Halloween Celebration 2018 in Borgo Mozzano

Scary days and nights in the heart of mysterious Garfagnana

From 27 October 2018 to 31 October 2018

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From October 27th to 31st on the occasion of the Halloween Celebration 2018, Borgo a Mozzano (Lucca) will be transformed into a real 'kingdom of fear' full of zombies, ghosts and scary creatures. Now in its 25th edition, the festival is nothing less than the biggest Halloween party in Italy. And where could an event like this take place if not in Garfagnana, the area in Tuscany where mysteries and legends seem to be a daily occurrence? Some examples? Just think of Linchetto, the naughty spirit who is always up to mischief or the area 51 of Garfagnana where UFOs are said to have landed. But the most famous mystery, and also the most intriguing of all, is the legend of the Ponte del Diavolo on the River Serchio. That's why the Ponte del Diavolo in Borgo a Mozzano, Italy, is the ideal location for one of the best Halloween events! It will kick-off in the early afternoon with a long series of events, some of them aimed at 'buddy zombies', and it will go on until the following morning. The last event of the Borgo a Mozzano Halloween night will start at 3.00 on November 1st! After all, zombies and ghosts do not go to bed early! If the highlight of the event is obviously October 31st, celebrations for Halloween in Borgo a Mozzano begin already the previous weekend. Take a look at the packed program that begins on October 27th and start planning to celebrate the spookiest night of the year at Ponte del Diavolo in Tuscany. What should you expect? In just a word, everything! Shows and performances, costume parades, conferences and talks on the themes of the occult, screening of horror films, contests for the best zombies, role-playing games, concerts, DJ mix and market stalls. But as we are not zombies yet and we need to feed ourselves with good food, during the Halloween weekend 2018 at the Devil's Bridge there will also be several food outlets where you will sample many tantalizing delicacies.



Saturday, October 27th

  • From 16.00 at the former Oblate garden the ‘International Festival of No-Life’ will begin. A disturbing name for a series of events taking place until the highlight evening.
    Throughout the duration of the Festival at the Borgo a Mozzano Devil Bridge, inside the Sala delle Feste, there will be a marketing area dedicated to Z Nation, the famous post-apocalyptic/horror television series.
  • From 18.00 in Piazza XX Settembre, do not miss the Black Night, an interactive game set in the land of the Vampires of Tuscia where the public becomes the protagonist.

  • In the evening, at the garden of the former convent of the Oblates, music and Dj mix

Sunday, October 28th

  • The Halloween horror nights in Borgo a Mozzano continue with the Sunday events, among them, from 16.00 in the gardens of the former convent of the Oblates, the 'Zombiadi', the apocalyptic Olympic Games taking place as part of the Zombie Festival. For the little ones there will also be 'Zombie Goose', a highly scary, but not overly so, Goose game...! In the same location and at the same times thanks to 'Hallocast' the zombies participating in the parade as walk-ons and actors will be selected.

  • From 18.00 to 20.00 you can also join a themed horror game on 'You Zombie'. Instead of the usual cops and thieves, here there will be zombies and soldiers to challenge each other in an almost impossible mission!

  • From 20.00 at the former garden of the Oblates, an evening to relish to the full! It will begin with the Zombie Aperitif/Dinner, and continue with 'Dead Mob', a tribute to Michael Jackson and the mythical 'Thriller', which this year turns 35 but isn’t showing its age! During the evening, which will continue until late at night with various DJ mixes, there will also be a contest for 'the best' zombie.


Monday, October 29th

  • The anticipation for the 'highlight' evening of the Halloween night 2018 in Borgo a Mozzano continues with several midweek events. On Monday, in particular, the evening will be dedicated to cinema with the screening and talks on the Horror film genre at the Sala delle Feste.


Wednesday, October 30th

  • With all the zombies swarming around the Devil Bridge in Lucca, ghostbusters could not miss the chance! Here they will be spoilt for choice! Do you want to be one of them? Well then take part in the selections between 26th and 27th and if you are one of the ten chosen, you will participate in 'Ghost Experiment 2018': in a secret location, experts will conduct a series of experiments on intriguing paranormal phenomena.


Thursday, October 31st

Well, if you do not know where to go for Halloween the Garfagnana Devil Bridge is your ideal destination because during the Borgo a Mozzano Halloween celebration you will be spoilt for choice on how and where to spend your time! We advise you to check out the event website at www.halloweencelebration.it to get all the details on the many events, but in the meantime, we will give a few tips thanks to which you will have no more doubts: you will definitively decide to spend your 2018 Halloween in Tuscany!

  • Passage of Terror: in the Piazza of the former Standa, the gates will open at 16.00 and at 17.00 the show of one of the most engaging experiences during the Halloween night in Borgo a Mozzano will start. It will be like being catapulted into the scene of a film, clearly a horror one.

  • From 18.00 in Piazza XX Settembre and Piazza degli Alpini the 'Zombiadi' are back.

  • At 21.30 in Piazza XX Settembre the show will start, followed soon after by the 'Lucida’s Night' parade: the Lucca born noblewoman Lucida Mansi will come out of the underworld during the Halloween Festival 2018 and wander around with Lucifer and her retinue of death, terror and terrible creatures. At the end of the party, she will quietly go back to where she came from!

  • At 23.00 in Borgo a Mozzano on the Ponte del Diavolo there will be a stunning fireworks display, one of the most anticipated moments of the 2018 Halloween night 2018.

These are just some of the events of your Halloween event 2018 in Garfagnana at Ponte del Diavolo! In all the village and throughout the day there will be, in fact, shows, performances, games and parades, while from late evening you can go wild with rock music, metal and DJ mix. During Halloween 2018 in Borgo a Mozzano, Tuscany, there will also be numerous food stands and fun events for children, such as the shows that will take place at 17.00 in Piazza XX Settembre.

Are you ready then to enter the realm of death? The Halloween celebration ticket will take you on an incredible journey in a frightening and upsetting parallel world, provided that you have the guts. We can’t wait to find out if we will meet you at one of the most incredible Halloween events in Tuscany. But if you really want to have it large, then we have another challenge for you: why not try our 'Scary Florence' tour?

By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 27 October 2018 to 31 October 2018

Event location: Borgo a Mozzano

Contacts: more info on the official website www.halloweencelebration.it

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