Monet experience and the Impressionists

Dive into the magic of the art of Claude Monet and the Impressionists

From 18 November 2017 to 01 May 2018

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From 18th November, 2017 to 1st May, 2018 the Santo Stefano Auditorium al Ponte in Florence is set to host another unmissable exhibition where multimedia art takes centre stage. Thanks to the most advanced digital solutions, you will be able to immerse yourself in the enwrapping magic whirlwind of famous Claude Monet paintings and other impressionist paintings by, amongst others, Cezanne, Renoir and Degas.

Claude Monet artwork will be on show at the Church of Santo Stefano al Ponte, Florence, located near Ponte Vecchio. Built in 1100, after being deconsecrated, it was again opened to the public in 2015 to become a multipurpose auditorium where concerts and other interesting events take place. Crossmedia Group, in charge of the management of the venue, is one of the leading organizations in the development of the latest solutions aimed at exhibitions, avant-garde multimedia applications and innovative digital products. It was behind a range of highly-acclaimed events such as 'Incredible Florence' and 'Klimt Experience' with over 80,000 visitors. The firm has also patented a new multimedia platform, dubbed 'Matrix-X-Dimension' technology, which, for the first time, makes way for the realization of a true 'immersive experience'.

The Monet exhibition in Florence will plunge you into the atmosphere and the emotions of Monet and impressionism artwork. You will scale to such heights thanks to an array of 800 high-definition images that will follow each other in an engaging 65 minute long exhibition itinerary divided into twenty scenes. You will admire as many as 80 per cent of Claude Monet's works. On the huge 13 m screens, housed in the central nave of the Church of Santa Stefano al Ponte, Florence, all-round images of some of the most famous Monet’s prints, considered the father of Impressionism, will be projected. Claude Monet, born in Paris in 1840, radically changed the art of painting with his 1872 Monet sunrise over the Port of Le Havre. The painting, displayed two years later, marks the beginning of the artistic movement of Impressionism based on 'en plein air painting' and focuses on the importance of light in pictorial representation. Claude Monet’s famous paintings, in particular, present a fascinating mix of light and color but also of representation and reality, stillness and movement.

Monet exhibit in Florence will allow you to see the most famous impressionist works and admire even their smallest details. You will also be able to distinguish every single stroke, shade and chiaroscuro. Thanks to this Monet Florence exhibition you will be literally catapulted into the paintings, transported in a unique and unforgettable emotional dimension. You will feel awestruck by the wonderful day-spring light of 'Woman with a Parasol', surrounded by the delicate flowers of 'The Poppy Field ' and you will even picture yourself standing on the 'The Japanese Footbridge'. Monet’s digital exhibition in Florence will capture all your senses and not just your eyes. In addition to the evocative soundtrack with pieces by Debussy, Saint-Saëns, Gounod, Faurè, Offenbach and Bizet, your sense of smell will also be tantalized by the natural aromas especially created by Aromatique. Amongst the most-awaited in Italy, Claude Monet exhibition offers visitors an interesting educational display that, with the aid of digital panels, video, touch and multimedia installations, shows the main stages of the artistic journey of the 'wizard of light'. The Impressionist exhibition in Florence, through anecdotes, engaging notes and even interviews with Claude Monet himself, will help you discover something new or deepen your knowledge on the revolutionary artistic current. At dedicated times, which we advise you to enquire about on the official website of the event (, the viewing of Monet’s famous paintings will be even more magical thanks to the participation of the dancers of the Lyric Dance Company. The one-of-a-kind Florence impressionist exhibition transforms Monet’s art and the accompanying modern art paintings into a real show where images, music, dance and delicate fragrances come together in a magical and incredibly engaging sensory explosion.

Thanks to the recourse to digital means 'Monet Experience and the Impressionists' at Santo Stefano al Ponte will also attract younger visitors. If your young and teenage kids are passionate about videogames and captured by the world of media, for once you will not see them wandering around the paintings with a bored expression. On the contrary, they will have a lot of fun, especially when they will have the chance to wear Oculus, the amazing high-tech headset through which they will gain a 3D-view of the paintings thanks to its virtual reality capabilities. As explained by Federico Dalgas, Crossmedia Group president, this digital art exhibition has been designed with the young in mind and for the young. Overhauled by Dalgas and under the direction of the art critic Sergio Risaliti, the Italy Monet’s exhibition has also seen the contribution of young people between 25 and 35 years. Thanks to their creative efforts, the digital exhibition in Florence is particularly suitable those of a similar age, even if its universal and engaging language is addressed to all audiences irrespective of age. 

If you are in Florence with your family, partner or friends this fantastic show will be a truly unmissable opportunity to spend a few days in the beautiful Tuscan city. What are you waiting for? Choose the most convenient time for you and book one of our hotels in Florence! Loll around for a few days and make sure you have time to visit the wonderful pearl of the Renaissance. At a loss where to start? No fear! On you will find many tours in Florence to choose the one that best suits your interests and inclinations.

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Period: From 18 November 2017 to 01 May 2018

Event location: Florence

Contacts: info on the official website

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