48th National Exhibition of the White Truffle in San Miniato

In the gorgeous surrounding Tuscan hamlet, the most anticipated wine and food event of the year is back!

From 11 November 2018 to 25 November 2018

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If in November you are in the area of the Pisan Hills don’t miss the San Miniato white truffle National Exhibition. Now at its 48th edition, the event takes place in the historic center of the beautiful village during all the weekends of November. A unique opportunity to taste the majestic white truffle, one of the delicacies of this marvellous land. Taste it in a blaze of flavors, textures and combinations with many other delicacies typical of San Miniato, Italy: extra virgin olive oil, salami, sweets and of course a good dose of great wine. After all, we’re in the area of Chianti Colline Pisane DOCG! Despite the many food and wine delicacies do not expect to find any old truffle festival, the one in San Miniato has much, much more to offer! First of all, the Officina del Tartufo, the heart of the whole event, will have Michelin starred chefs preparing sublime dishes on the spot and proposing creative combinations in which the truffle of San Miniato will be the undisputed protagonist. In addition to 120 exhibitors who will offer Tuscan and Italian food and wine excellences, interesting itineraries between these delicacies will be offered, as well as a focus on culture through exhibitions, plays and performances. What do you think, does the San Miniato Truffle Festival seem a nice idea for an autumn weekend in Tuscany? Perfect, then while you decide which weekend to choose – whether 10-11, 17-18 or 24-25, we’ll continue to tell you about all the things on at this unmissable event.

The first thing we’d like to emphasize is that San Miniato in Tuscany is one of the most beautiful villages. Perched on a hill surrounded by a wonderful scenery of delightful rolling hills, vineyards and olive groves, you will find a historic center full of picturesque views and buildings that witness an important past: the Rocca di Federico, the 13th century Cathedral, Piazza Duomo and the beautiful façade of the Episcopal seminar. The various events of the San Miniato Truffle Festival 2018 will take place between these streets and buildings, a fascinating way to experience the village in all its splendour. This village is really linked to the fame of the Italian white truffle, so much so that as a bronze statue recalls, the biggest truffle in the world was found here. It was found by Arturo Gallerini and weighed a whopping two kilos and eight hundred grams! Who knows if the truffle season 2018 will produce another record-breaking tuber? You’ll definitely find many at the Tuscany Truffle Festival, perhaps smaller in size but with the same unmistakable taste. So let's have a look at the program of the San Miniato Truffle fair and this year’s edition new features!

One of the watchwords of this year’s Truffle Festival 2018 will be eco-sustainability! This means in practice 100% no plastic, rigorous recycling, biodegradable furnishings and LED lighting. On November 10th, a day dedicated to the protection of our earth, journalists and environmental opinion leaders will also be present.

The other great new feature of the Truffle Fair 2018 is the 'Via del tartufo'. It is a fascinating route that winds through the most important points of the village such as the statue for the largest white truffle in the world, the Truffle Park under Villa Sonnino and also past the shops and restaurants where you can buy and taste delicious White truffle dishes. The idea is to link it, in the coming years, the San Miniato path with the hills surrounding the village.

The event this year will not only be packed with fun and taste, but there will also be space for reflection thanks to Teatro Civile: a show will be staged focusing on De Masi, proposed by Mimesis and Officina Papage while Antonio de Vivo, a Calabrian entrepreneur who lives under escort because threatened by the 'ndrangheta mafia, will be present. There will also be a stand of Libera, the association that fights against all mafias promoting legality, social justice, equality and integration. At the San Miniato white truffle exhibition there will also be more light-hearted shows such as Dramma Popolare by Katia Beni and Anna Meacci that will be performed on Saturday at the auditorium, the film 'Saranno Famosi' and the concert by Fanfara dei Carabinieri.

2019 will see the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci. San Miniato, on the occasion of the San Miniato Festival 2018, will create a twinning with Vinci dedicating November 24th and 25th to the great genius of Leonardo with the presentation of a book, a 'Leonardo’ vineyard as well as many other surprises. Take a look at the official website of the event for further information.

This year the white truffle in San Miniato will be ideally paired with the white of the splendid Carrara marble. Nine monumental sculptures of the Henreaux collection made with Querceta marble (Seravezza) will be installed in the city of San Miniato from November 10th to January 7th 2019.

If you take part in the event, we advise you to look around you to see if you spot one of the truffle ambassadors. These are famous people who are friends of the ‘tuber magnatum pico’, another name for the white truffle of San Miniato. This elite includes names of the likes of Giancarlo Antonioni, Gianluigi Buffon, Fabiana Luperini and Andrea Bocelli.

Beyond all these side events that will make the event much more interesting and fun, the highlight will be – there’s no denying it - the chance to taste and buy the delicious 'king of the table'. In short, dear gourmands, you will not struggle to find where to buy white truffles or where to eat white truffle recipes in San Miniato! It will not be difficult to taste an excellent truffle risotto, such as the one created by Renato Tozzi, the patron of the Miravalle restaurant, who was the creator of the White Truffle Exhibition in San Miniato. You can choose to eat in one of the many restaurants that offer special white truffle food, or you can have a drink here and there at the various stands. What can we find? Well... think of any product and you will find it with truffles: truffle sausages, truffle olive oil, truffle biscuits, truffle cheeses, truffle pasta... and so on and so forth!

Obviously in San Miniato you can also buy white Italian truffles, most of the exhibitors are in the Cathedral area. Are you wondering how much the white truffle costs? Difficult to say since everything depends on the season, you'll just have to go to the biggest truffle festival in Tuscany to find out! And since, I understand, you are passionate about good food, why not take advantage of the chance to go on one of our food and wine tours. That will really make your weekend in Tuscany... as tasty as it gets.


SAN MINIATO TRUFFLE FESTIVAL 2018 DATES: 11-12, 17-18 and 24-25 November

LOCATION: San Miniato (Pisa) historic centre

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 11 November 2018 to 25 November 2018

Event location: San Miniato

Contacts: info & full program www.sanminiatopromozione.it

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