Montemurlo Olive oil Festival 2019

Oil tastings, food, markets and exhibitions in the frame of the ancient Rocca di Montemurlo

From 08 November 2019 to 24 November 2019

Festa olio montemurlo 19

From 8th to 24th November, Montemurlo, Italy, will house the 25th edition of the olive Oil Festival, one of the Tuscany festivals in 2019 that today as in the past offers the tantalizing opportunity to taste the flavors of autumn. The king of the event will obviously be the new olive oil of 2019 to be tasted on fragrant bruschetta but also added to other succulent delicacies. At the Montemurlo olive oil festival you can also taste and buy many excellent local products, such as chestnuts, wine and mushrooms and browse around stalls of handmade crafts. There will be plenty of entertainment for young and old thanks to shows, medieval dances, historical re-enactments and interesting exhibitions. All this in the Borgo di Montemurlo, a small town near Pistoia and Prato that overlooks the Florence floodplain and is characterized by a strikingly beautiful historical center. Among other things, the purpose of this event, which is one of the most frequented festivals Prato festivals in November 2019, is precisely to promote and enhance this small treasure chest. What’s more, all donations raised by the event will go towards preserving the village itself and especially the Fortress of Montemurlo. All that’s left for us to do now is to give you a few suggestions on the program, bearing in mind that, even if the list of events during this event is endless, the climax date of this olive oil festival in Italy is 17th November. Just to give you an idea, this is how last year’s edition unfolded: 300 kg of bruschetta bread, 40 kg of Montemurlo olive oil to dress them, 50 kg of sausages and as many of beans sold at the food stands and nothing less than 600 donuts to wrap up the day which recorded more than 2000 visitors. Not bad, don’t you agree?



  • Friday 8th November: festival kick-off. Paolo Brachi's Signal will be the epicenter of the inauguration of the Montemurlo Oil Festival in Tuscany. It is an industrial warehouse that thanks to the owner's love for art has been transformed into an art gallery, a museum where works by artists from Prato and Pistoia are put on display. During the inauguration the exhibition at Signal will be opened and from 20.30 an aperitif will be hosted by reservation only.
  • Sunday 10th November: Olio in festa. Piazza del Castello. La Rocca di Montemurlo is surely one of the factors that make this autumn event unique if we look at other events in Prato. It is an ancient military fortress that, after serving as a sixteenth century villa, it became a historic home, so much so that coinciding with the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy, it was included among the wonders of Italy. Unfortunately, you cannot visit the interiors, but these ancient buildings and the greenery that surround them, make sure that the atmosphere in the village is unique. And where should you enjoy this atmosphere while tasting many delicacies? During the olive oil festival in Montemurlo, Prato, the bar della Rocca will be open from 7.00 onwards to offer you breakfasts and snacks. At lunchtime at the rectory of the Rocca you can also enjoy the Menu Frantoiano consisting of an appetizer of a typical farmer's lunch with cold meats and bread. If you prefer you can also opt to eat in comfort at the restaurant that at the Oil Festival in Italy in 2019 once again offers special menus with two truly sublime dishes: fish paella and fish soup. If you want to plan ahead and do some exercise in anticipation of the all the tastings, you can take part in the event ‘A stroll in the village’, visit to the Parish church, the village and, exceptionally, the garden of the Castle.
  • Saturday 16th November: art and oil. Pieve di San Giovanni. We are on our way to the most important day of the Montemurlo Oil Festival. The event continues with the customary tastings: you can choose between the one offered at the end of the visit to the village, the morning or the evening buffet dinner which will be held in the Villa Barone oil mill. The rest of the day will be enlightened by concerts and shows.
  • Sunday 17th November: Olive Oil Festival 2019. Borgo della Rocca. Here we are, the day you've been waiting for has finally arrived! Where to start from? Well, first how to get to the Montemurlo Castle, since you cannot reach the village by car? If you feel like it, you can take a nice walk, but if you are more like the lazy type, do not worry, help is at hand! There is even a Montemurlo festival shuttle! Once you reach your destination, do you want to know what to do? If you are not too lazy, at 9.00 there will be a walk lasting about three hours and crossing the area of Montemurlo, in Tuscany. If you prefer, you can participate to Camminolio, a beautiful walk through the olive groves. However, having decided to take part in an oil festival in Tuscany, we are sure that your first thoughts will be captured by the food attractions of the event! Well, you should know that with the Montemurlo olive oil festival ticket, you are entitled to a nice bruschetta with olive oil and salt, here called 'fett'unta'! Isn’t that enough? Don’t worry, you will have several options: you can taste many delicacies at the traditional Montemurlo 2019 stalls offering: bread soup, tortelli, sausages and beans, fresh wine, frugiate, berlingozzo (a typical Montemurlo dessert) and for the more daring ones, porchetta, lampredotto and tripe. At the Pieve parish house, it will be possible to have lunch in the field with typical farmers menus. For those of you who like comfort, and probably who also chose to take the shuttle, during the 2019 olive oil Festival you can also eat at the Rocca's restaurant, taking advantage of attractive discounts. What else to expect from one of the busiest and most varied events in Montemurlo? Also, in centre of the village there will be the classic craft market, while the day will be enlivened by many events such as performances of Renaissance dances, fire eaters, jugglers, magicians and even the world champion of soap bubbles. Also, this year’s olive oil Montemurlo Festival program includes the beguiling historical parade of the Maggiaioli di Bagnolo folk group.
  • Saturday 23th, Sunday 24th November. Even if the highlight of the party was staged the week earlier, this weekend will also feature many highlights: conferences on the theme of health and nutrition, nature walks, readings and on Sunday 11.00 the awards ceremony winners of the various contexts inserted in the Oil Festival, Italy, will take place.

So, what do you think? Will we see you in Montemurlo during one of the most anticipated oil festivals in Tuscany? Being just over 55 km from Florence, Montemurlo and its surroundings are perfect for an autumn weekend in Tuscany. I recommend you take advantage of our tours in Florence to discover this wonderful city! Meanwhile in Montemurlo between tastings and tastings, you will discover what crop yields have been like in 2019. The jurors of the Montemurlo olive oil contest will have no simple task in choosing the winner to be announced on 24th November at the end of the festival!


Festa dell’olio di Montemurlo data: from 8th to 24th November

Location: Rocca di Montemurlo (Prato)


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Period: From 08 November 2019 to 24 November 2019

Event location: Rocca di Montemurlo (Prato)

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