In Collodi 'Pinocchio comes from the fairy tale'

At the Pinocchio park 32 original photographs dedicated to the most famous marionette in the world

From 16 September 2016 to 31 May 2017

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'Pinocchio comes from the fairytale': not to worry, no reversal from the marionette! It is simply the name of the exhibition that will take place at the Collodi Park in Pescia (Pistoia), open to the public until May 31st 2017.
Aldo Fallai, Tuscan internationally renowned photographer and creator - for about thirty years - of the shots for the products and the collections of the designer Giorgio Armani, is the author of this interesting project, along with Luigi Salvioli (President of Oltrelamoda Immagine and Communicazione Srl); a project which, for the first time ever, will create a photo shoot entirely dedicated to the adventures of Pinocchio in Collodi!

The exhibition was inaugurated on September 16th: After a week of hard work in the places where the story is set, namely Collodi and the Swiss locality of Pesciantina, a total of 32 pictures of Pinocchio and the other characters of the famous novel have been taken, chosen out of a total of about 80 shots. The stylistic approach towards the story, represented in the pictures, aims at making the iconic nature of the character, created in 1881 by Carlo Lorenzini (known by the pseudonym Collodi), more appreciable, whilst simultaneously keeping alive the concept of 'fairy tale'.

'Pinocchio comes from the fairy tale' is a project strongly connected with the surrounding territory and an excellent opportunity to promote Tuscany both in Italy and abroad, a region unique for the immense artistic, cultural, scenic and culinary heritage. Such is the ability of this appreciable marionette, who turns into a real boy, to become a symbol of the excellence of Tuscan's artisan production, able to turn inanimate matter into 'life'.

In accordance with the concept of 'Made in Tuscany', the protagonists of the shots are natives of the Prato and Pescia territory, whilst hairstyles and makeup have been entrusted to the historic company in Florence, Filistrucchi, comprising nine generations of professionals and craftsmen at the service of the image of the theatre: from 1720 to the present day, this historic company has collaborated with the biggest theatres around the world, from La Scala in Milan to the Metropolitan in New York.
Among the cast a special guest stands out: Antonia Dell'Atte, historical model and inspiring muse for Armani who, in the photographs included in this Pinocchio exhibition in Collodi, will play the part of the beautiful Blue Fairy.

It is worth dedicating a few words to the description of the chosen location for this Tuscany photo exhibition, a location that confers even more power to the project: the Pinocchio Park, ready to celebrate 60 years of life.
Originating from the book 'Pinocchio's adventures', this fabulous location offers relaxing strolls through nature, art and architecture, able to make you relive the adventures of the most beloved wooden puppet in the world.
Author of the book is the Florentine writer and journalist Carlo Lorenzini, also known by his stage name of Carlo Collodi: Pinocchio was born by chance and no one, not even the author himself, could have foreseen the huge success... in fact, many say it was written in one night to pay off gambling debts.
Lorenzini spent his childhood right in the village of Collodi's park in Tuscany, and, partly for the love of the place, partly to be close to his mother's family, he moved back during his adulthood: visiting the Pinocchio park in Collodi, Italy you will perpetuate the memory of a great masterpiece or perhaps tell its story to your children: reading, playing, art and imagination make life more beautiful!

Pinocchio's theme Park in Collodi opened its doors to the public in 1956 and since then, more than 7 million visitors from around the world have explored it. Albeit growing and evolving to keep pace with modern days, the park has managed to remain faithful to the book, so loved by young and old ones. Therefore, whilst walking along the various paths surrounded by nature, you can still find the route delineated by mosaic artwork, small buildings and statues as included in various episodes in the novel, as well as the 'Osteria del Gambero Rosso' - where Pinocchio stopped to eat with the Cat and the Fox - since 1963 the official restaurant of the Park.
You will also find two pertinent buildings that will embellish your route: the Pinocchio Museum, with its exhibitions of collections, illustrations, art, theatrical sets and costumes dedicated to the benevolent marionette, and the Virtual Library of Pinocchio where, thanks to large touch screens, you can browse through the many images selected from 100 editions of 'Pinocchio's adventures' published all around the world from 1883 until now. But that is not all: the puppet shows, Learn and Play games and traditional rides, will make you live a truly unforgettable experience!

As well as the book, even the Park where Pinocchio's exhibition Tuscany takes place had a modest start, but thanks to its cultural foundations and the enthusiasm of the many children who loved it, it gradually became more successful until becoming famous and appreciated worlwide.

In the background of the photos in this exhibition, you will also see the Paper Museum, where Aldo Fallai, the photographer, took the shots of the judges, the Blue Fairy and Geppetto in the belly of the whale.

From 16th September 2016 to 31st May 2017 don't miss 'Pinocchio comes from the fairy tale', one of the most original current photo exhibitions in Tuscany... it will be fun to return to one's childhood! Among the most popular books in the world - second only to the Little Prince - and translated into as many as 240 languages, Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi comes to life and becomes a valuable symbol of Tuscany, where the culture of enterprise is harmoniously intertwined with the beauty of living.


PISTOIA EXHIBITIONS is pleased to introduce 'Pinocchio comes from the fairy tale'

Dates: 16th September 2016 to 31st May 2017

Location: Pinocchio Park - Collodi (Pt)

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Period: From 16 September 2016 to 31 May 2017

Event location: Collodi - Pistoia

Contacts: info on Aldo Fallai exhibition and the park at the official website

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