Halloween Celebration 2017 in Borgo a Mozzano

Zombies, vampires and witches are waiting for you in Borgo a Mozzano for the most anticipated Halloween party

From 29 October 2017 to 31 October 2017

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Are you fans of the night of Halloween? Do you like zombies, skeletons, monsters, and vampires? Well then, Borgo a Mozzano (Lucca) is waiting for you from October 29th to 31st 2017 to celebrate together the most terrifying and scary Halloween night.

'Halloween Celebration', as the event is called, comes to its 24th edition this year and is getting ready to impress the ever-growing crowd with a ‘killer’ program... just to be in theme!

The Lucca area has always been considered a magical and mysterious land, where legends, myths and fantasies handed down from father to son are really numerous. Just think of the stories dedicated to the sightings of UFO in Garfagnana or the story linked to the construction of Ponte del Diavolo in Borgo a Mozzano in Italy. This is the main reason why the Halloween party has found fertile ground in this area, also thanks to the organization's ability to interweave the event with local traditions.

In Borgo a Mozzano, Halloween will not just be an occasion to dress up. Year after year, the program has become ever more enriched until turning the party into a real show with attractions, shows, guests, concerts, historical re-enactments and role-plays. With more than 40,000 visitors from all over the peninsula, ‘Halloween Celebration' 2017 has been certified as the first and biggest Halloween event in Italy.

But how did this great Halloween party come to Borgo a Mozzano in Tuscany? Sergio Citti - one of the founders of the Lucca Halloween event – got the idea after listening to the eccentric stories of his brother-in-law who, having moved to New York, had experienced in person the night of Halloween at the place where the party was born in the mid-Nineteenth century and where citizens’ teams and classic 'trick or treats' have become a tradition. Citti decided to bring to his home town - Borgo a Mozzano - the party he had found so fascinating, gathering a few young people inside the former Convento delle Oblate where the first edition of Halloween Celebration took place. Thanks to Stefano Nannizzi, a local artist, the event immediately achieved great success, so much so that, from the following year, it was decided to expand it to the historic centre of the town and enrich the program with concerts and shows of all kinds, turning it into the one of the most important and attended Halloween parties in Lucca and the province.


Halloween in Borgo a Mozzano offers a rich program: let's have a look at some of the most popular appointments together. 

  • October 28th - The Black Night. An interactive game where the protagonist could be you! Borgo di Mozzano with its Devil's Bridge (Tuscany) will turn into the perfect location for a horror treasure hunt. Four houses of a vampire family - 80 families to be represented for a cunning game, skill and physical strength that will lead the participants to dissolve the mystery and save Sarcanyra vampires. 
  • October 29th - Zombie Festival. After last year's success, the first ‘non-life’ festival is back with the invasion of the living dead in the historic centre, with concerts and DJs, and 'Hallocast', the casting to recruit the actors who will participate in the Zombie Street on Halloween night 2017.
  • October 30th – Ghost Experiment. Do you believe in ghosts? Or do you think it is pure suggestion? In both cases, this will be a great test bench! In an ancient Lucchesia palace, a team of paranormal reserachers will carry out a series of experiments and you might be witnesses ... If you wish to participate in this frightening event, submit your request via the halloweencelebration.it official website: you may be one of the ten chosen!
    In this long night, you will also be able to visit many ‘horror’ exhibitions spreaded in the whole country.
  • October 31st - Halloween Celebration. Starting at 3 pm, the Borgo a Mozzano Halloween 2017 program will reach its climax and you can find anything you wish for: markets, gastro stands, street artists, children's shows, concerts and unmissable actors that scare poor passers-by. Among the various shows, we would like to note two absolutely unmissable appointments.
    The first is 'The Night of Lucid', a staged performance by the company ‘Anonima teatranti' to remember the story of Lucida Mansi. It tells the legend that this beautiful woman, born in 1606, took her countless lovers out of town to kill them, to then hide their bodies once she had trapped them with tricks. To remain young, Lucida made a pact with the Devil: to give him her soul in exchange for another 40 years of youth. At the end of these decades the bells rang and the Devil went to collect what was his. The spirit of Lucida, accompanied by Lucifer, will also return in  occasion of the 24th Halloween Italy Celebration...
    The second unmissable event is the 'Passage of Terror' at the former Standa stores: a thrilling itinerary in which 150 artisans will recreate 18 terrifying scenes where the public will interact with the actors, thus becoming an integral part of the show. Given the success in past editions, the 'Passage of Terror' is considered the flagship of the whole event. Ready to live your worst nightmare?


From October 29th to 31st 2017, make sure you don’t miss one of the most terrifying Halloween horror nights party in Italy: zombies, vampires and mummies will fill Borgo a Mozzano for Halloween in Italy... strictly themed clothes!

In the days of Halloween, Ponte del Diavolo in Tuscany becomes even more impressive... we recommend visiting it, perhaps in broad daylight because it is a very interesting building from an architecture point of view. And if have a bit of spare time, book our 'Daily excursion to Lucca and Pisa from Florence' to discover with us all the wonders of the walled city.


By Insidecom Editorial Staff


Period: From 29 October 2017 to 31 October 2017

Event location: Borgo a Mozzano

Contacts: Borgo a Mozzano Halloween Celebration - tickets and full program at www. halloweencelebration.it

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