‘Kandinsky Color Experience’ in Montecatini Terme

A fantastic immersive experience through the stages of the art of the great Russian painter

From 15 September 2018 to 13 January 2019

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From 15th September 2018 to 13th January 2019 the splendid liberty structure of the Terme Tamerici of Montecatini (PT) hosts the immersive and multimedia art exhibition 'Kandinsky Color Experience'. It is a real immersive experience made possible by the most modern technologies of virtual reality, video and projection mapping, all supported by a wonderful soundtrack. The Kandinsky exhibition in Montecatini will really allow you to ‘step into’ the world of Kandinsky art, moving between the brushstrokes and even to interact with some of the elements of the paintings of the great Russian artist. An exhibition characterized by a modern language that will amaze those who are used to more traditional events, but who will also attract the curiosity of the youngest. In short, if you are traveling with kids in tow, Kandinsky paintings presented in this way resemble the videos they see on their smartphones and will involve them more than any other 'static' exhibition. The added value of this exhibition is also its splendid location: in Montecatini, Terme di Tamerici is, in fact, one of the symbols of the history of this delightful spa town.


The Montecatini exhibition on the great Kandinski aims to accompany you on a journey through the artistic evolution of the great master who starting from a traditional painting became one of the greatest representatives of abstractionism. The exhibition content begins with some reinterpretations of 'The Lady in Moscow' -the 1912 Kandinsky’s painting - made by the best students of Professor Gianpaolo Berto of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. The exhibition continues with several educational panels and works created with the technology of projection mapping. In this part of the exhibition you will see the evolution of the art of Kandinsky: the transformations of traditional subjects into a decidedly more imaginative vision, the transition from figurative landscapes to geometric abstraction, from the first expressionist experiments to Bauhaus design. The Kandinsky's immersive exhibition in Montecatini will then display what could be defined as installations. In the first one, the geometric shapes and colors typical Kandinsky artwork will be projected on the walls of the room of the Terme Tamerici in Montecatini Terme. All this is linked to a short sensorial journey that will involve not only sight but also touch and hearing. In the second installation, the images are projected on the floor suggesting the idea of the vision from a microscope. A large central projection on a curved screen retraces the stages that lead from the figurative themes, to abstractionism and then to biomorphism. Your journey through the Kandinsky works that made him famous will also be accompanied by the marvelous music of M. Mussorgsky and in particular those taken from the opera "Pictures at an exhibition" staged in 1928. It is not only a choice linked to chronological coherence, but almost a citation, given that the Russian painter created for this representation several abstract scenarios. At the end of the Kandinsky exhibition 2018 you will be surprised, as in the best shows, with a true grand finale: you will be fully immersed in the captivating dimension of a virtual reality experience, where several pictorial elements will magically come alive and you will be able to interact with them.



Events in Montecatini are a great opportunity to visit this enchanting spa town famous for its Art Nouveau buildings. The Palazzina delle Terme Tamerici, where Kandinsky's immersive exhibition in 2018 is housed, is undoubtedly one of these gems and its history dates back to the 1800s. The thermal spring, owned by the Schmitz family, was discovered to be precise in 1843. In 1897 it was entrusted to the private consortium of the New Terme di Montecatini which, as part of a larger project of renovation of the various structures, in 1909 completely rebuilt the Tamerici of Montecatini Spas thanks to a project by Giulio Bernardini and Ugo Giusti. Furthermore, it was Galileo Chini, painter, sculptor, decorator and ceramist, who designed the hall that bears his name: the splendid Sala Chini.

So, are you ready to immerse yourself in the art of Kandinsky in Montecatini? We are certain you do not want to miss the opportunity to experiment with new technologies such as video mapping, 4D, curved screens and leap motion! And equally you will not want to forego the charm of the Liberty architecture of the Tamerici Termal Bath! There is no denying that the Kandinsky Montecatini exhibition is truly unmissable! So, as they say, stop the chatter and start planning your weekend in Tuscany or, why not, even a longer getaway. After all, Montecatini is in a truly enviable position in Tuscany from which to explore the whole region: it is very close to the medieval gem that is Pistoia and also to enchanting Lucca while in a short time you can also reach Pisa! What about Florence? It’s only 50 km from Montecatini, so a short visit to it is another must. To make the most of your time, we advise you to book one of our tours in Florence that include skip the line tickets for you to enjoy the wonders of the lily city without unnecessarily wasting your time. What do you think about our ideas for an art trip to Tuscany? Are you tempted? Perfect then, we'll see you at the Kandinsky's exhibition in Montecatini!


Comune di Montecatini, NuovoTeatro Verdi s.r.l and Terme Montecatini are proud to present 'Kandisky Color Experience'

Location: Stabilimento Termale Tamerici – viale Tamerici, 69 - Montecatini Terme (PT)

Kandkinsky exhibition times: Monday to Thursday 9.00-13.00 and 15.00-18.00 / Friday to Sunday 9.00 -22.00

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 15 September 2018 to 13 January 2019

Event location: Montecatini Terme

Contacts: Kandkinsky exhibition tickets and info www.kandinskycolorexperience.it

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