‘Klimt Experience’

An engaging ‘immersive’ multimedia experience based on the art of Gustav Klimt

From 26 November 2016 to 02 April 2017

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The Auditorium Santo Stefano al Ponte in Florence will hold an innovative exhibition on the painter Gustave Klimt that will be open until April 2nd. 'Klimt Experience' is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and engaging current exhibitions, quite different from and rather more special than one of the ‘usual’ Florence art exhibitions. In fact, this exhibition on Klimt in Florence does not involve simple passively looking at the works of art on display, but rather, as the title promises, consists of an experience that will engage all senses: a true multimedia and multi-sensory immersion in the wonderful masterpieces of the Austrian painter.

The exhibition spaces are located at the Chiesa di Santo Stefano al Ponte in Firenze, right in the heart of Florence’s beauty, near Ponte Vecchio. Built in 1100, after having been desecrated, it was reopened to the public in 2015 and became a multifunctional auditorium that hosts not only concerts, but also many of the most interesting events in Florence. The Cross-media Group, the company that manages the church, is one of the leading suppliers of modern strategies for the development of exhibitions, avant-garde multimedia applications and creative digital products. It has already created a number of exhibitions of great success with the public, such as 'Van Gogh Alive', 'Da Vinci Alive', 'Body Worlds' and 'Incredible Florence', a journey through the two thousand years of the history of Florence that, among the others, will be repeated soon. The company has also patented a new multimedia platform: 'Matrix-X-Dimension' technology that for the first time enables to create a genuine ‘immersive experience’.

But let’s come to the 'Klimt Experience' in Florence which, as expected, is achieving resounding success, with its modern language replicating that of 'social networks' attracting even younger visitors. The 'highlight' of the exhibition are the 700 images of works by Klimt and 3D reconstructions of Vienna in the early 1900s, selected and displayed by the Matrix-X-Dimension system. The modern technological devices provide a better definition than the 'Full HD', hence enabling the eye of the visitor to grasp details with a truly superb sharpness. The Gustav Klimt exhibition in Florence, which would be best described as a ‘set of multimedia installations', offers a total seamless immersion in a symbolic world, both enigmatic and sensual. This is the triumph of art that becomes pure and timeless magic and turns into an exciting audio-visual dream: 30 laser projectors broadcast 40 million pixels on giant screens whilst simultaneously playing an appropriate soundtrack. You will be at the centre of a real explosion of colours and sounds that will definitely capture your senses and, despite the large screen dimensions, let you capture the smallest details of each masterpiece.

Naturally, the choice of Gustav Klimt was not accidental, but determined by its modernity and popularity. He is one of the best known and most loved artists in the world, attracting and fascinating both adults and teenagers. Klimt's work is also imbued with the restlessness and inner dramas of the modern psyche, typical of our era. Particularly interesting is the figure of women, always portrayed with extraordinary elegance. Sergio Risaliti, manager of the Klimt Florence 2017 exhibition, and Stefano Fomasi, the director, say that when they started to work on the realization of the event they were particularly impressed by one of Klimt’s sentences: 'those who want to find out something about me as an artist must carefully observe my paintings and from these try to understand who I am and what my aim is'. This is precisely this Florence exhibit’s aim: to deepen the knowledge of the artist both as such and as a man. An opportunity made possible by immersing oneself in works that are now part of popular culture, such as the 'Kiss', 'Tree of Life' and 'Judith'.

Besides the main hall, which hosts the most captivating experience, the whole introductory-didactic area is also very interesting. It is fitted with interactive multimedia tables and offers the opportunity to use the' Oculus Gear VR’, digital glasses that allow you to immerse yourself in a fantastic virtual reality. Activities that will thrill youngest and oldest, more mature visitors. Each framework in this area will be transformed into a passage to a transversal world that is constantly changing: while travelling from picture to picture, you can pick up some symbolic objects that, just like in a video game, will allow access to the top secret grand finale. Don’t even try to guess! We absolutely want you to enjoy the Florence 'Klimt Experience' right to the end, hence why we cannot give you any clues!

However, we are allowed to reveal that if you decide to visit the Klimt immersive experience, you can purchase the Klimt experience Florence tickets easily from the official website in order to skip the queue. While you are there, we also suggest you book one of our beautiful hotels in Florence. And if you then want to enjoy the beauties of the Tuscan capital, take advantage of one of our tours in Florence that will let you discover a lot of interesting facts about this wonderful city.

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 26 November 2016 to 02 April 2017

Event location: Florence

Contacts: info and tickets on official website www.klimtexperience.com

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