Pistoia Blues Festival 2017

Programme and guests of the 38th edition

From 28 June 2017 to 15 July 2017

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Lovers of Blues and 360-degree music: perk your ears up and take note in your diaries, because from 28th June to 15th July you cannot miss one of the most anticipated Pistoia events 2017, the now famous Pistoia Blues 2017!

Running since 1980 with the name of 'Bluesin' starring exceptional guests such as B.B. King and Muddy Waters, the event, thanks to its exciting line-ups, attracts thousands of spectators every year from all over Italy, making Pistoia one of the most acclaimed cities of the Italian summer music scene!

The Pistoia Blues Festival 2017 line-up will definitely not disappoint you: the impressive Piazza del Duomo will see the performances of artists the likes of Franco Battiato and Mannarino as well as internationally renowned bands such as the original 2Cellos and British songwriter Tom Odell. 
So let's explore the rich Pistoia Blues program 2017 together:


Wednesday 28th June, 9.30 pm
2017 Pistoia blues will debut with the highly anticipated concert of Battiato. The great Sicilian singer-songwriter, famous for many great successes such as ‘Bandiera Bianca’ or the more recent 'La Cura', will not be on stage alone: Battiato at Pistoia Blues Festival will share the stage with nothing less than the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Battiato concerts are always engaging and fascinating, but this one, with the complicity of the location and the ensemble that will accompany him, really promises a special event.

Thursday 29th June, 9.30 pm
Pistoia Festival 2017 will be the stage of one of the dates of the 2Cellos Italian tour that for several months has been one sold out after the other. They are currently the most famous duo of cellists, yet their repertoire goes beyond the usual classic pieces of music. 2Cellos in Italy will create a show where they will play their original and energetic version of great rock and pop hits as well as famous movie soundtracks. Do not miss the opportunity 2017 Pistoia Blues Festival offers to see the 2cellos concert in Italy!

Tuesday 4th July, 9.30 pm
The Blues Festival in Pistoia in 2017 boasts the only Italian date of one of the big names of this event: Little Steven, Bruce Springsteen's memorable guitarist. After 25 years, many of which he spent travelling around the world next to the Boss, once again we can hear Little Steven & The Disciples of Soul play together. The guitarist, who we all remember for his pirate bandana, has decided to return to his 'Rhythm and Blues' roots in his latest solo album. In 'Soulfire' he traces his artistic career during which he worked as a producer, arranger and composer. What better opportunity for his return to the origins than the magical atmosphere of one of the most anticipated Pistoia Blues concerts? As we wait for the great Little Steven live in Italy we will be entertained by the opening concert of the historic Italian songwriter Maurizio Pirovano, the Italian rock band Audyaroad and bluesman from Livorno Luca Burgalassi. So there will not just be Little Steven in Pistoia for this great evening, but several other Italian and overseas artists who will pay tribute to the musical tradition of the United States... on a day like 4th July it could not be any other way!

Thursday 6th July, from 6 pm
The Program for Pistoia Blues 2017 devotes an entire evening to lovers of rock music who can enjoy two full shows. Topping the bill will be the Editors, a British band formed in 2002, currently in studio for a new album, and The Cult, another British rock band that started from 'post punk gothic rock', then experimented with 'new wave' to finally adopt a more 'hard and heavy' style.

Friday 7th July, 9 p.m.
A special Italian Blues Night with free admission will host several groups and exponents of the Italian rock/blues scene. At the moment of writing some surprise hosts  are being defined so don’t miss this wonderful blues night !

Saturday 8th July, 9.30 pm
Mannarino in Pistoia will arrive bringing the great success of his ‘Apriti Cielo Tour 2017’ which has seen many sold-outs, confirming his top-rank position in the sale of concert tickets. Mannarino at Pistoia Blues will offer a playlist which will include his latest hits such as the song that gives the title to the tour but also ‘Arca di Noè’, with millions of views on Youtube already. Mannarino live is an opportunity to appreciate his intense style, featuring a remarkable and rigorous artistic quest.

Sunday 9th July, 9 pm
Stefano Bollani in Pistoia will present 'Napoli Trip' a live project but also an album that comes directly from the great love of the pianist for the city of Naples. In his performance he will be accompanied by the Neapolitan born and bred saxophone player Daniele Sepe but also Nico Gori on clarinet and Bernardo Guerra on drums. The opening-act of Bollani’s Pistoia blues concert will be entrusted to Flo, a talented Neapolitan singer and to the elegant sounds of the Marco Biasetti Quartet.

Wednesday, 12th July 9 pm
Pistoia Blues Festival 2017 has once again an ace in the hole with the theatricality and frenzy of Gogol Bordello. Their music draws great inspiration from the gipsy tradition and the Eastern European origins of their components. Do not miss the concert Gogol Bordello at Pistoia Blues Festival if you are after an engaging show with ethnic nuances. The Bosnian band Dubioza Kolektiv and the colourful and festive band Verona-based Disperato circo Musicale together with Frank DD & Friends will warm-up the evening.

Wednesday 13th July 9.30 pm
This evening will also feature the 5th edition of Notte Rossa di Pistoia started from the collaboration between Avis Pistoia and Blues to promote blood giving during the summer. The charity-dedicated evening will see on stage Niccolo Fabi in Pistoia celebrating his 20 years-long career. The evening will debut with Radio Lausberg: a band that combines original sound with local traditions.

Friday 14th July 9.30 pm Tom Odell’s tour in Italy will also set foot at the acclaimed Pistoia festival in 2017. The British songwriter belongs to the ranks of artists the likes of Hozier and Passenger and has already reached the top numbers on the UK charts with his two latest tracks. Tom Odell at Pistoia Blues will fire up the audience with songs featuring a majestic and unstoppable rhythm as demonstrated by his single 'Magnitised'.

Saturday 15th July 6pm
The Pistoia Blues programme will wrap up, so to speak, with a bang thanks to a true 'Blues Night' starting at 6pm and lasting until the evening. The event, dedicated to the great harmonicist James Cotton, who often performed at the Pistoia Blues Festival, will see on stage the great international star Charlie Musselwhite live and the Italian bluesman born and bred Fabio Treves, with surprise guests accompanying him. In the course of the night the best students attending the Pistoia Blues Clinics, held from 9th to 11th June 2017, will perform on the stage of the festival.


From 28th June to 15th July do not miss the Pistoia Blues singers and the packed line-up of the 2017 programme: Battiato, Mannarino, Tom Odell, 2Cellos, Little Steven and many others will charm with their music the pleasant summer nights of Pistoia.



Location: Pistoia - Piazza del Duomo

Date: 28th June – 15th July 2017

Pistoia blues tickets and info at the official website www.pistoiablues.com

By Insidecom Editorial Staff