Florence Marathon 2019

A 42-kilometre-long fantastic route among the beauties of Florence and many side events

24 November 2019

Firenze Marathon
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In Florence, on November 24th 2019 the Florence Marathon is back, reaching its 36th edition: a journey of 42 kilometers and 195 meters across the most beautiful and significant places of the beautiful ‘lily city’. The Florence Marathon is one of the most important events of running in Tuscany and together with the Rome marathon undoubtedly marks one of the most important international marathons in Italy both for the number of participants and for quality. Think about it, last year there were more than 10,000 participants! So dear runners, sign up now and do not miss the chance to run surrounded by beauty. And if you're not really that athletic and 42 km are a bit too much for you, do not be disheartened! The Firenze Marathon 2019 is full of side events open to everyone: adults, children and even Sunday runners! You can take part in a 3x7 km charity race, a race specially created for children, youngsters and families as well as many other events. Moreover, for runners who will still have energy to spend after the Firenze Marathon and for their companions, on the evening of November 24th there will also be a big party with music, good food and lots of fun. Lots of good reasons to experience Florence in full swing!



Also, for the Florence Marathon 2019 the course is confirmed with departure and arrival in the heart of the city, that is in Piazza Duomo! The 42 kilometers and 195 meters of the Florence race, which, as foreseen by the regulations, are flat, will wind through the most beautiful monuments, squares and streets of the city. The athletes who will participate in this unmissable event will have the privilege of running through marvellous squares such as Piazza Duomo, San Marco, Piazza della Signoria and Piazza Santa Croce. The Firenze Marathon route will also pass by Piazzale degli Uffizi, marvellous Parco delle Cascine, the Asics Firenze Marathon Stadium, Ponte Vecchio, Sant'Ambrogio, Via Calzaiuoli and Via Tornabuoni. So, in addition to athletics the Florence Marathon also offers a nice dose of art and sublime beauty. But there will also be all the services which are required in events of this magnitude: changing rooms, bag storage, refreshments and medical aid. A free pacemaker service will also be available, obviously divided into the various time bands. For more detailed information we advise you to consult directly the official website of the event.



As for the Florence Marathon, the regulation established by the FIDAL (Italian Athletics Federation) dictates that only athletes who have a card issued by FIDAL or the IAAF (International Association of Athletic Federation) can register. Florence Marathon enrolment is also open to all Italian and foreign athletes currently living in Italy in possession of a card issued by a sports promotion agency (EPS) or even in possession of the RUN CARD EPS. The minimum age for participation is 20 years and everyone is required to provide a special medical certificate. Having said that, for all the specifications of the regulation we advise you to consult the site of the event where you can also complete the online registration for the Tuscany Marathon 2019 and take a look at all the other ways to take part. Are you not in possession of any of the cards and you do not have the requisites to take part in the competitive race? Panic not, you won’t be left tout! Read on and you will discover many interesting and fun initiatives suitable for absolutely everyone!



  • Marathon Expo 2019/Expo Experience 2019 – 22nd-23rd November from 9.30 to 20.00. At Stazione Leopolda, in the Porta al Prato area not far from the Santa Maria Novella railway station, you can find the Florence Marathon expo where all the athletes go to pick up their racing bib. The pavillion is a true paradise for all fans not only for running but also of triathlon, jogging and fitness in general.
  • Huawei Relay Race 3x7 Firenze Marathon - November 23rd, Parco delle Cascine, 10.30 a.m. This is a relay race linked to the charity project, so much so that the triplets can run for a charity and help raise funds. The race consists of 3 fractions of 7 kilometers that you can run with whoever you want: training partners, family and colleagues!
  • Ginky Family Run - Saturday November 23rd, Parco delle Cascine. A race for all ages which also open to children, a way to experience the atmosphere of the Marathon in Florence with the whole family. Free entry for children under 14, 10 euros for everyone else.
  • Marathonabile - Sunday 24rd November Organized by the Sports Group Spinal Unit Onlus of Florence in collaboration with the City of Florence, the event was born with the aim of promoting and enhancing sport without barriers. The departure is set a few minutes before the Marathon.


  • Huawei Firenze Clap Contest - Sunday 24th November along the Tuscany run route. This Marathon event is about 'giving energy' to the athletes who are competing in the heroic undertaking of completing the whole journey. How? However you prefer! This is why musical and theatrical clubs, entertainers and street artists are welcome, but you can also contribute by offering lively encouragement to the athletes passing by.
  • Florence Marathon Party - Sunday 24th November - from 19.00. For the 36th edition of the Florence Marathon an exclusive party will be held, dedicated only to competitors and their supporters: music, entertainment and many Tuscan delicacies.


So you are ready for the Florence Marathon 2019, have you saved the date? Have you also taken note of the events that will take place starting from as early as Friday? And have you already planned your weekend? Don’t worry about that, take a look at our Florence Tour section and you'll certainly find some interesting activities. Great, we'll see you at the start of the Florence Marathon: 8.30 am in Piazza del Duomo!



Florence Marathon date 2019: 24th november

Location: Florence Marathon start and Arrival Piazza del Duomo: map and detail on official website.

Times: Start at 8,30

Info: www.firenzemarathon. It

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