Florence International Handicraft Trade Fair 2018

Tradition, creativity, local and international handicrafts at the 82nd edition of the highly anticipated Tuscan spring fair

From 21 April 2018 to 01 May 2018

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From 21st April to 1st May 2018, Fortezza da Basso in Florence hosts the 82nd edition of the 'Florence International Craft Exhibition': an unmissable spring event in Florence allowing you to combine your stay in the lily city with the opportunity to discover highly traditional craftsmanship from Italy and the world as well as learn about the latest trends. You will admire and have the chance to buy handicrafts and art objects, innovative and traditional materials and food products from different cultures, attend cooking shows and participate in engaging workshops.

At Fortezza da Basso events are always of the highest level and the Florence fair is certainly no exception! First of all it is worth remembering that, having been organized for the first time in 1931, the Florence Handmade Fair was the first to be certified in Italy. The number of editions is not the only record of this event and to put it in context, just consider the numbers of what is certainly one of the most important fairs in Tuscany today: 55,000 square meters to be discovered, over 800 exhibitors from Italy and 50 more countries, an average of 140 thousand visitors that swarm the pavilions of the Florence Crafts Exhibition every year, around 700 journalists ready to learn about all the new craftsmanship trends. Not bad, do you agree? Below you will find all the details you need not to not miss the most important event at Florence Fortezza Da Basso.

. Florence fortress is in an ideal position, close to the historical center and the railway station from which it can be reached on foot in a few minutes. A building dating to the 16th century and built by the Medici, the da Basso Fortress in Florence is today the most important exhibition center in the city. In addition to the inside pavilions there are also many outdoor areas particularly pleasant in the warm spring days. In Florence, the Craft Fair display will be open every day from 10.00 to 22.30 and consider that, to visit it all, you will need several hours. The tickets of Florence Craftsmanship exhibition can be purchased directly on site and, as of this year, entry from 7pm to closing time is free. A really nice idea to end your day in Florence with a little shopping and the tasting of flavoursome delicacies from your favourite cuisine.

WHAT TO SEE (and buy!)
. Getting lost in the 55,000 square meters of the Craftsmanship Exhibition in Florence, 2018 is easy, so first of all we suggest you get a map of the exhibition to orient yourself among the various pavilions. The exhibitors of the Florence art and craft exhibition will be grouped according to specific thematic areas: Italian crafts and world crafts, both including clothing, accessories, furniture and house decorations, jewellery, silverware, bric-a-bra and gifts; beauty and well-being; research and innovative crafts; Casa In & Out (living today, restoration techniques, technologies, materials, structural furnishings, installations); creative recycling; live workshops and demonstrations; made-to-measure objects and digital craftsmanship.
The Florence Craftsmanship Exhibition, 2018 once again offers a truly unique opportunity for those passionate about unique and original pieces produced by creative and skilled handwork. At the Florence expo visitors will find a host of things on display, from typical Tuscan and Italian crafts produced by time-honoured workshops through to fascinating exotic products. Ground-breaking are the areas dedicated to creative recycling, thanks to which objects and materials get a new lease of life and digital craftsmanship. Do you know what this is? It is about producing objects using high-tech tools such as 3D printers, CNC milling machines and laser cutters. In Florence, the international handicrafts exhibition also includes an area where you can discover all the new trends in the world of beauty and well-being, with a focus on organic and natural products. Wandering through the stands of the Florence handicraft exhibition will eventually make you feel tired and peckish: at that point you just have to head to the area dedicated to food and wine, where you will find, in addition to ingredients and utensils, also a wide choice of food-on-the-go and Italian and international restaurants to replenish your energies.

EXHIBITION OF ART AND CRAFT. The program of the 2018 Florence Craftsmanship Exhibition includes some interesting new elements, to prove that, despite its 82 years long history, the event is constantly looking to the future. One example is the B2B Italian Crafts Accents platform, created by Firenze Fiera in collaboration with Artex and the support of the Region of Tuscany, where professional craftsmen and talented young designers will be able to exhibit their works. Speaking instead of guests of honour, this year the event at Fortezza da Basso will have Vietnam covering this role. You will be enchanted by the allure of oriental craftsmanship, taste the flavors of Vietnamese cuisine and, during part of the Craftsmanship Exhibition in Florence, join in shows or try traditional dances. Among the new additions is also the 'Zero Cento' area, focused on mental and physical well-being to be developed in specific ways for each age. In short, no matter your age, in this area you will find useful tips to live a healthier life. If you are taking your children with you, bear in mind that there will also be a children's area at the hand craft exhibition in Florence where you can drop your children off aged 3 to 10 and tour the pavilions in no rush.

What do you think, have we given you a nice idea to spend a different day in Florence? The 82nd edition of the International Craftsmanship Exhibition will surely fascinate you with a real triumph of objects of every kind, origin, size and material.

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Period: From 21 April 2018 to 01 May 2018

Event location: Florence

Contacts: www.mostraartigianato.it/en/

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