Puccini Festival 2017 Torre del Lago

63rd Edition Programme

From 14 July 2017 to 19 August 2017

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In the beautiful surroundings of Torre del Lago, one of the most anticipated events dedicated to opera in Italy is back: from 14th July to 19th August, do not miss the Festival Puccini 2017 ... tickets are already for sale! 

Founded in 1930, the music festival - the only one entirely dedicated to the great Tuscan composer - has become over the years one of the most acclaimed events by classical music lovers who every year come from all over Italy to enjoy the enchanting spectacle at the Teatro Quattromila in Torre Lago on Lake Massaciuccoli.



  • The Puccini Festival 2017 debuts with one of Puccini's most famous operas, which will be showcased on 14th and 23rd July and 4th August and 12th August in a contemporary staging with ample references to China, the country from which the great master drew inspiration for this opera. Giacomo Puccin’s 'Turandot' at the Puccini Festival in 2017 will be directed by the eclectic figure of Alfonso Signorini: a journalist and writer but above all a great opera aficionado since his early childhood. Alberto Veronesi (14th and 23rd July), the Foundation’s chair who conducted Puccini’s operas in the past, often abroad, and the Norwegian master Vegard Nielsen (4th and 12th August) will take turns directing the opera. In the staging of the Puccini Festival 2017, Italy, the role of Princess Turandot will be entrusted to the Austrian soprano Martina Serafin (14th and 23rd July), who will delight you with her voice, and Irina Rindzuner (4th and 12th August), who will assume the role of the unlucky Puccini heroine for the first time in her career on the striking stage in front of the lake. The role of Prince Calaf will be interpreted by two stars of the international opera scene: Stefano la Colla (14th July) and Amadi Lagha (23rd July, 4th and 12th August). In short, Turandot at the Puccini Festival in 2017 is a must-see!
  • The Festival Pucciniano at Torre del Lago in 2017 continues with a performance that this year marks the centenary of the first staging held in Montecarlo on March 27, 1917. We are talking of 'La Rondine' by Puccini which will be staged at the Torre del Lago Festival 2017 on 15th July with a repeat performance on 5th August. The line-up of artists for this opera is first-class with the direction entrusted to Beatrice Venezi, a young director who will embark in 2018 on a project aimed at the rediscovery of another Tuscan composer: Giovanni Pacini. Magda's role in Puccini’s 'La Rondine' will be interpreted by Donata D'Annunzio on 15th July. A past winner of the top award at the Puccini Festival in Tuscany for her singing and acting skills, she is hailed as one of the greatest interpreters of Puccini heroines. On 5th August interpreting the role of Magda will fall on the Sicily-hailed soprano Lidia Lunetta, whilst Leonardo Caimi (15th July) and Alessandro Fantoni (5th August) will take turns interpreting Ruggero's role. Finally, Alberto Petricca will bring to the stage the role of Magda’s poet friend.
  • On 21st and 28th July and 11th August, the audience of the Puccini Festival 2017 at Torre del Lago will be delighted with the timeless classic 'Bohème', under the direction of US-born James Meena on July’s double staging and instead Martins Ozolins in August. The cast the of the Boheme at the Puccini Festival will see the Armenian soprano Karine Babajanyan and Italy-born Silvana Froli taking turns in interpreting Mimì. Singing ‘che gelida manina’ in the role of Rodolfo will be Piotr Beczala (21st and 28th July) and Raffaele Abete (11th August). The task of enacting Musetta has been given to Elisabetta Zizzo (21st July) Alessandra Mella (28th July) and Marina Zyatkova (11th August), whilst the role of the ex-boyfriend Marcello will be entrusted to Raffaele Raffio in all performances. The Puccini Opera Festival in 2017 will showcase a series of night events inspired by Bohemian Paris that should not be missed.
  • Puccini’s La Tosca at the Torre del Lago grand Opera Festival is one of the operas that over the years has featured predominantly in the calendar. Enthusiasts of the tales of the leading character, whose name the opera’s title is derived from, but also of Mario, Scarpia and Angelotti will once again feel captured by the staging of Tosca by Puccini at the Festival. This edition under Enrico Vanzina's stage direction will be faithful to the traditional set-up, as according to the director's wish, its modern appeal stems exactly from this. Tosca at the Puccini Festival 2017 in Tuscany will be showcased on 29th July and 10th and 19th August with Dejan Savic conducting the July’s performances and Gianluca Marciano the August one. In the role of Tosca, the audience will listen to melodies performed by the Chinese soprano Hui e He (29th July), Kristine Sampson (10th August) and a third artist to be confirmed for the final repeat. Dario di Vetri (29th July and 10th August) and Hector Mendoza Lopez (19th August) will sing the acclaimed ‘morire disperati’ aria. Davide Mura will give life to the character of Angelotti in all three performances. The role of the police chief, Barone Scarpia, who keeps harassing Angelotti in his attempt to seduce the beautiful Tosca, will be interpreted by Alberto Gazale (29th July, 10th August) and Angelo Veccia (19th August).
  • But expect another big hit at the Festival Puccini: Madama Butterfly will also be featured, one of the most exciting works from Puccini’s repertoire, which will this year be on stage on 18th August. You will therefore have the fantastic opportunity to be delighted by the magical oriental atmosphere of this wonderful opera, made even more striking by the starlit stage.

As usual, the 63rd Festival Puccini will be enriched by numerous side events with classical music concerts, dance performances, musicals and exhibitions. The Festival 2017 Puccini will host the Novaya Orchestra, Choir and Singers of the Moscow Opera, which will perform on three dates at the Puccini Festival: 27th August in 'Voix Humaine' at the Auditorium Caruso, 29th in 'La Traviata and 30th in Boheme. The programme of the 2017 Puccini Festival also enlists on 22nd July 'Homage to France' with the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Nice Opera House and on 9th August 'Jeanne D'Arc'. As always, musicals are a fixture at the Puccini Festival of Tuscany, which this year will showcase the acclaimed 'Notre Dame' from 22nd to 24th August. Those inclined to romance will highly enjoy the marvellous dances performed in 'Danse d'Amour'.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with the Festival Puccini tickets contact points and secure yourself one of the theatre seats. And don’t worry, how to get to the Puccini Festival is not a problem: there are shuttle buses that set off from all the major seaside resorts in the area, but the option that will transport you straight into the magic of the evening is by boat.

From 14th July to 19th August, do not miss one of the most popular opera events: the Festival of Grand opera in 2017 at Torre del Lago awaits you to give you unique emotions under the stars in a fairy tale location!

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Period: From 14 July 2017 to 19 August 2017

Event location: Torre del Lago

Contacts: info and tickets for Festival Puccini on the official website www.puccinifestival.it

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