'Magnum on set. The great photographers and the world of cinema' at Lu.C.C.A.

116 photos of an incredible journey through the sets of famous films

From 02 July 2016 to 13 November 2016


From July 2nd to November 13th one of the most unique Lucca exhibitions 2016 will take place: at the Lucca Museum of Contemporary Art 'Magnum sul set. I grandi fotografi e il cinema' will be held; an unmissable exhibition of photos that some of the greatest photographers have dedicated to the world of cinema.

The Lucca photo exhibition, developed by Maurizio Vanni and organized by LU.c.c.a. with the invaluable help of MVIVA, aspires to become an opportunity to reflect on the relationship between fiction and reality, illusion and truth, everyday life and the realm of dreams.

The 116 photographs taken on the set of twelve famous films and exhibited at the 2016 Lucca Museum are much more than usual stage photography, where subjects pose often for promotional purposes in predictable postures. Instead, the photos capture actors - who in the following years would have written the history of cinema - by surprise, with their natural expressions, during the breaks between one shot and the other.
It is precisely with this aspiration that the greatest photographers of the renowned Magnum agency - namely Jean Gaumy, David Hurn, W. Eugene Smith, Peter Marlow, Inge Morath, Bruce Davidson, Burt Glinn, Gueorgui Pinkhassov, Erich Lessing, Nicolas Tikhomiroff, Dennis Stock, Erich Hartmann, Eve Arnold, Ernst Haas, Cornell Capa, Bruce Davidson and Henry Cartier Bresson - have managed to sneak behind the scenes among the process of directing, filming and the numerous 'Lights, cameras, action!' to capture the real person and not the character, bringing the true essence and humanity of each portrayed actor.

The photo exhibition in Lucca 'Magnum sul set' wants to make it clear to viewers how cinema, in a sense, is the mirror of the physical world we live in but also its dream: among the many branches of expressions of creativity, cinema is the closest tied to reality precisely because it is based on the concept of fiction. Being in front of the wide screen is often the hardest moment to distinguish fact from fiction: the more the camera becomes neutral the more reality appears natural, keeping the audience suspended between two worlds.

While the special complicity between photographers and actors that emerges looking at the shots on display at the Lucca Center of Contemporary Art allows subjects to put their roles and conventional poses aside, it also urges photographers to capture every single detail that makes the photo genuine and unique. As a result, emotions, humour, vulnerability, fragility and devotion to one's work abound: when visiting this current exhibition in Lucca you will be projected into a parallel dimension, into a more intimate and discreet atmosphere.

During the Lucca art exhibition 2016, you will see the alternation of shots of big stars such as James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, Gregory Peck, Charlie Chaplin, John Malkovich, Katharine Hepburn, Klaus Kinski, John Wayne, Dustin Hoffman, Elizabeth Taylor, Romi Schneider and Charlton Heston.
An exciting journey through the history of cinema made possible thanks to an unusual glimpse at the actors and at a thousand secrets about filming: you will experience the set of Charlie Chaplin's 'Limelights', 'Rebel without a cause' by Nicholas Ray, 'Planet of the Apes' by Franklin J. Schaffner, 'The Seven Year Itch' by Billy Wilder, 'Zabriskie Point' by Michelangelo Antonioni, 'Moby Dick' by John Huston, 'The Trial' by Orson Welles and of many other cinematic masterpieces.

In Lucca, among the current exhibitions, do not miss 'Magnum sul set i grandi fotografi e il cinema': in addition to hosting over a hundred memorable shots, the exhibition at the Lucca museum Italy also wants to highlight the liaison between Magnum (famous French photo agency) and the world of cinema, started by its founder Robert Capa. Thanks to his many friendships, he and many other photographers were able to cross the threshold of dazzling Hollywood: even nowadays, after more than 70 years, this fruitful relationship leads to making an association between the name 'Magnum' and famous films and big international stars.

From July 2nd to November 13th, we recommend you take a trip to Lucca: the most awaited exhibition of the moment is waiting for you at the Lucca Center of Contemporary Art!
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LUCCA MUSEUM EXHIBITIONS 2016 is proud to present 'Magnum sul set. I grandi fotografi e il cinema'

Location: LU.c.c.a. - Museum of Contemporary Art in Lucca

Date: from 2nd July to 13th November, 2016

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 02 July 2016 to 13 November 2016

Event location: Lucca

Contacts: Times, ticket and other information on official website www.luccamuseum.com

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