Il Desco 2018

Food & Wine and crafts on display at the Royal College of Lucca

From 30 November 2018 to 09 December 2018


Autumn has arrived and now, as every year, in addition to its beautiful colours, it brings back one of the most-awaited Lucca events in November: as part of the best fetes, festivals and food and wine events, il Desco in Lucca returns every weekend from 30th  November to 9th  December: don’t miss this great event, open from 10 to 19 with free admission!

If you are wondering what it is about, here is the answer: as suggested by the meaning of the word ‘desco’ – that is, a table on which to dine - this event can be thought of as a large table in the open air that allows the encounter of two characteristic features of Tuscany, knowledge and flavours. How? With an exhibition of crafts, food and wine in the beautiful setting of the Royal College of Lucca.

After the great success achieved in recent editions, with more than 40 thousand visitors, the Desco in Lucca is rightly considered to be part of the most famous sagre in Lucca in 2018, not only as it is a fantastic showcase of food and wine of excellent quality, but also because it is a real journey of taste which will make you discover the typical products of Lucca, Garfagnana, the Apuan Alps and the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. Not forgetting the charming Serchio Valley and the famous Versilia. The news about Desco 2018 include also a widening of the exhibitors offers: there will many of them arriving also from other regions of Italy. If more people join the table this has to get longer and it is actually what it will happen for the 2018 edition: the exhibition area even double. In addition to the bigger number of companies producing wine and food you’ll also find bio-producers of agri-food and cosmetic items and a wide choice of furniture and décor for the dining table. 

At the fiera Desco in Lucca 2018 you can wet your palate with tasty meats like Garfagnana Biroldo (tasty spiced pork sausage), Bazzone ham, Mondiola salami, Accasciato (also called Shepherd cheese), Garfagnana Goat Cheese, Formentone Otto File corn, IGP spelt, as well as high quality wines produced in the vineyards of the hills of Lucca and Montecarlo.

Among the food and wine sagre in Tuscany do not miss the Desco Lucca 2018, the only event that brings together in an impeccable way taste and craftsmanship, to maintain the identity of this land characterized not only by the good food, but also by ancient crafts and an unparalleled attention to product quality.

Among the Lucca events in November, the Desco in Lucca 2018 is worth writing down on your calendar, as it is always enhanced by a series of interesting events: at the Hall of Taste of Royal College, there will be numerous cooking workshops where expert chefs will create delicious recipes mixing tradition and experimentation.

The more than one hundred exhibitors this year at the Lucca Desco - undisputed queen of the sagre in Tuscany in the food and wine sector - represent the top of the local production regardless of gender, from small private producer up to the associations and large consortia.

As for the world of 'knowledge', in this extraordinary manifestation of Lucca, there will be classical art crafts, publishing, house furnishing and cultural tourism. Many firms in the region will exhibit their particular products: small marble artifacts, paintings, textiles and tapestries, ceramics, perfumes, flowers, decorations and much more ... you can really take your pick!
And to give free rein to the imagination of exhibitors, each stand must produce an object related to the dining table, and this will be the common thread that will be shared by all the stands.

The last weekend of the fiera Desco in Lucca, that of the Immaculate Conception, expects a grand finale of music and fun, with numerous concerts and shows to the tune of traditional music of Lucca.

Gastronomy, handicrafts, exhibitions and music: it is this variety of proposals to make the Lucca Desco 2018 one of the most popular Lucca events in November 2018! From 18 November to 10 December be drawn into the fascinating atmosphere of this unique event in Tuscany ... you will not regret it!

Take the chance of this event to discover all the beauties of Lucca like the Cathedral of St Marino, the ancient walls, the Guinigi Tower and the Permanent Festival 'Puccini and Lucca'.
If you can treat yourself to a relaxing few days, we recommend you choose from the many guided tours in Tuscany proposed by we are sure you will find what is right for you!


Events in Lucca presents the 14th edition of  Il Desco:

Location: Lucca's historic centre - Royal College

Dates: 30th November, 1st,2nd December and 7th, 8th,9th December

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 30 November 2018 to 09 December 2018

Event location: Lucca

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