'From Magritte to Duchamp. 1929: the great surrealism from the Centre Pompidou’

11.10.18 - 17.02.19 On display at Palazzo Blu in Pisa the most important surrealist works by great artists as Salvador Dalì, René Magritte and Marchel Duchamp

From 11 October 2018 to 17 February 2019

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Great expectations for the next exhibition scheduled at Palazzo Blu in Pisa which, from 11th October 2018 to 17th February 2019, will host 'From Magritte to Duchamp. 1929: the great surrealism from the Centre Pompidou'. On display, for the first time in Italy, more than 90 works including paintings, collages, installations, sculptures and photographs by the famous National Center for Art and Culture in Paris.

After the great success of 'Modigliani et ses amis' - the exhibition that in 2015 brought more than 110 thousand visitors to Pisa - the Fondazione Palazzo Blu, on the occasion of its tenth anniversary, will hold another precious collaboration with the Centre Georges Pompidou and MondoMostre and presents this new exhibition project with the aim of shining light on the wonders of Surrealism that majorly influenced 20th century art.

At this new exhibition at Palazzo Blu in Pisa you can admire the works and discover the aesthetic visions of the most important surrealist artists, considered some of the greatest masters of the twentieth century: Magritte, Dali, Marcel Duchamp, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali, just to name a few.

From Belgium, René Magritte moved with his wife to Perreux sur Marne in 1927 to come into contact with the Parisian surrealists: also known as ‘le saboteur tranquille', who was able to give voice to doubts about reality through the representation of reality itself, took part in the breakthrough that the poet André Breton attributed to late Surrealism.

In the same years, precisely in 1929, Salvador Dali made his triumphal entry into the Parisian scene creating incredible masterpieces - which you can admire in this unmissable Palazzo Blu exhibition - made following his famous 'paranoic-critical method'. From that moment onwards, André Breton would see in Salvador Dali the true spirit of Surrealism, a movement that seems to gather ever more vehemence, as witnessed by the release of the film 'Un chien andalou', the first surrealist film created by the painter with the compatriot director Luis Buñuel.

But let's have a look at the most significant works exhibited at the exhibition 'From Magritte to Duchamp. 1929: the great surrealism from the Centre Pompidou' set up at Palazzo Blu in Pisa.

  • RENÉ MAGRITTE. One of Magritte's most significant works, 'Le double secret', will welcome visitors. In this work of considerable size, the artist gives us a picture as clear and precise as it is illogical and disturbing. From a background which is clearly divided in sky and sea, two dissected faces emerge, from one of which some metallic spheres come out - a recurring theme in the artistic production of Magritte. A duplication of the subject which, as often happens in his paintings, impresses in the viewer a sense of constant contradiction in its meaning and shape.
    Also on display at Pisa’s Palazzo Blu "Le modèle rouge" in which Magritte tackles the theme of 'vision'. It depicts two ankle boots which, in the final part, take on the shape of two human feet. In this peculiar work, the artist does not stop at the simple shape of the shoe but manages to go to the heart of the object, bringing to the surface a truth that only the mind - and not the eye - can perceive.
  • SALVADOR DALÍ. Also noteworthy is the exhibition of the core of paintings by the great master Dali, among which it is worth mentioning 'Cheval', 'Dormeuse', 'Lion invisibles' and 'L'âne pourri', made in 1928 and coming from the collection of Paul Eluard. In this collage-painting, the artist tackles the macabre theme of putrefaction, a subject on which the artist often discussed with the Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca, his great friend.
  • MARCEL DUCHAMP. Another outstanding loan granted by the Centre Pompidou in Paris to the exhibition in Pisa at Palazzo Blu is the irreverent work 'LHOOQ' with which Duchamp desecrates one of the most famous paintings in the world: in this work, in fact, the artist adds to Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa, nothing less than... a mustache and goatee! An overt provocation of the brilliant inventor of ready-mades, as well as the pun linked to the title of the painting... come and find out for yourself!
  • OTHER ARTISTS. All the above-mentioned works will be placed in dialoge with the sculptures of Alberto Giacometti and Man Ray, with the collages by Max Ernst, with wire masks by Alexandre Calder and with the paintings of other artists such as Mirò, Picasso and De Chirico, present at 'From Magritte to Duchamp. 1929: the great surrealism from the Centre Pompidou’, one of the most awaited exhibitions in Tuscany.
    At Palazzo Blu in Pisa, the exhibition will also display some masterpieces of surrealist photography by artists such as Jean Painlevé, Man Ray, Lotar, Boiffard, Brassaï and Claude Cahun.

From 11th October 2018 to 17th February 2019
, do not miss ‘From Magritte a Duchamp. 1929: the great surrealism from the Centre Pompidou’ in the splendid setting of Palazzo Blu in Italy. For the first time, some of the most important surrealist works will be exhibited in Italy, most of them dating between 1927 and 1935 and lent, exceptionally, by the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

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PALAZZO BLU AND PISTA EXHIBITIONS 2018 present 'From Magritte to Duchamp. 1929: the great surrealism from the Centre Pompidou'

Location: Palazzo Blu – Pisa

Dates: from 11th October 2018 to 17th February 2019


'La Gioconda is so widely known and admired by everyone
that I was very tempted to use it to create a scandal.
I tried to make those mustaches as artistic as I could.'
                                                            [Marcel Duchamp]

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Period: From 11 October 2018 to 17 February 2019

Event location: Pisa

Contacts: Palazzo Blu di Pisa: upcoming exhibitions, info and tickets on the official website www.palazzoblu.it

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