Mercantia 2019 in Certaldo

The most anticipated International Street Theatre Festival of the year

From 10 July 2019 to 14 July 2019

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From Wednesday 10th to Sunday 14th July, in the magnificent setting of the village of Certaldo, one of the most loved and popular street theater festivals in Italy will take place: Mercantia 2019, an event unique in its kind, which I set to create a syncretism between the classic street theatre genre (mimes, jugglers, fire eaters, storytellers, marching bands etc) and the puppet theater, experimental theater, cabaret, prose, vertical aerial dance, on fabrics and in every other form, installations of contemporary art and craftsmanship live. All the performances, 100 shows per evening that will involve 400 artists, will take place in the squares, the alleys, the courtyards, the gardens, the towers and the underground of Certaldo. From this year thanks to the Project 'Account', there will be interesting events also in the houses of the Certaldo inhabitants!

The Festival Mercantia 2019 will actively involve the public, entertaining young and old: as usual, you can take part in some of the shows by buying an admission ticket in the upper and medieval part of the village, reachable on foot or with the funicular of Certaldo while, in the lower and more modern part of the town, you can attend other free exciting performances and have a walk around the large artisan market always present at each edition of the busker Festival Mercantia.

This harmonious mix of ancient and modern, combined with spectacular performances, makes the event one of the most popular events in Certaldo and of the whole of Tuscany: every year there are more than 50 thousand visitors between the upper and the lower part of the village. Social networks also tell a long story: the Mercantia facebook page has 30,000 likes and over 400 thousand users who actively interact by sharing photos, videos and commenting.



Santa Allegria is the theme of this year, a theme whose initial wording might at first sight suggest an antithesis, as with the two words of a paradox. How can the pleasure of living and holiness go hand in hand? The explanation becomes clear if we consider traditional folks’ festivals where sacred and profane have always coexisted in perfect harmony: religious celebrations, processions, fireworks, lights and shows in streets and squares are the ingredients of a happy balance. This is the idea behind 2019 Mercantia, a place of happiness where you can meet angels and devils, buffoons and jesters all together in ‘perfect joy’. And since we are talking about ‘joy’, just think of St. Francis: the jester of God! Those familiar with this event will be aware that it never stops, so besides the theme, what will be the new features of Mercantia 2019? First of all, several sections have been added to the already large number of those that are usually included in the program: Focus, babel, special project, family theater. Many of this year’s installations will also recall the event’s theme with light shows, large paintings by contemporary artists, mirror games and the flower of Udumbara that will stand out above the tower of Boccaccio. As an international festival of the fourth theater, Mercantia continues its three-year project ‘Mysteries and drolls’ focused on the reinterpretation of the languages of medieval theater and jester arts. The Mercantia 2019 program will also include a tribute to two great figures of Italian music: Fabrizio de Andrè and Gabriella Ferri. Even Andrew Loyd Webber’s famous musical ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ will be reinterpreted by Mark di Giuseppe in a highly original one mand band version. 



  • International events 32nd Festival Mercantia
    The international breath of this street performers festival in Italy, 2019, will give you the chance to go on an imaginary journey between many countries, including Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, Poland, Serbia, the Czech Republic, Israel, Canada and Argentina to name a few. What to expect? Practically everything: from the theater of Amantis Fire Theater imbued with elements of contemporary circus, to the friendly grandparents in motion of Familia Fantastic and the chameleons of Hochkant, the two performances of 'Mysteries and Drolls' inspired by Hoffmanstahl’s 'Jedesmann' and the works of the Spanish playwright Pedro Calderón de La Barca. Not to be missed is also the London Gateways High School Choir! As its name ‘Babele’ suggests, in this new section the event reaches out to foreign countries with Muruya and Manoamano Circo from Argentina, and Circ Unartique from Germany.


  • Street theatre
    Like every year, there will be so many artists from all over Italy that it is impossible to name them all. After all, we know that Mercantia isn’t the sort of place where you go around with the program in hand... but only with open eyes! Having said that, we’d still like to share just a few highlights: ‘Alice in wonderland’ by Accademia Creativa, the joyful opera of Trio Trioche, the games of fire and water of Compagnia del Drago Nero and the incredible creatures of Coppelia Theater. And what about the fantastic one man shows, like that by the festival’s regular Arnaldo Mangini, with his surreal and mystical gags?


  • Italian Marching Band
    They have always been the musical soul of the event, the soundtrack of that fantastic experience that is Mercantia! Badabimbumband and Zastava Orkestar will be there as has been the case in the last few editions, Ars nova Napoli will take you with its sounds among the colors of southern Italy, Caravan Orkestran will march to the chant of ‘facciamo balkano’ and there will be many other cheerful formations.


  • Giardini Segreti di Mercantia 2019
    If you want to escape the cheerful confusion of the event you can go to the 'secret gardens', shows upon reservation that take place in enclosed spaces such as gardens, courtyards and squares. Just to give you an idea, you will be fascinated by the ‘tableau vivent’ of Teatro 35 or by Francesca Garrone’s mix of contemporary theater, physical theater and butoh dance. In this case you should carefully check out the program and book the experience that best takes your fancy.


Do not miss the opportunity to experience, from July 10th to 14th, that daydream that only the Festival Mercantia 2019 can give! Plan a few days in Tuscany and experience the wonderful atmosphere of Certaldo. If when visiting this wonderful village, you feel like visiting others, well bear in mind that in Tuscany you’re spoilt for choice! Where do you start from? It’s easy: simply take a look at our section on Villages in Tuscany and book the experience you prefer: group or private guided tours, tastings, horse riding, cycling and a Vespa ride! You will be spoiled for choice.


CERTALDO EVENT is pleased to present MERCANTIA 2019

Location: Certaldo – Firenze

Dates: July 10-14 2019


'Mercantia is... the land of dreams, it is a full moon night, a festival of theatre and life, a place of encounters and of passions, it is the man who never gives up and continues to sing...'

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 10 July 2019 to 14 July 2019

Event location: Certaldo

Contacts: Info and Mercantia tickets 2019 on the official website

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