Lucca Comics and Games 2018

The biggest comics and game event in Europe transforms Lucca into a fantastic dreamlike world

From 13 October 2018 to 04 November 2018

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Preparations are underway for the new edition of the popular Lucca Comics 2018! From October 31st to November 4th the historic center of Lucca will turn into a magical realm inhabited by strange characters. You can watch fights between legendary samurai, have your photograph taken with Hallo Kitty, the cute Lupin, the protagonists of the most popular cartoon characters or see elves and fairies chasing each other and playing around. This isn’t a dream... it is the incredible atmosphere offered by the Lucca Comics and Games Festival  2018, which this year celebrates its 52nd anniversary, and the many Lucca events 2018 organized for the occasion.

But what is the Lucca Comics and Games Festival and how did it begin? Since 1995 it has been considered one of the most prestigious festivals of Comics for games, cinema and illustrations, recognised at an international level. The Lucca Comics exhibition attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from around the world every year. Just imagine that last year’s edition reached over 441.000 visitors! Over the years the fair Lucca Comics has become the most important event of its kind in Europe, while globally it occupies the third place, surpassed only by the famous Comitek in Tokyo and from Comic-On in San Diego, California.

The origins of the International Lucca Comics cosplay Festival date back to 1966, when the Tuscan city hosted the International Exhibition of Comics: the experience turned out very positive, and a cultural association of a private nature was created that for years took care of organizing the event which gained an incredible success year after year.

1990 was a momentous year for the show because it was transformed from a free public event into a ticket event which had to be purchased. In the following years an area was introduced for role-playing games, board, card and video games: hence the decision to change the name of the event that, in 1995, became 'Lucca Comics and Games Italy Festival', still in use today.

The Lucca Comics and Games Festival continues to expand its horizons with new initiatives and events: exhibitions, competitions, tournaments, role playing games, such as cosplay - the art of interpreting a known character wearing a costume and imitating its behaviour - workshops, meetings and discussions with authors, that have greatly enriched the program of the Lucca Comics, making the event even more magical and spectacular.

But let's take a look at what’s in the pot for Lucca Comics and Game 2018.This year's theme is 'Made in Italy': this year’s aim is that of celebrating Italian creativity and its paladins in the world of comics, visual arts and fantasy. All this while respecting the five values that underpin the design of the event: inclusion, discovery, gratitude, respect and community. The design of the Lucca Comics 2018 poster has been entrusted to Lucca Comics this year has been entrusted to Lorenzo Ceccotti, better known as LRNZ, a cartoonist, designer and Roman illustrator who accepted the assignment enthusiastically. He surprised everyone by creating a manifesto that changes all the time because it is generated by a software that changes the image every time it is viewed! But before you go and try it out, read on to discover all the other surprises in the sack, especially among the guests of the Comics Lucca 2018 which, as you will see, will take you on a journey around the world. For example, there will be a real legend: the sensei Leiji Matsumoto, nothing less than the father of the famous Captain Harlock. There are loads of names that will make this edition special! Just think of British McKean and Forsman, Mureau from France, Li Kunwu from China, Ikemoto from Japan and Sara Colaone from Italy, just to name a few. Do you know that this year you have higher chances of meeting your idols?

Among the tickets of the Lucca Comics 2018 is also available the 'Level up' version, a new feature of the Lucca Comics 2018 which will allow only 500 people to live an even more engaging experience: thanks to the specially created special badge you can reserve seats in the front row of events, meet your favourites, access dedicated areas and gain faster access.

As for the Lucca Comics exhibitions, which will take place from October 13th to November 4th, lots will be going on here too:

  • LRNZ la personale: an exciting full immersion in the works of Lorenzo Ceccotti, author of the manifesto of the Lucca Comics 2018, or rather 'of the posters'!

  • Nel segno di Leda: The expressive power of the winning designer of the 2017 Guinigi through the story of stories of identity research among which stands out that of Leda Rafanelli, a Muslim anarchist from Pistoia.

  • La Spirale della Mente e della Carne: on display the evocative graphic realism and body horror by Junji Itō.

  • La Personale di Jereme Moreau: the young rising French star to whom the organizers have decided to dedicate a personal exhibition to display a selection of its drawings and watercolors. 


The whirlwind of events that will rock the Comics Festival Italy 2018 will include much more. The program of the Lucca Comics 2018 is a treasure trove of surprises! Want to hear some more, just to indulge you a little more? The music of Lacuna Coil who will perform on the main stage of the event on October 31st for a truly exceptional Halloween night! Or the world finals of the Pandemic Survival 2018, the most famous board game! Do not forget Japan Town, the district of the historic center of Lucca entirely dedicated to Japanese art!

At the Lucca Comics cosplay, children become the protagonists thanks to the Lucca Junior competition dedicated to budding talents, with events at the Lucca Comics Family Palace. This year also marks the celebration of 15 years of the most famous fairies: the Winx!

What do you think, have we convinced you? What are you waiting for to buy tickets for the Lucca Comics 2018, one of the most awaited Comic Book Fairs? From October 31st to November 4th 2018 (Lucca Comics 2018 dates), Lucca will be transformed into an entertainment metropolis where, for a few days, everyone can escape from everyday life to dress up as superheroes, knights, fairies, protagonists of cartoons and other original and bizarre characters.

Tickets for the Lucca Comics amd Games Festival 2018 can be purchased starting August 6th, while the Lucca Comics on site ticket office will be open from the first days of October.

Do not miss one of the most incredible events in Lucca 2018: the Lucca Comics and Games! Take advantage of one of the most anticipated fairs in Lucca to discover this wonderful city: book our tour 'Lucca and Pisa starting from Florence'... we’re waiting for you!


Lucca events 2018 presents il LUCCA COMICS AND GAMES EDIZIONE 2018!

LOCATION: Lucca – historic centre and Palazzo Ducale

Dates Exhibitions: from 13th October to 4th November
Dates Comics and Games Fair: from 31st October to 4th November

By Insidecom Editorial Staff