Il Principe dei sogni. Joseph in the Medici tapestries of Pontormo and Bronzino

At Palazzo Vecchio Firenze an exhibition of Medici tapestries, and various Renaissance masterpieces

From 15 September 2015 to 16 February 2016


After its great success in Rome and Milan, the exhibition ' Il Principe dei sogni. Joseph in the Medici tapestries of Pontormo and Bronzino ' returns to Florence, where it all began.

From 15 September to 16 February 2016, the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence will host one of the most anticipated exhibitions in Florence 2015: twenty Medicean tapestries created by the most famous artists of the Renaissance period depicting the stories of Giuseppe 'Ebreo' can once again be admired after more than 100 years!

Commissioned by Cosimo I de 'Medici for the Hall of Duecento of the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence,Italy the tapestries were exhibited together for the last time on the occasion of the unification of Italy; in subsequent years, half of the collection was sent to Rome by order of the King, while the remaining textile masterpieces were moved to Florence in 1983 in order to determine the conservation status and to initiate major restoration that lasted 27 years. It will be really exciting to see them in all their glory in this special exhibition in Florence that should not be missed in at the Palazzo Vecchio a Firenze!

But what is the story behind the Medici tapestries on display in 'Il principe dei Sogni', one of the most exciting exhibitions in Florence?
The preparatory drawings of these extraordinary monumental drapes, commissioned by Cosimo I de Medici in the mid-1500s, were initially entrusted to Pontormo, before being passed to Angelo Bronzino, his follower and former court painter. The great job of weaving took place in the grand-ducal workshops with the work of the Flemish master weavers Nicolas Karcher and Jan Rost, on drawings made by Jacopo Pontormo, Angelo Bronzino and Francesco Salviati.

The tapestries represented the biblical story of Joseph, the favourite son of Jacob, so hated by his brothers and sold into slavery by them. Despite his capture and subsequent imprisonment in Egypt, he was able to cope with all the adversity, coming to establish himself as a politician and rapidly becoming a powerful man. Master in the art of prayer, Joseph became the Pharaoh's adviser, saved his people from famine and finally forgave the traitor brothers proving evidence of his great magnanimity and clemency.

Cosimo de' Medici saw reflected in the fortunes ofJoseph the dynastic events of the Medici and therefore harboured a genuine admiration for this figure, the reason that prompted him to choose it as a subject for the tapestries that you can see today in 'Il Principe dei sogni. Joseph in the Medici tapestries of Pontormo and Bronzino', one of the most original art exhibitions in Firenze at the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence.

Il Principe dei sogni tapestries were exposed for more than a century in the Sala dei Duecento of the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence; the Renaissance Medici tapestries were then later moved to the deposits of the building, where they remained in storage until the last century. The celebration of the unification of Italy were an opportunity to get them back on show in order for them to be publicly admired again.

The entire collection consists of only ten Medici tapestries preserved today in Florence, while the remaining were transferred to Rome in 1882 on the orders of the Savoy, to grace the halls of the Quirinale.
In 1983 the tapestries of Florence were finally removed from the Palazzo Vecchio in Firenze to undertake a thorough verification on their state of conservation and to pave the way for a massive restoration work entrusted to the Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence which lasted more than two decades.

The making of 'Il Principe dei sogni. Joseph in the Medici tapestries of Pontormo and Bronzino', scheduled between the current exhibitions in Florence, was made possible through the efforts of the mayor of Florence Dario Nardella and the Republic president Sergio Mattarella, who wanted to publish one of the most important craft testimonies from the Renaissance period.

After exhibitions in Rome and Milan, this unmissable art event in Florence, Italy of Medici tapestries arrives in Florence, just where centuries ago the precious artefacts were designed, built and long-kept and where they will return to shine all together at this incredible exhibition at Palazzo Vecchio.

The exhibition of tapestries of Florence will begin with an interesting multimedia section realized by the Museum, where visitors can watch a documentary film showing and explaining the history of the precious artefacts.
At the centre of the room there will be four of the latest generation interactive stations that will allow visitors to closely study the twenty tapestries.

Thanks to modern touch-screens you will be able to select each individual work and observe in detail the features and read a description.

Florence shows 2015 is proud to present ''Il Principe dei sogni. Joseph in the Medici tapestries of Pontormo and Bronzino', which will see the famous Medici tapestries together again in the Palazzo Vecchio sala dei duecento in Florence from 15 September 2015 to 16 February in 2016.

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'Il Principe dei sogni. Joseph in the Medici tapestries of Pontormo and Bronzino'.

Location: Salone Duecento Palazzo Vecchio, Florence

Dates: 15 September 2015 to 16 February 2016.

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Period: From 15 September 2015 to 16 February 2016

Event location: Florence

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