: San Gimignano

Contacts: info and tickets on the official website www.sangimignanomusei.it/eng

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